Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What I've Been Up To

Hi Friends!  Besides thumbing almost daily through the journal of the traveling pattern, I have managed to do a few other things here and there.  I really haven't accomplished much stitching in the last week or so but I hope to change that this week.

I'll take you on a photo journey of what I've been up to.....

Masterchief and I decided we were sick of the brutal hand that Old Man Winter was dealing us and packed for a week's stay in Florida.

Daytona Beach ~ we actually got a little sunburn!

Some hungry beggers

We saw a gator and some turtles when we took the glass bottom boat tour at Silver Springs.

Waiting for our boat to arrive. Looks like he's thinking
something devilish.

Before we left for Florida I received a sweet gift from Faye - Carolina Stitcher -   what a wonderful surprise on a very cold day.

Thank you so much Faye.  The pins are so cute and the pin pillow is adorable.  The fabric is so soft!
I purposely took the picture on my kitchen counter while the sun was shining.  It feels so warm standing at my sink.  Can you see the shadows of the birds I have sitting on my windowsill?

I had this all stitched up by Valentines's Day but then we left for Florida and I never finished it.  It still looks like this today......
"Love Never Fails" ~ a freebie from The Primitive Hare

Last week the weather warmed up so nice.  It was 70Âș a day or two!  I took advantage of it and went for a long walk down the country road by our house.  I haven't been able to do this in a long time.  I saw some old friends...

And some new ones....
Some young pups

and an old soul
The last picture is so precious.  Just look at that face!  He came up behind me very quietly and when he'd get a few feet away he dropped down and did a belly crawl to get near me.  He was so bashful but wanted attention so badly.  I had to hold my hand under his chin to take this picture, if I let go he'd crawl to my feet. I know he belongs to someone around there but I wanted to bring him home with me. He is all I could think of in the following few days.  I hope he is doing well.  I know that country folk tend to let their animals run loose but sometimes I wonder if they are getting the care they really need.

There you have it.  Now I'm all caught up.  It has turned cold again, in the 20's today.

  I took this picture out the front door this morning but you'd never know it to look out there now.  The sun is shining brightly and there is no snow to be seen.  It's still very cold though.  As I sit here I look out the window at Masterchief's flag way atop the pole, waving in the cold wind.

I think it's time for a cup of tea and some time in my comfy chair.  Maybe I'll thread a needle and cross a few X's while I'm there!

Stay warm my friends,
~~Peggy Lee

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Homecoming - Part Two

Hello Friends!  
I'm finally getting around to posting the remaining pictures from the journey of La D Da's ABCD traveling pattern.  Sorry for the delay. 


Maggee was the second stitcher on the list. She used
purple and cranberry floss colors.

Nancy stitched hers in September of 2011. She said she will decide
if she will include the border when she chooses how
she will finish it.

Robin chose very pretty Fall colors on 28 ct Cashel Antique Ivory.

Nancy used green silks to stitch hers because it reminded
 her of the evergreens that surround her during that Winter season.

It looks like Sherry's page got wet somewhere along it's travels
so please go to her blog HERE to see the beautiful pictures
she posted on her blog. (HINT: she did something different
with the border)  

Teresa's favorite color is pink (mine too) so she used
Cottage Colors Secondhand Rose for the letters and finished
it in to a long pillow with chenille trim.

Kathy used a very pretty light green 32 ct linen with Carries Creations
Sunflower and Jellyfish threads. 

Mouse was extra ambitious and stitched it twice!
The first one she will frame.........................
................and the second she will make in to a needle book.
Love your thinking, Mouse!

Cath started hers in a variegated thread but didn't care for it as
much as her second choice of colors. 

Her finished result is beautiful!


I can't thank everyone enough for taking part in this adventure of the traveling pattern. 
It was such fun!

If there is anyone who wanted to stitch it and didn't get a chance to, please let me know and I will send it on it's way again.  

Here is the complete list of everyone who took part.  Just click on their name and it will take you to their blog where they posted about stitching the pattern. 

Mouse  (first piece)
Mouse   (second piece)

Well there you have it.  
I hope you enjoyed following along.

Till next time ~

~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, February 20, 2014


That's what I'll call it,

she's finally home!


ABCD by La D Da began it's journey around the world about 2 1/2 years ago.  A big thanks to Jennifer for organizing it.  We thought we had lost it part way through it's journey to a pokey Pony Express error but it was found and set back on the path to Kentucky USA.

As I paged through the journal I was amazed at all the different styles and tastes this one simple pattern could bring out of all the talented stitchers! Some stitched their initials or their loved ones initials in a different color. I found the levels of creativity astounding, so many colors of thread and so many choices of linens. Each one is beautiful.  Each one has a story and each one will be a forever memory for me as I see myself thumbing through this journal through the years. 

 There was a total of 18 participants.  Masterchief hovered over my shoulder with the camera while I thumbed through the pages. Here are some random pics.......

Jennifer used Belle Soie silks for hers. Beautiful!

Patty used Belle Soie Sister Scarlet and CC Whatley Woods
on 40 count linen. 

Love these colors Myra! 28 ct. raspberry chocolate linen with
Belle Soie Bahama Breeze and Icing. 

Catherine added the year to hers on 32 count Antique Gold linen
with GAST Brick Path and Forest Glade. 

Edgar stitched on 35 ct WDW Havana using
Belle Soie Chester Blue and Red Fox.

Blu wins the prize for using the most colors ~
7 different shades of purple plus white. Gorgeous!

Andie from New Zealand dedicated her piece to her six children
 by stitching each of their initials in a different color.
How creative!

Cucki from South Africa stitched in the company of her cat, Maloo
purring happily by her side.

BIG HUGS and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in this.  The chart itself is in such good condition considering the miles it has logged.  It has that well loved look.

~~Peggy Lee

P.S.    As I read over this post to proof read before I hit "publish", I realized that I love each page so much, I just can't randomly pick a few pictures from the journal to publish here.  This pattern and journal has quite a story to tell and I want to share each and every page with you.  So be looking for the next post where I will have more pictures of your beautiful stitching!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Friend Verification???

If you receive an email asking you to verify if you are a friend of kentuckysampler or asking you to follow me....or whatever it says, you don't have to do it.  I don't think it will hurt your computer or anything but I'm not sure what it is so it's probably best to ignore it.  

I have been receiving emails asking me to verify if the sender is a friend and all the unsubscribing and declining I do doesn't stop them!  Somehow I must have clicked on something that sent the same thing to EVERYONE in my contacts list!  EeEeeee-gads!!!  I'm so sorry if I did something to clutter your inbox. 

Don't you hate it when you get something that says "this is your FINAL notice" when you don't remember ever getting the FIRST notice?  

I'll have progress pics of  my little "home made" sampler soon.  We finally had enough of the cold weather and packed a bag for a warmer climate.  

~ ~ Be back soon.........