Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bloglovin' and a few other things...

I don't totally understand this but here goes..............

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I am not good with change.
I've been blogging for three years now and as you may have noticed I haven't changed the look of my blog since the day I created it.  Why?  Because I like it.  Why change something that works, right?


Did any of you notice the boot in the picture of my latest finish?  One day I looked at it and thought, "Hey, that would make a good pincushion type/thingy."  So it took me all of two minutes to find a piece of scrap to stuff in there an stick a pin in it and call it done.

My grandmother gave the boot to me and it's been sitting empty all this time.  No wait...I think I had pencils in it at one time.  Anyway, there she is.  Cute, huh?


We are coming right along on the deck construction.  Notice I said "we".  I have been recruited to help screw down the boards so Masterchief''s back doesn't take all the beating.  Now we both are walking around like bent over old people!
Looks kind of like a bowling alley, doesn't it?

We usually have several supervisors --

Here's a Ruby Throat looking on, making sure we don't upset his feeder hanging above the deck.  We have four feeders across the back and they don't seem to be bothered by us making all kinds of noise out there.  They swarm around our heads like a bunch of bees!  Lord help you if you wear red out there!


I picked up Ten Commandments again last night.  Thanks to Shirlee I now have the CC English Ivy to finish it.  I just have to finish the border and the little berries or flowers and then it's another finish!  Hooray!!

That's it for today folks.  I hadn't intended to post today (you know it's very unusual for me to post so frequently) but I wanted to get that Bloglovin' thing out of the way.  I still don't get why I have to ask you to follow me all over again.  When I signed up I imported my blog list so there you all are!  If you do the same, then there I should be, right?  Ohhhh....I am so glad I have Masterchief to figure out all this computer stuff for me.  I know how to turn this thing on and I can barely compose a blog post and now they are throwing changes at me?  Ughhhhh!!!  :o(  I do do change very well.

I wish you all a peaceful end to your weekend.  There's another Monday right around the corner.

~~Peggy Lee

Friday, June 28, 2013

Saxon Sampler ~ Finished

She's finally done!  

What do you think?

Saxon Sampler
1989 JCS 

I remember when I bought the supplies to make this.  Masterchief took me to Tennessee for my 40th birthday.  We found two shops.  I can't remember the name of them anymore.  I worked on this off and on (mostly off) for five years.  I goofed it up pretty bad and put it down for a long time then one day decided to rescue it from my WIP basket.  


I used all the recommended DMC threads and stitched it on an unknown 40 count linen.  I am very pleased with it and can't wait to frame it!

It's a good thing I celebrated IHSW a weekend earlier than most of you because I didn't sit down this past weekend to stitch at all.  Well here we are on the verge of another weekend!  Where does the time go?  

Here is what I worked on for IHSW.  Remember Land Of The Free by Willow Hill Samplings?

Sorry it's so wrinkly.  I am really enjoying this one.  I am a slow stitcher lately but making progress.  

Sorry I don't have a lot of time tonight to post so I'll cut this one short.  Thank you so much for leaving your comments.  I appreciate the time you take to do it.  

I missed my blogaversary.  It was June 25th.  Three years ago.  I think a giveaway is in order.  I'll think something up and let you know on my next post what goodies I'll have to offer!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

~~Peggy Lee

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Friday Friends!  I see I have gained one more follower.  Welcome! I was stuck at 309 for the longest time.  I hope you find my little patch of blogville interesting enough to come back and visit lots more. 

Well let's see....where do I begin?  

This week in review:

I messed up on the IHSW thing.  I got confused about it starting on Friday or not so I jumped the gun and had my own little stitchy hermit time last weekend.  It's not all bad though.  That just means I have one more excuse to sit on my continually broadening behind in my big girl chair and stitch all weekend long!  *squeals*
With that being said, I won't post any of my progress pics (there is one exception later on here) until after the weekend is over.  

Remember in my last post about how much I ♥ my mail lady?  Well she went and did it again!  Just lookie here what she brought me from  Maggee -- Stitching Devotee ....

Two charts by My Big Toe and three CC threads!  It was such a sweet surprise Maggee.  Thank you so much!  You made my day!

On Wednesday I went to visit Shirlee from The Easily Influenced Stitcher.  We have been emailing each other for quite a while and decided it was time we met.  Shirlee actually lives within a few miles from where Masterchief and I lived when we first moved to Kentucky back in December of 2005.  It only took me about 1 1/2 hours to get there which is nothing around these parts.  You have to travel at least 30 minutes to get to anywhere for shopping etc...  We had a great time talking and talking.  I know I talked too much but she was kind to listen politely.  I probably left her with a spinning head with all my gabbing.  We exchanged a few charts and she let me dig through all her boxes she had packed up for Goodwill.  Can you say "Cha-ching?"  I ended up coming away from there with lots of treasures.  

Shirlee made this darling pinkeep for me.  As you can see it is just my style.  Love that patriotic stuff!  

I was taking pictures of it without holding it and then realized it looked like a queen sized bed pillow.  Love the fabric she chose for the back and Shirlee has the finest finishing technique I've seen!  

She also gifted me with a few other treasures....

A needle threader which I have found that I've needed so desperately lately, a scissor fob made of blue and white beads with a little scissor charm at the end and CC English Ivy.  Actually I sorta claimed the thread as soon as I laid eyes on it.  You see, I ran out of that color while stitching on La D Da's Ten Commandments and have been putting off ordering it online because I was afraid it wouldn't match what I've already used.  When I saw it I found myself asking her if I could have it whilst ripping it from her hands. 


 She was kind enough to say yes because I think she knew if she didn't I would collapse in a puddle of tears right there at her feet and she wouldn't have the strength to get me back up.  

I had such a nice time visiting with you Shirlee and I hope to get you down to my neck of the woods very soon.  There are a few antique/junk shops just calling out to us!  Thank you so much for the goodies!!  

Here's a pinkeep I made sometime during the week...


 See what I mean about it looking so big if I don't hold on to it?

It's a little design by Falling Star Primitives. The chart (Independence Day) has three little designs in it.  I saw that Shirlee mentioned it on her blog and that got me looking through my stash for it.  I thought I had it and I was right.  I don't know what count linen I used but I can tell you it's awfully tiny!  I used mostly DMC threads.  

On my way back from Shirlee's I stopped at a Peddler's Mall in her area.  I didn't see much I was interested in but I did pick two of these coasters up.  That's right....patriotic themed!  Did you expect anything else?

To round up the week, our friends invited us to go out on the lake in their boat.  If it weren't for them we probably wouldn't make it out there much if at all.  We really appreciate them asking us so often. 

Please excuse the windblown hair.  That will happen when you're out in the middle of the lake.  I guess I should have worn a hat like someone else did!  

We had some visitors who enjoyed a meal of pretzels and apple.  

The deck is coming right along.  
If you look very close you can see Masterchief way down there at the end putting the first board on the floor.  The sun was too hot to continue so he will take a break now until it goes over the top of the house later today.  

Polly hasn't looked me in the eye since I came back from visiting with Shirlee and Pearl.  I forgot that I had told her I would take her with me.  Bad Momma!!  P.J. has been trying to console her but I think she'll be down in the dumps for a while.  I have a lot of making up to do.


I suppose that's about it for now.  I need to get myself to my stitchy chair pronto so I have something substantial to show for two IHSW weekends! 

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. I love reading them!

~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I ♥ My Mail Lady!

Hello to all my bloggy buddies! 

I have the best mail carrier.  OK, she drives a little fast down our road but when she brings me goodies like she did today I can overlook that.  

Natasha from A Stitcher's Ramblings had a stash sale on her blog.  You can click HERE to see that post.  I don't know if she has anything left of it but you might want to check it out!   
I purchased this chart from her and look what else she sent to me!

The chart is Heart Band Sampler by Debbie Draper Designs.  As a part of her "creative PIF",  Natasha also sent me thread and a recipe box!  The thread is called Organic Strawberry.  My mouth waters just when I say it.  It's a beautiful color.  Natasha said she thought this recipe box would fit perfectly in my home and she was right!  I love it!  She slipped a couple recipes in the box too.  They are ones that were passed on from her mom. sweet of her!
Thank you so much Natasha.  


The other mail goody was from Sandra at In My Prime Time. It's her new blog she started up not too long ago.  Check it out!  Sandra doesn't cross stitch much anymore and so kindly offered some of her linen for sale.  I just sent her some money and asked for a grab bag of sorts and she didn't disappoint!  

I have so many linens that have been dyed to look of the primitive style and found myself without much white/off-white/cream colored linens.  She also threw in a couple charts for...yes, you guessed it, SAMPLERS!!  
Thank you so much Sandra.  I will put these things to good use soon!


I have been going through this entire day thinking it was Friday.  I don't know why.  It feels like Friday.  I was very excited to come to my senses when I realized it is IHSW this weekend!  If today were actually Friday I would have missed out on a little bit of stitchy time to log for the cause.  
So after this weekend is over I will post pictures of my progress.  I'm not going to tell you what I'm stitching on, only that you have seen it before here and it's been resting in my WIP crate for quite some time.  
*Stay tuned*

Have a great weekend...
~~Peggy Lee

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Another Finish and TUSAL

I'm on a roll here!

I worked yesterday to get this one finished.  I love this one as it reminds me of an old hymn we sang a lot in the church I grew up in. 

Great Is Thy Faithfulness by: My Big Toe Designs


I didn't realize this month's ORT report was due yesterday so here I am a day late...

Not too many threads this time.  They are all from Crimson Vine and GITF.  I will add them to my box for 2013. 


That's all for a quick post today.  As you know, it is HIGHLY unusual for me to post two days in a row!  

Many thanks to my friends who have commented on my last post with ideas and suggestions on how to log my projects better.  I will use all this advice to find a way that suits me best. Wish me luck!

Have a great day!
~~Peggy Lee

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Finish and More Progress

It's Friday again!  
You know how I can tell?
It's garbage day here at the Lake.
One day seems to run in to the other when you don't have kids to send off to school and when you don't have an alarm clock screaming at you Monday through Friday.'s nice!!


I have some stitchy news for this week.  I've been trying to spend more time in my big girl chair with needle in hand.  It's not so good for the ever growing girth of my backside but it is nice to show some progress at the end of the week.

I finished Crimson Vine by Primitive Things

I changed the thread colors a bit.  The red heart shaped things were designed to look like leaves, I think.  I thought they looked more like hearts so I chose a shade of red for them.  
I never get through a charted design without a few mistakes.  I gave in to that fight a long time ago.  I used to insist that every crossing thread be in exactly the charted spot but I was only driving myself crazy.  I think there is an extra space between the two rows of letters.  I'm OK with that.  In fact, I think I like it better that way.  That might be the only "mistake" I made.  Not sure, but I'm not going hunting for more.  I'm very happy with the way I turned out and the colors I chose.  In fact, my version looks a little on the patriotic side and ya'll know that blows my skirt up!  


I picked up Great Is The Faithfulness by My Big Toe Designs again.  I am using one thread over two.  This linen is most likely 40 count.  I haven't checked it but is sure is tiny! 

Again...I chose my own colors for this one.  The linen is a pretty green and I'm not usually a fan of any shade of purple but I like it here.  The smaller words in the verse are WDW Stepping Stone.  The flowers in the border are stitched with WDW Williamsburg Blue.  
I only need to finish up the border and she's done!  

This brings up a question I have for all you stitchers out there.
When I have a pile of WIP's in my basket I lose track of the details of what I'm using for each project.  I have them all in individual zippered bags but I don't write down the specifics of what type of linen it is or the count of it.  Back when I used to only work on one thing at a time it wasn't as difficult to remember those things.  Do you write these details down and keep it with each project?  Do you have a book that you write that in?  What other details do you journal about your stitching?  I am always looking for better ways to keep these things organized.  I would like to keep track of start and finish dates but I always forget to write that stuff down!  The only way I can try to figure it out is to hunt for the pictures I may have taken on the computer and look for the dates.  


That's it for this week.  I hope to have another finish to show off very soon.  I also need to get busy on framing a few things.  That will be an all day project here.  I am waiting for more self confidence to build up before I tackle that one.  

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thanks so much for visiting with me today. 

~~Peggy Lee