Friday, July 17, 2015


I'm preparing for a yard sale!  Yep, that's right.  I'll never be a minimalist like I wanted but this is a good start, right?  

Before I shovel everything into the trailer, I wanted to offer these up to all those who still might read my blog.  I collected these at one time but like I said, I NEED to get rid of some of this stuff that's just sitting around.  I know there will be more to follow (linens, charts...etc) if anyone might be interested.  I took some pics but if you need additional pictures or measurements I'd be glad to answer through email.  

5 sewing baskets
graduating sizes

3 with extra goodies

lined with a piece of old pattern with dried rose petals

this one has a cute little needle book and pin cushion inside

another pic of all 5
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I put a yard stick in front of this last picture so you could judge the size of them.  I'm also offering the strawberry pinkeep that was in an old sewing box I found.  

I'm asking $40 for all of them, including the pinkeep.  The buyer would have to pay shipping as well.  Everything pictured weighs approximately 2.5 lbs.  When I know where these will be going I will find out exactly what the shipping will be before a Paypal payment is made.  

If I don't get interest today I will be loading them up to sell at the sale tomorrow (Saturday).  I know that doesn't give you much time but I really wanted to give someone in the stitchy world who might appreciate something like this more than your average yard sale browser first shot at this.  

Just send me an email if you need any more information or measurements. 

~~Peggy Lee


The Inspired Stitcher said...

Hi Peg! I've missed you. I would love the strawberry but I don't have room for the baskets. Don't know if you'd separate them but thought I'd throw it out there. Hugs from here!

C Reeder PhxAz said...

It's good to hear from you again. I was worried you might have stopped blogging as so many others have! Will be anxious to see stitching stuff you are parting with so will keep an eye out here. I purchase a lot of stuff for use in charity work. You can see what I use it for on my webpage - ( feel free to discard this last sentence after you read it. Not trying to advertise just letting you know.)

Vickie said...

Peggy Lee! It's you my friend! I am so glad to read a post by you, even if it is to sell a few things. Post again soon!!

Maggee said...

hi Peggy Lee!! so good to 'hear' from you again! it's been a 'time' of it ... I've kept you in my heart and prayers... hugs!

Robin said...

So glad to read a post from you. I'm afraid I need to pass on the baskets. As much as I would want them, I too need to downsize all things.

Sweet Sue said...

you have been missed dear friend, good to see you posting... xo

Ma, Herself said...

Hey cutiie pie, it's nice to see ya in the bloggerhood! Your baskets and pin keep are gorgeous, and like the others I am drooling...but hubby would cry if I brought more stuff into this downsized home of ours...
Good luck kiddo'

Faye said...

Hey Peggy Lee!!!! Welcome back~~ I sure did hate to read about mom and your aunts husnband.... I am woefully behind in my blogging reads.... I still manage to blogpost every now and again.... And ice learned the world if Facebook... All time consuming and takes from my stitching and finishing time.... But, I wanted yo wave at you from NC when I saw this post..... You're a busy lady so until next post.... Smiles!