Thursday, June 12, 2014

Here We Are Again

I should probably have titled this one "Here We Are, Still".

Masterchief is either the fella way over to the left, or the one on the most right. I would ask him but he's snoring right now like a bear in hibernation.  They all look alike, don't they?  Sometimes someone will come up to me while walking through the plant and talk to me like they know me and I'll give just look at them in a stare.  I don't often recognize them when they are in plain clothes.

The outage ended and our last day was May 9th.  We planned to go visit with Masterchief's mother after the outage, and we did but not for as long we would have liked.  We were only there for a few days when we got a call asking us to come back.  They had a problem and needed Rad Pro to help them once again.
So here we are.  Seems like we never left.  We got the same hotel room we stayed in for the outage.  It's packed wall to wall with all of our must haves.  I must say that staying in a small hotel room for this amount of time (since March 29th) tests a marriage!  There is no place to go for "me time" and Masterchief can't go out to his shop to get away from me when the grumpies take over.  Considering our cramped quarters we are doing quite well.  We started out working six 12 hour days but we are now doing five days.  It's amazing what that extra day does!

I miss my stitching so much and I miss seeing what you all are up to.  I went to The Strawberry Sampler in Glenn Mills, PA last week on my day off to pick up a small project if I should get the time.  I think I might have put a total of ten stitches in so far.

I haven't had much time to read your blogs like I want.  I have today and tomorrow off so maybe I can get a few in between naps and doing laundry.  We found a good laundromat here.  The one we were going to right down from us was steadily getting worse in cleanliness so we went searching for one out of the neighborhood.  It's in Springfield PA but it's really not too far away.

Please take care and know that I miss you all.

~~Peggy Lee

P.S  I received a nice email from one of you telling me that all the pictures on my blog are white boxes with gray dashes or exclamation points in them. I don't know why that has happened.  I see it there too.  If anyone knows an easy fix I'll try to do it.