Thursday, March 13, 2014

Are we half way through March already?  This is crazy!  Where has the time gone?  I know this Winter has seemed especially long to some and it has felt like that to me too at times but soon we will be complaining about the heat.  I can't wait!!

I see that almost a month has passed since my last post. I thought I'd better do a post today because soon enough I will be mucking around in all things Alpha, Beta and Gamma.  Well...hopefully not so much of the Gamma.  : )  We will be leaving in a couple weeks and won't be back till late May.  We want to spend some extra time visiting family after the outage.  Masterchief's mother is getting up there in years so we want to spend some quality time with her while we can.  My mother has been going through a tough time with the chemo treatments so I want to be with her a bit.  And we can't forget those grand babies!  I miss them so much and they grow ridiculously fast.  

It seems that Mom's platelet count is rarely high enough for her to go ahead with a treatment and she hasn't been feeling well.  These six treatments should have been over and done with long ago but she is still pressing on.  


When I wait so long between posts I feel like I need to play a game of catch up.  So here we go with a bunch of pictures to let you in on what I've been up to this last month.

I worked on my sampler a bit more.  I added the flowers and squiggly design under them.  It took me forever to decide what to put under all that.  I finally settled on the first verse of my grandmother's favorite hymn, The Haven of Rest.  It took me equally as long to figure out what font to use.  This sure is turning out to be more complicated than I wanted it to be.  It gives me a whole new respect for those who design for us.  

I made Dum Dum flowers I saw on Pinterest.
I gave one to the neighbors little girls and now
don't know what to do with these. 

Made some killer biscuits. They didn't last long.

Walked in a different direction and found an old
cemetery in the woods.

Munsey Cemetery - founded in 1860

L.W. Johnson

A view in to the pines beside Zollicoffer's Headquarters.

This chimney still stand in the middle of
Gen. Zollicoffer's Headquarters.

We live right in the middle of the Battle of Mill Springs tour stops.
Lots of Civil War history here.

Masterchief had the idea to buy us both a new gun.  It is my first and the only one I really care to have. I'm not as crazy about them as he is but it's good to know that if someone should break in and mean to cause us harm, I am ready for them.  We live way out in the country so it would take a long time for the Law to get here.   It was 75º on this day and someone should have slapped me when I heard myself complain about how hot it was!  Any one of you can offer a virtual smack on the forehead and I'll accept my punishment.

Masterchief's is a Taurus .40 cal compact.

Mine is a Walther .22 cal with a laser sight.

Ever have one of these days?  For a few days it seemed everything I touched I broke, burned, scratched or flooded.  I managed to break both of these at once.  I believe that's called multi-tasking.

Had my yearly Dr's appointment yesterday and was told that since I had my hysterectomy at such a young age,  I have probably been experiencing the symptoms of menopause during these last 5 or 6 years and blamed my behavior on whatever was going on in my life at the time. Thanks Doc!  I suppose that is to make me feel better?   Masterchief says "bring it on, I can take it".  The poor guy doesn't know any better but it is still very brave of him to say so.  

That's all I have today.  I've done my exercises today and now I need to look for a dustcloth.   If you could see this place you would realize that I don't look very hard.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for taking the time to leave such sweet comments. I appreciate each one!

~~Peggy Lee


Syd said...


I can empathize with breaking things. I once broke my entire set of Corning white by losing my grip on letting it fall to the floor. They were nested in a cupboard and somehow I pulled them off the end of the shelf. What a mess! Will you be in NJ again?


Vickie said...

Your sampler is looking fabulous! Love what you chose to stitch next.
Watch out bad guys!!

Barb said...

To catch up.. Your sampler is beautiful. You are doing better than I am with the antique one I am trying to reproduce.It does teach one to be very grateful for our wonderful designers!! Sorry to hear your Mom is not feeling well. I hope Spring will bring better health to her. The old cemetery is so fascinating. When we lived in KY we saw several of them. Your are quite the cow girl with your gun, I do see his point about living so far out. Good luck on your travels!

Maggee said...

Packing, eh? Hmmm... today, at work, it was a day I could have used that... I surely wanted to make at least ONE person disappear, if not 7 or 8! I had early meno and then the BC treatment brought it back again! Oh joy! It IS nice to have something to blame all the bad behavior and attitudes on! Ha! Praying for your Mom to improve and finish the treatments, once and for all! Hugs!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What a great post! I agree, putting any part of a sampler together is far harder than it looks! I hope the meno symptoms ease up. The suck, pure and simple. I know all the draw backs to HRT but I'd die (or more likely, kill someone) without them. Be careful with the gun! I'm sure the Masterchief is a great teacher!

Annette-California said...

Your sampler is looking stunning!!!
I LOVE it! So sorry that your mom has to go thru this, my aunt is starting her chemo next month and for 18 months. Like I told my aunt this is fixable for my mom it wasn't. Glad you are going to see your mom.
Have a great time with your grand babies. Great post.
love Annette

Thoeria said...

You give new meaning to the term "multi-tasking" :D
Enjoy the time with your folks...

Sherry said...

Your sampler is looking beautiful and I love that you chose a special hymn to use on it. Yes, I am ready for warm weather too. We get a few nice days then it gets cold again. DH is getting ready to start an outage that will lead to another one so he will be working them for about 4 months. You are braver than I am about getting your own gun!Q

jennifer768 said...

Your sampler is gorgeous! So sorry that your mom is not doing well.I will be adding her to my prayers.Yep, I think I had a weeks worth of that kind of day.It surprised me to have anything left in the house in one piece.Have a safe journey.Be blessed,Jen

marly said...

What a shame about that white (corning?) casserole dish. Great size. I think your sampler is wonderful! Sorry to hear your mom is having some problems with treatments and hope it all works out eventually. Have a safe trip.

Mary Ann said...

Your sampler is beautiful! I will add your mom to my prayers.

P.J. said...

The sampler is is coming together nicely. Keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy that family time every chance you get. Be safe in your travels. Love the old cemetery discovery. Smack on the back of the head!! Just got twenty inches on Thursday and colder than zips you know what!

P.J. said...

Your sampler is coming along nicely. Keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy those family visits and be safe in your travels. Love the old cemetery discovery. SMACK on the back of the head! We just got twenty inches on Thursday and it is colder than Zip's you know what!

Simply Victoria said...

I'm loving the colors on your sampler! So pretty! I'll continue to be praying for your mom. Sorry that she is not feeling stronger. Nice protection you two are practicing with ;) And yes, a gentle virtual smack from me. It was 18° this morning.
Have a safe work trip and enjoy visiting with family!

Brigitte said...

It's a gorgeous sampler that you are creating here. And it's a lot of thinking that goes into it, which makes it even more precious.
So sorry to hear that your mom is having such a tough time. Hopefully she will soon feel better.
How interesting to find such an old cemetery in the woods and to see the gravestones of those people who passed away so long ago.

Jeanne said...

Loving your sampler Peggy and sorry you're off on another work trip but the $$ comes in handy doesn't it LOL. Our lives are busy too with aging parental issues so I understand what you're going through. It seems my free time keeps getting shorter all the time. You have a safe trip and we'll look forward to your return!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Is it me or is it Memorex? LoL. Can't see your posted pics. There's a white space with a gray circled minus sign... End of March out like a lamb here at 71°!