Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hello Friends!  Remember me?  You know it's been a long time when you look over on my sidebar at August's IHSW note!  I need to fix that.

I just wanted to pop in and thank you all once again for the many prayers and hugs sent this way for my mom's recent situation.  She is doing well.  Surprisingly well!  She says she takes a handful of pills before each chemo treatment so she won't get sick.  She did lose her hair early on but she was prepared for that and had a wig made that would fool anyone.  I even had to look twice.  They sure have come a long with these things.  No one would ever know that she didn't grow it herself!  She is about to have her fourth of six treatments.  She was able to go to my brother's place for Thanksgiving.  I was glad for that and I know everyone else was too.  Keep the prayers coming!  We appreciate each one.

Masterchief and I returned home after being away for our usual Fall outage in mid November.  We were able to go to our good friends for Thanksgiving.  They have been so kind to invite us to have the traditional Thanksgiving meal with them and their family in the past and we were glad to be able to join them this year too.

We have the lighted wreath out on the porch and Masterchief dragged the tree down from the attic last week.  That is the extent of our Christmas decorations here.  I have no energy to dig them out and I really dread putting them all away afterward.  I know...I sound like such a scrooge but we don't have any kids in the house to entertain and we are always here alone for Christmas so I'm good with it.  Uh-oh, I stand corrected.

I suppose we do have a couple kids after all.  Polly and Paulie are ready for the big day.  How could I forget them?

I don't remember if I posted a picture of our finished deck so here's a good one......

Here is one Masterchief took the other night after he put the lights all around it.  He will leave them up year round but will probably only turn them on if we are out there.

I'd imagine it looks like a landing strip from above, ya think?

I'm afraid I haven't looked at many blogs since returning home.  I just don't have it in me to sit down in front of the big girl computer any more.  I am much more comfortable in my cushy chair in the living room.  My doctor has sent me to physical therapy for my back.  I go twice a week.  The therapist also has me do exercises every day at home.  I try to do them at least twice each day but I think he wants me to do them three times a day.  I told him this morning that I think he finds a new muscle in my abs every time I go see him.  All this is supposed to strengthen my core so that my back will feel better.  I'll give it a shot.  Sitting in this chair right now is hurting so I'll send big hugs to each of you now and head for my big soft chair with my stitching nearby.

I hope you all have something warm, soft and cozy to trot off to as well.

~~Peggy Lee