Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friends and Frogs

Now don't get one mixed up with the other!  It just sounded good for a post title.  ☺

We have company coming for ribs on the grill, home made rolls, corn on the cob, twice baked potatoes with a triple chocolate cake for dessert so I want to get back at prepping for the feast.

I met with another stitchy friend!  I wasn't sure we could make our schedules meet but I am thrilled to say we did.  Vicki from Simply Victoria and her family were traveling over the weekend to drop their daughter off at college. They were coming back through Kentucky so we met at Cumberland Falls.  Well I don't know what happened to me but I'm afraid I talked the poor girl's ears off.  She was so kind to let me rattle on.....

and on.....

and on.....

and on.....

We had such a good time visiting with Vicki and part of her family (two were not there).  Thank you Vicki for taking the time from your travels through Kentucky to meet with me and Masterchief. I so enjoyed our visit.  

I recently was picked as the lucky winner of a giveaway from Michelle over at Michelle's StitchCraft Place.   I was so excited when the package arrived from across the pond.

I love the bluebird pin pillow and the card with roses on it is beautiful.  She also included some threads, a little pouch for an "on the road" project, a piece of gorgeous fabric and the cutest little scissors I ever did see!  Thank you Michelle, so very much. I appreciate the thought and time you put in to this and will treasure it always. 

I had an unwelcome visitor recently ---  

Hopefully I scared him away and he won't be back for a long time!

Must get moving now.  Not getting much done sitting here in front of the big girl computer, but oh how I love cruising through your blogs.  I get such inspiration from you!

Have a super weekend!
~~Peggy Lee

Monday, August 19, 2013


Happy Monday!  Are you happy it's Monday?  It's not so bad.  

I didn't get as much stitching in as I wanted to over the IHSW but I do have a little progress to report.

I finished the J block on ABC Tapestry and started K.  

I finished a little pin pillow or hanging.  I needed something a little "horsey" to fit in here in KY.

Please don't look at the beaded edge too closely.  This was my first attempt and it's not so nice.  Pretty good though for my first, I think. 


I had Masterchief pick a winner for my giveaway yesterday.  Congratulations to Barb from Wicked Stitcher!    I have emailed you Barb.  Thanks so much to everyone who entered and for all the birthday wishes.  I appreciate everyone who takes a moment to read and comment on my blog.  Yes, I appreciate you lurkers out there too!  ☺  


The deck is finished!

It wraps around the end of the house to the shop/garage entry.  If you open the pic up you can probably see that there is a hummingbird feeder at every window and one at the right side end.  By the end of each day they are all dried up.  They sure are hungry little bundles of energy.  Wish I had just a smidge of their metabolism!  We go through four cups of sugar a day.  Good thing Sam's Club sells it in 25lb. bags. 


Can't finish this post without adding a little bit of recent cuteness from my grandbabies!

Liam made Grandma out of leggos so he could give me a hug!  *sniff-sniff*   Isn't that just the most precious thing?  

Abby is growing so fast!  She will probably be walking by the time I see her next.  

Thanks for stopping by!

~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Perfect Timing!

Hello friends!  Two posts in two days???  I know, I know...I can hardly believe it too.  I just had to sit down and do a quick post about my winnings arriving from Mouse!


 It couldn't have come on a more perfect day too.  Yesterday was my birthday.  

Here is what she sent me for naming her two little meeces....

A handmade pin pillow, two English Breakfast tea bags,
safety pins (for my rusting adventures), a needle tin and
a skein of Poppy Dragon Floss!

The back of the pin pillow - isn't that cute?

Thank you so much Mouse.  I love it all, especially the pin pillow because I know it was made with your wee little paws!  ♥ ♥

I don't know why but I had to smell the tea bags.  Does anyone else do that or am I weird?  Wait, maybe you shouldn't answer that one. 

Bet you can't guess how old I am!

My requested birthday gift from Masterchief was for me to sit my lazy bee-hind in my big girl chair all day and do whatever I wanted.  He had to fend for himself in the kitchen.  Well that was the plan but by dinner time I felt bad that he was eating hot dogs for breakfast and lunch so I got up and made him fish and rice, one of his favorites. 

We did not win the lottery last night.  Now that would have been an interesting post, huh?  I can just imagine the pictures that would go with that one!  


I mentioned some time ago that I wanted to offer a giveaway for a few different things: this summer marks 3 years of blogging, I had 312 followers although I see now that I am down one.  Oh well.  Oh and my birthday was this month.  I could think of tons of things to celebrate with a giveaway including all of you who have faithfully followed me and those of you who take the time to leave your kind words in a comment.  I appreciate it more than you know!  

So......this giveaway is open to my current followers only.   I have always encouraged new followers before and I STILL DO!   But this time I want to thank those who are already followers.  
As usual, I don't have a specific bounty in mind but I will gather things between now and drawing time that I'm sure you will be happy to receive.  

To enter:    Please leave a comment on this post only telling me who your favorite designer is and anything else you would want me to know about your stitching style and tastes.  
Last day to enter:   August 17th. 
Drawing:    August 18th.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hang with me here friends. You will be so glad you did!

OH sure has been a long time since my last post.  I don't know what has gotten in to me but I have completely lost my blogging/emailing mojo!  I have stitched a little bit but not much.  I have left a comment or two on a couple blogs but I haven't been able to drag myself to the big girl computer for a blog post.

Well here I am this morning.  Bright and early.  This will be a nothing fancy, just the facts Maam kind of post. 

Now let's play catch up.....AGAIN!


It seems I just did an ORT report a very short time ago.  Oh was in my last post!  Good grief I am behind on my blogging, aren't I? 

There are a few long threads in there which is very unusual for me.  I always use them up to the last tiny bit, wishing I had a bendable needle to get that one last cross in.  I stitched a couple small things up so I wasn't worried about saving threads this time.  

My fern on the porch is loving this weather.

I have a beautiful Gerbera Daisy that I am tempted to cut but can't bring myself to do it after it's given me such a gorgeous show in my flower bed.  That would be mean of me! 

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to try to rust my own pins.  AGAIN.  I have tried several times in the past and have had no success.  I have either ended up with half rusted pins or a pile of rusty dust.  Thanks to Myra for steering me in the right direction in her post HERE, I had success this time! 

Now I know this will come as a surprise to most of you but I went to the antique/junk shops around here again.  *tee-hee*  I always come away from there with a treasure or two.

Masterchief bought a jar.  Another surprise!  I know I got more that day but I can't remember what it was.  
I love the detail on the handles of these little spoons....

I found a new way to eat cauliflower........

I boil the whole head for a few minutes, pour a yummy curry sauce over it then put it in a 400º oven for about 30 minutes.  I spoon the sauce over it after I take it out of the oven.  I could eat this entire thing in one sitting.  Anything with curry on it is awesome.  I love the stuff. 

I pulled the stand with ABC Tapestry on it out in to the living room once again.  I get so frustrated with myself because I know if I would just commit to doing one block every week or so I'd have this BAP finished in no time.  I look at the entire thing and it seems so daunting.  I need to make small goals with it and I think I could make lots of headway on it.  I'm on the J block right now and it's taking me forever to get it done!

I used one of Hobby Lobby's weekly 40% off coupons to get this tall set of drawers for next to my stitchy chair. 

It works so much better than the small table I had there before. Lots of hideaway places to stash my stuff!

Mouse had a naming contest on her blog HERE and guess what?  I won!  I suggested she name her two little friends "Tea and Crumpets" and they approved.  I hear there is a "wee little giftie" skipping across the pond right now as a thank you.  I can't wait!  Thanks Mouse!!

I also received a surprise in the mail this past Friday from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  Nancy had a giveaway HERE.  She asked her followers to suggest a name of a friend who they would like to receive 5 skeins of threads from her 1795 Sampler Collection.

Vickie knows I like these traditional sampler-like colors and she entered on my behalf.  Thanks so much Vickie.  You are a special friend.  And thanks to Nancy for this awesome offering too!  You are so generous with your talents.  

Masterchief and I had guests for the weekend!  His son and grand daughter came for a visit and we were so glad to have them.  We all had a great time catching up.  They live in Virginia Beach so it was quite a trek for them to get here and we are so thankful they made the trip. 

 We showed them a few sights here in Kentucky.  The weather was perfect.  Last summer when he came to visit we had temps over 100º!  We took them to Cumberland Falls and Yahoo Falls.  

Here we are at Yahoo Falls...

If you click on the picture you might see us in there somewhere.  We look like tiny ants here!

Last Friday we made a trip to Crossville, TN and then turned around to shop the many miles of yard sales that are part of the famous annual 127 Yard Sale

We didn't come home with any big items (we don't have room for any more) but we did score a few small treasures.

There is still a few Midol left in the old tin. Any takers?

A German print "Guardian Angel"

Cute little chair

I love this woven seat!

I am thinking of stripping the paint from the chair and giving it a more natural primitive look. 


Now here is the part where you will be so glad you hung in there and made it to the end of this post.  
When I wake in the morning I hear the little birdies singing as the neighbor's cows and roosters bid me good morning.  I am handed my first cup of coffee by my sweet husband and as I make my way out to the kitchen window to catch a glimpse of the hummingbirds squabbling around the feeders, my eyes behold a sight that makes me want to grab the toilet brush and scour my eyes out.

Please meet my neighbor.  He does this several times a day, bringing his little dog down to the road in front of his house to deposit it's little gifties at the end of our yard.  

Oh and you're welcome for posting this picture in the "large" size.  

Till next time,
Hefty Hugs,
~~Peggy Lee