Friday, June 7, 2013

A Finish and More Progress

It's Friday again!  
You know how I can tell?
It's garbage day here at the Lake.
One day seems to run in to the other when you don't have kids to send off to school and when you don't have an alarm clock screaming at you Monday through Friday.'s nice!!


I have some stitchy news for this week.  I've been trying to spend more time in my big girl chair with needle in hand.  It's not so good for the ever growing girth of my backside but it is nice to show some progress at the end of the week.

I finished Crimson Vine by Primitive Things

I changed the thread colors a bit.  The red heart shaped things were designed to look like leaves, I think.  I thought they looked more like hearts so I chose a shade of red for them.  
I never get through a charted design without a few mistakes.  I gave in to that fight a long time ago.  I used to insist that every crossing thread be in exactly the charted spot but I was only driving myself crazy.  I think there is an extra space between the two rows of letters.  I'm OK with that.  In fact, I think I like it better that way.  That might be the only "mistake" I made.  Not sure, but I'm not going hunting for more.  I'm very happy with the way I turned out and the colors I chose.  In fact, my version looks a little on the patriotic side and ya'll know that blows my skirt up!  


I picked up Great Is The Faithfulness by My Big Toe Designs again.  I am using one thread over two.  This linen is most likely 40 count.  I haven't checked it but is sure is tiny! 

Again...I chose my own colors for this one.  The linen is a pretty green and I'm not usually a fan of any shade of purple but I like it here.  The smaller words in the verse are WDW Stepping Stone.  The flowers in the border are stitched with WDW Williamsburg Blue.  
I only need to finish up the border and she's done!  

This brings up a question I have for all you stitchers out there.
When I have a pile of WIP's in my basket I lose track of the details of what I'm using for each project.  I have them all in individual zippered bags but I don't write down the specifics of what type of linen it is or the count of it.  Back when I used to only work on one thing at a time it wasn't as difficult to remember those things.  Do you write these details down and keep it with each project?  Do you have a book that you write that in?  What other details do you journal about your stitching?  I am always looking for better ways to keep these things organized.  I would like to keep track of start and finish dates but I always forget to write that stuff down!  The only way I can try to figure it out is to hunt for the pictures I may have taken on the computer and look for the dates.  


That's it for this week.  I hope to have another finish to show off very soon.  I also need to get busy on framing a few things.  That will be an all day project here.  I am waiting for more self confidence to build up before I tackle that one.  

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thanks so much for visiting with me today. 

~~Peggy Lee


Sweet Sue said...

Congrats on a great finish, really like the long designs to break up the usual sampler sizes. My journal entries are the norm ~ designer, chart name/yr published, stitch count, linen/flosses/substitutions, how finished and notes about chart errors found or particular likes/dislikes about the materials used. If I ever get really organized LOL I'll print pics of each finish for the corresponding page. Would be so easy but not holdin' my breath on that one:) Have a great weekend friend! xoxo

Parsley said...

Oh wow..just WOW! Love Big Toe designs but I've never stitched one.

Lisa V said...

I'm the same as you Peggy, I just always forget the details, especially the linen and count.
Lovely progress on your stitching.

Barb said...

It was so funny, I thought the lovely design looked patriotic and then went on to read it in your blog comment!! So pretty!! I used to record everything. Now I just seem to forget to bother. I do think I need a bit more discipline! One time, I changed most colors on a chart. A fellow blogger asked me to let her know what I had used. It took me forever to go back and try to figure it out! Have a good week-end!

Shirlee said...

Love both your projects! I envy you & others who can just look at a piece & not only decide to change colors, but change them well! Can't help you with the journaling. I likewise don't keep track of things & I'm a one-at-a-time stitcher!

StitchinByTheLake said...

So beautiful Peggy - that Crimson one is going to be stunning! blessings, marlene

marly said...

My SIL bought a stitching journal and each page had a place for every detail and a photo. But me, I don't even know what the color name or count is of my linen!

Marsha said...

Your finish and soon to be finish are delightful. My friend, Lisa, is great at writing everything down. She is also a quilt historian so she is very good at it. I am not, but I see the value in it. I always think I'll do better and then people ask me what linen I'm using and it's usually a mystery.

Vickie said...

Great stuff Peg! I usually stitch one at time. That is easy then to keep track and post it all.

Maggee said...

The Vine is done, and it looks so pretty. You are nearly done with Great Is Thy Faithfulness... I bet it is a finish next time you post. I do use project bags on WIPS, and inside are my threads in baggies (DMC) or paper CD sleeves with a window, and the tag for the fabric that tells the size, color, whatever, IF I have that when I start the project. It helps. I don't document any changes tho... And AS SOON as I finish, the flosses go back to the drawer to be filed away! It sort of works. I used to keep a journal or two, but figured since I post most finishes to the blog, I can just look back to see what I did. If I don't post, I keep my finish charts in a folder, but that's gonna change mighty soon... Hugs!

Penny said...

Both pieces are so pretty! I especially love your color changes on Great Is Thy Faithfulness! I used to keep track of details, but there is just too much going on anymore to do that. :) I'll look forward to your framing!

Cath said...

Love your finish. The colours are perfect. I try and note down the start and finish of a project in a note book which I keep next to my chair where I stitch. Maybe if you got yourself a really nice journal you might be more inclined to put the details in.
I don't tend to put fabric details etc in , it's either aida or even even weave , which I can tell by looking at and I usually use DMC threads for everything .

Deborah said...

I have kept a journal for the last 5 years. I document the fabric color and count, the fibers used, the title of the design and the designer. I put the start and finish dates and lastly how I finish it. It really takes no time and I number each entry so I know how many finishes I have every year.

Vera said...

Nice finish Peggy Lee -- very pretty.

Robin said...

Your finish looks great. If you don't want to keep a journal, you could write the details on the chart provided you keep your charts.

Robin in Virginia

Chris said...

Lovely finish! I love the color changes that you made.
I should do better about keeping track of what I use too.
I hope that you are having a great weekend!

Denise said...

Your stitching looks great!
As for your question about journaling I use a cards that I ordered from Nordic Needle. It asked for all the info and you fill it in, example project name, designer, start and end dates. I fill in all the info and stick it in my zipper bag and when I have completed the project I snap a picture of it and put both in a photo album together. This really works for me.
Happy Stitching

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Nice job, Peg! I keep a running "timeline" of sorts in a Word document. I record when I started/finished, what fabric/floss, if I made it for someone/who, etc. It helps me when I go to do something new and want to reuse the same fabric or floss choices. It's also fun to go back at the end of the year and realize I really did stitch a lot!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful finish, Peg! I love the colors you used and how patriotic it looks.
The MBT design is pretty as well and is SO tiny!
I try to keep notes but am very bad at it. When I start a project, I try to make notes on a floss card I make to keep with the project. Sometimes I update it when I'm done and sometimes, I don't.