Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Yes, June.
That is probably when I will be blogging again.  I will miss reading all my favorite blogs. 

Masterchief and I are in New Jersey doing our "thing" again. 
The outage should be over in mid May.  After the job is over we will go on up to Maine
to visit with my MIL for a bit.  Then back to PA to see the grandbabies.....
then HOME!!

I am very tired already and we haven't even started the long hours yet.  

Here is my progress on the Saxon Sampler and Commandments. 
I stitched on them while in North Jersey. 

These pictures aren't the best.  I laid them both across the bed here at the hotel last night.
I started the berries on Commandments.  

Sorry this post will be short an boring.  I am pretty tired.  
I spent all day taking tests on the computer. 
I passed them all but it fried my brain!

Until June...
I'll miss you all!
~~Peggy Lee