Friday, March 1, 2013

I Never Imagined...

...that you all would be so interested in what it takes to make a pin cushion out of a cup!  
I want to first thank you all so much  {{BIG HUGS}}  for leaving so many kind words in your comments. 
This has been one of those times that I haven't gotten to reply to as many as I'd like.  

Making a pin cushion from a cup isn't difficult at all, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it!  


I'll do what I should have done when I first posted about making these cute little things.  I will direct you to the blog where I got the idea.  If you don't follow her blog, you really should.  Pamela's tutorials are excellent.  Some of them are videos and some are picture by picture instructions.  They are very easy to follow and besides all that...she's a sweet girl!  Her blog is   Our Pioneer Homestead.
Clicking on that link will take you directly to her tutorial.  You had better pack a lunch my friend because once you get to her blog your tummy will want to be fed before you can tear yourself away from your PC!  
If you end up making a cup pincushion please let me know so I don't miss it on your blog.  I'd love to see it!


During this past week I received some threads in the mail I had ordered on Ebay.  

The angels off to the side were a flea market find from this past Sunday.  You should have seen their grubby little faces before I gave them a good scrubbing with an old toothbrush.  
Where was I? 
Oh yes, the threads.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with Theresa.  She is a very talented designer who also sells things through her needlework shop on Ebay.  
Here is her blog:  Shakespear's Peddler.  
You can look her up on Ebay as well if you search for her as Theresa_venette.  
These TGA threads were a very good deal.  There are a few bundles of them left so you better go get them before they are all gone.  They are limited edition and won't be around for long. 


I've been working on a sampler that was in my WIP box recently.  Yes I know, I am so close to finishing the Saxon sampler that I should stick with that one and get it done but I'm also close to finishing this one too!
OH what to do....

La D Da
I had wanted to finish the border before the words.  I like to get that agony over with as I am not a lover of border stitching, but I was making little mistakes that would take the vines too close to the words.  Sometimes the vine touches the words and that is how it's supposed to be but sometimes I made them touch when they weren't charted that way.  So...I figured I'd stitch all the words and THEN the border.  It will be easier to fudge a little on the length of a vine than to change the placement of the letters.  I think that would be less noticeable, don't you?  Wish me luck!  ☺


That's it for today.  Here I sit in my housecoat this morning and I can already smell dinner!  Masterchief soaked some beans overnight and has started them cooking.  I managed to get out to the kitchen before he added the ham to the whole pot.  Since I prefer not to eat meat I scooped some out just for me.  Mmmm-Mmmm...a little bouillon and some onion and I'm in protein heaven!  

Hope your weekend is crossed with many stitches.  
♥  Thank you for visiting with me  ♥

~~Peggy Lee


Vickie said...

Lotsa beans for dinner last night here. Grandma Kehoe's Kidney Bean Stew. num num

Anyways, I love a good find on ebay. Have a package making it's way to me right now as a matter of fact.

Fudge the vines definitely. ;)

Catherine said...

Love the piece you are working on!! Borders are tricky sometimes, aren't they? I agree, easier to fudge the border. And with a border like that, no one will ever notice!
Beans, huh?

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh my goodness, Peg! Thanks for the link to that tutorial. Who knew it could be done so easily?! Makes me want to go searching for a cup now. LOL! Your progress is looking really nice too. You can do it!

Parsley said...

Thanks for the links. I just need to find a tin cup. Lol

I love pinto beans with buttered cornbread. I always pick out the meat in beans. ;-)

Christine said...

Here's hoping all the lettering you've stitched so beautifully marries in with the vines! I know you'd never fudge a stitch! It all looks perfect!

Krista said...

Hi Peggy Lee, I am new to your blog and have had fun looking at all the beautiful stitching you have done. Love the new LaDDa piece you are doing too. Thank you for the link to make the pin cushion cup, love it! especially since it is a no-sew project :) Have a great weekend!

Lori @ applegrovetreasures said...

Thank you so much for the link! Enjoy your weekend:)

Maggee said...

I have about 5 containers I got while thrifting to make pincushions...NOW I will know how to do it! The way I was planning to do them included a stitched piece so it was different. But this way, I can make them quickly. Make pillows with the stitching! I know what you mean about the borders... they can be tricky! Hugs!

cucki said...

Aww thank you for the link..
Big hugs x

Nicola said...

I followed the link Peggy and what an interesting blog. I am going to spend quite a while browsing there.

Thank you so much for sharing :o))

Bekca said...

Hi Peggy Lee! I've just caught up with all of your posts from the last few months. I've missed so much! Congratulations on your new darling granddaughter! She is so precious and I'm so glad you got to be there when she came into the world. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful photos that I know you will share :)
You've been stitching up a storm Miss, your work is looking fab. I can't wait to see the Saxon Sampler all finished up.
It's great to see you posting more too, I love seeing your blog pop up in my reader. I've got back into the swing of blogging too. It's great to be back :)
Best wishes my friend.