Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good morning friends.   And a big welcome to my new followers!  My blog has really grown over the past few months and I'm grateful to each of you who are following.

I went peddler's mall shopping yesterday.  Yep that's right...AGAIN!  I guess something inside my head says "go while you can because soon you'll be in N.J. working and won't see the light of day for a while".  So go I must!

I have pin cushion fever!  I am looking at everything now wondering if it would make a good pin cushion.
The cup is so old that the silver has worn away, leaving the copper exposed underneath.

I love the detail on the this cup....


The lace is a bugger to iron but isn't it beautiful?


The weekend was filled with stitching and crafting.  I don't have a picture of the stitching part though.  It seems the more I stitch, the more I rip.  I'm not nearly as upset as I should be though.  Maybe it's because I'm stitching on the Ten Commandments??  I had to rip an entire row out but now I'm almost done with the words and can concentrate on the border.

Here's the crafting part of the weekend....

 I saw somewhere on line (probably Pinterest) about how to weave a basket out of brown paper bags.  I thought that looked easy enough so I tried it.  I can confidently say I won't try it again.  Once I get this one finished it will be the first and last one I make.

I also made a tomato pin cushion.  I know...another pin cushion!  What has gotten in to me?
I used some red wool that came from a sweater I found at the thrift store and also some that Shirlee sent me some time ago.  I used plain old string to make the sections. I stuffed the bottom with crushed walnut shells to give it some weight and fiber fill on top.  I haven't sewn the top on yet.


I am starting to feel the end of March creeping up on me.  I need to start gathering what we will need to pack for the outage this Spring.  I am always worried that when we get there I will have forgotten something. I have to pack enough clothes for work and also "civilian" clothes for when we visit family while up north.  It's all those little things that make living in a hotel for so long easier that I really don't want to forget.

Thank you all for the kind comments you have left.  I am so glad you all found the links provided in my last post helpful.  Now I expect to see lots of pin cushion creating out there!  :o)

Looks like we might get snow here in southern Kentucky!  I'm not all that excited about it but I know some will be pleased.

Thanks for dropping by!
~~Peggy Lee


The Inspired Stitcher said...

Love your little tomato and that lace is wonderful. Looks like it was a good day at the peddler's mall!

cucki said...

aww such a sweet post..i love everything so much..
mr.tomato is so cute ...i love him x

Lori @ applegrovetreasures said...

Love that cup!! Have to say you have really inspired me to want to make a pin cushion. I've never tried before but if I can find a little treasure to make it out of I'm gonna give it a try!
Thanks ~ Lori

Vickie said...

Hey, I am already a pin cushion nut!! I just need to make one for MYSELF. I never have yet!!
That cup is soooo cool. And that lace. I am jealous.

Christine said...

Yes go while you can! And you did find great treasures especially the copper cup!
Keep stitchin' - hope it's coming on well!

marly said...

That little cup is really different. You did a great job on the tomato, but that basket...I agree. I used to make them and really don't want to do it again!

Mouse said...

hahahahah ... you made me spill my tea onto my keu board with your comment about the lace !!!
love that cup and the instructions on the pincushion making too ...
have you not got a list by now of what to and not to take ???
stay safe and warm in the storm :) love mouse xxxxx

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your tomato is very nice! Just have to ask - do you know that the lace you say is so hard to iron is actually tatting?

Shirlee said...

Wonderfully interesting cup! Saw your post referencing the pincushion tutorial. I'm definitely going to give that a try. Of course I am among the "some" you refer to & I am giddy as a schoolgirl watching the snow falling sideways for the past hour or so!!! Nothing lying on the ground though : (

Maggee said...

I love the copper cup--besides the fact that it is copper, the etching is gorgeous! It is hilarious that the lace is tatting! If I was drinking like Mouse I would have a messed up keyboard! I must say that when you are gone, you are missed. Muchly! I think it's been two years of that so far... Sad face! I am going to go thrifting this weekend... to a great place in NC where my daughter and family live. A much needed getaway and a little retail therapy sounds good right now! Hugs!

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Oh Peggy those cups are just too sweet and the extra ironing time on the lace was well worth it.

Jeanne said...

My quilting buddies call me the Pincushion Queen as I make a lot of pincushions and am a pushover for any new cute pincushion pattern. I like the vintage cups you found - they should work perfectly! I know what it's like ripping out...I cut some quilt borders wrong last weekend and had to take them completely off and recut new ones. Oh well...we're here to enjoy the journey right??

Siobhán said...

All of your finds are so neat. I'd love to know the history that cup could tell--wouldn't that be fascinating?! Your little pin cushion is adorable! I always have this dream of making a bunch of them, and strawberries as well, and putting them in a glass container in the kitchen. I haven't done it yet but plan to, at some point!

Catherine said...

As usual, you are making it harder to resist a road trip to visit you!! But I guess I'll have to wait, as you are soon headed my way! Hoping we can meet up for dinner!

Heather Wise said...

I have to say- awesome finds! I love the cup. And, pin keeps? Well, I share your obsession!!! The cup would make an awesome pin keep! Love it! Thank you for sharing how you stuffed your tomato pin keep. I always wonder what other stuff ya'll use for stuffing.

Blessings and hugs!