Monday, March 18, 2013

IHSW - Jersey Style!

A quick post today as I am not in the comfort of my cushy chair at home in front of the big girl computer.  Instead I am in northern New Jersey at a hotel.  Masterchief was called to provide radiation protection to some contractors for a week or two before we are to report to Salem Nuclear Generating Station.  So when I thought I had two weeks to clean and pack, I found that I had just two days instead!  Can you say PANIC?  My house isn't as clean as I'd like it to be but it's not a mess either.  I guess I didn't have time to fret about what to pack and what not to pack.  

My IHSW took place starting Sunday evening to Monday afternoon being that we were traveling all day on Saturday.  

Here is where I started last night.  I took this picture while it was laying on my lap so it's not the best. 

And here is what it looks like right now...

I only got about two and a half letters done but I'm OK with that.  I'm not a very fast stitcher and I still had some moving in to do here in the room.  I'll probably stitch on it some more tonight.

So what does a girl do when she's bored to death in a hotel room?  She brushes up on her juggling skills, of course!

I have to juggle over a bed or couch so my back doesn't suffer from picking them up all the time.  I am determined to master this skill.  Right now I'm not very good at it.  If I could just keep the balls right in front of me instead of reaching out for them.  I'll get it.  Like I said, I'm determined...AND just downright too bullheaded to give up.  

We actually saw some snow while driving over the West Virginia hills.  It was a sight I could have done without.  Later in the trip, while crossing through a chunk of Pennsylvania, we drove through some snow or sleet.  The roads were a bit slippery but we drove out of it in about an hour.  Now they are calling for snow here in New Jersey.  I can do without this.  It has been gray and dreary here all day and now they say snow?  
I think I'll pull the blinds and turn the heat up.  I packed my heating pad with me so I know I'll be warm and comfy while stitching on my sampler tonight. 

I wanted to share some pictures of my sweet grandbabies this time but they are all on the big girl computer at home.  I need to get my DIL to send some to me here on the laptop.  

Thanks so much for stopping by friends!  I see I have recently lost one follower.  That's sorta sad but I still have 303 bloggy friends left!  Thank you so much for following this here little Kentucky blog and thankful hugs to you for taking time to leave a comment.  I will especially enjoy reading them while here in my little hotel room.  You bring me smiles, dear friends!  

~~Peggy Lee

Monday, March 11, 2013

TUSAL time already?!?

It seems I was welcoming in the new year just a short time ago and now we are already in to March!  If I wouldn't have seen a few TUSAL postings in my blogroll, this month's would have crept right past me.

So here she is...

This month there are TOO MANY black fuzzy threads.  The frogs must have gotten cold peeking in from the front window.  They all came in gangsta style and bombarded me while I was peacefully stitching on Commandments!
These threads will be smooshed down into the mother jar and I will start again.  I will most likely NOT have a TUSAL report for April or May as I will be knee deep in all things Alpha, Beta and Gamma.  Okay, hopefully not so much Gamma but you get the idea.
Did you notice the sampler in the background?  I am slowly working on the upper case alphabet on this one.


You might be getting tired of hearing this, but I went to a couple antique/junk shops again.  *sneaky grins*

Here is my latest haul:

I love the plate!  It has already found a place on my kitchen wall with the others.  I also found a couple Blue Willow grill plates.  I want to put old thread spools or buttons in the jar.  I'll bet you can't guess what I want to do with those two small crocks, can ya?  

That's it for tonight friends.  Thank you for visiting with me and I appreciate all your comments so very much!

My next post will have a bit of cuteness included.  It's been far too long since I last gushed over my grandbabies!  

~~Peggy Lee

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good morning friends.   And a big welcome to my new followers!  My blog has really grown over the past few months and I'm grateful to each of you who are following.

I went peddler's mall shopping yesterday.  Yep that's right...AGAIN!  I guess something inside my head says "go while you can because soon you'll be in N.J. working and won't see the light of day for a while".  So go I must!

I have pin cushion fever!  I am looking at everything now wondering if it would make a good pin cushion.
The cup is so old that the silver has worn away, leaving the copper exposed underneath.

I love the detail on the this cup....


The lace is a bugger to iron but isn't it beautiful?


The weekend was filled with stitching and crafting.  I don't have a picture of the stitching part though.  It seems the more I stitch, the more I rip.  I'm not nearly as upset as I should be though.  Maybe it's because I'm stitching on the Ten Commandments??  I had to rip an entire row out but now I'm almost done with the words and can concentrate on the border.

Here's the crafting part of the weekend....

 I saw somewhere on line (probably Pinterest) about how to weave a basket out of brown paper bags.  I thought that looked easy enough so I tried it.  I can confidently say I won't try it again.  Once I get this one finished it will be the first and last one I make.

I also made a tomato pin cushion.  I know...another pin cushion!  What has gotten in to me?
I used some red wool that came from a sweater I found at the thrift store and also some that Shirlee sent me some time ago.  I used plain old string to make the sections. I stuffed the bottom with crushed walnut shells to give it some weight and fiber fill on top.  I haven't sewn the top on yet.


I am starting to feel the end of March creeping up on me.  I need to start gathering what we will need to pack for the outage this Spring.  I am always worried that when we get there I will have forgotten something. I have to pack enough clothes for work and also "civilian" clothes for when we visit family while up north.  It's all those little things that make living in a hotel for so long easier that I really don't want to forget.

Thank you all for the kind comments you have left.  I am so glad you all found the links provided in my last post helpful.  Now I expect to see lots of pin cushion creating out there!  :o)

Looks like we might get snow here in southern Kentucky!  I'm not all that excited about it but I know some will be pleased.

Thanks for dropping by!
~~Peggy Lee

Friday, March 1, 2013

I Never Imagined...

...that you all would be so interested in what it takes to make a pin cushion out of a cup!  
I want to first thank you all so much  {{BIG HUGS}}  for leaving so many kind words in your comments. 
This has been one of those times that I haven't gotten to reply to as many as I'd like.  

Making a pin cushion from a cup isn't difficult at all, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it!  


I'll do what I should have done when I first posted about making these cute little things.  I will direct you to the blog where I got the idea.  If you don't follow her blog, you really should.  Pamela's tutorials are excellent.  Some of them are videos and some are picture by picture instructions.  They are very easy to follow and besides all that...she's a sweet girl!  Her blog is   Our Pioneer Homestead.
Clicking on that link will take you directly to her tutorial.  You had better pack a lunch my friend because once you get to her blog your tummy will want to be fed before you can tear yourself away from your PC!  
If you end up making a cup pincushion please let me know so I don't miss it on your blog.  I'd love to see it!


During this past week I received some threads in the mail I had ordered on Ebay.  

The angels off to the side were a flea market find from this past Sunday.  You should have seen their grubby little faces before I gave them a good scrubbing with an old toothbrush.  
Where was I? 
Oh yes, the threads.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with Theresa.  She is a very talented designer who also sells things through her needlework shop on Ebay.  
Here is her blog:  Shakespear's Peddler.  
You can look her up on Ebay as well if you search for her as Theresa_venette.  
These TGA threads were a very good deal.  There are a few bundles of them left so you better go get them before they are all gone.  They are limited edition and won't be around for long. 


I've been working on a sampler that was in my WIP box recently.  Yes I know, I am so close to finishing the Saxon sampler that I should stick with that one and get it done but I'm also close to finishing this one too!
OH what to do....

La D Da
I had wanted to finish the border before the words.  I like to get that agony over with as I am not a lover of border stitching, but I was making little mistakes that would take the vines too close to the words.  Sometimes the vine touches the words and that is how it's supposed to be but sometimes I made them touch when they weren't charted that way.  So...I figured I'd stitch all the words and THEN the border.  It will be easier to fudge a little on the length of a vine than to change the placement of the letters.  I think that would be less noticeable, don't you?  Wish me luck!  ☺


That's it for today.  Here I sit in my housecoat this morning and I can already smell dinner!  Masterchief soaked some beans overnight and has started them cooking.  I managed to get out to the kitchen before he added the ham to the whole pot.  Since I prefer not to eat meat I scooped some out just for me.  Mmmm-Mmmm...a little bouillon and some onion and I'm in protein heaven!  

Hope your weekend is crossed with many stitches.  
♥  Thank you for visiting with me  ♥

~~Peggy Lee