Sunday, February 10, 2013

ORT Report...I almost forgot!

Happy Sunday evening friends.  I had completely forgotten that this was ORT report day until I saw someone else had posted a picture of her ORT jar.  I almost let the day get away but here I am, reporting for duty!

It's amazing how those threads accumulate when I make an effort to save each little piece!  I have been working on a few other things than just my sampler so that really put a hefty contribution toward the jar.  I throw everything in there.  There are lots of DMC papers this time and also threads from the edges of my linen.  I will smash this down in to my bigger jar...or...should I start a new jar to only collect the threads from 2013?  This is my first time taking part in this fun so maybe you could help me out here.

The one thing I meant to take a picture of an forgot was my sampler progress.  Oh well, that will give me an excuse to post in the next day or two.  I have cleaned out my spare room again.  It won't look this way for very long so this time I took pictures.  I can now prove that it does look neat and tidy on occasion.  I will post the dreaded before and after pics of that too.

That's it from me today.  Short and sweet.

Thanks for stopping by.

~hugs ♥
~~Peggy Lee


Catherine said...

Collect your orts however you wish ~ that is the fun of it ~ no stress!! I keep adding to the same jar all year ~ I gave combined the last two years worth in one of my bigger Ball jars ~ and I know you might have one of of those around somewhere! Hehehe..... At some point in the spring, I will spread the threads throughout the gardens for the bird to use in their nests.
Love how you used the scrabble tiles!! Very creative!

AnaCristina said...

Here is my February TUSAL. This month's ORTs include lots from my christmas ornaments 2013.

Cindy said...

Hello. Always enjoy your posts. See you soon in blog land

marly said...

Anxious to see the photos and your sampler.

Chris said...

Lovely orts. It looks like you have been busy this month.
I love the scrabble tiles.