Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thank You!

Hello friends!
Just a quick post to thank the five people who signed up for the PIF 
acts of kindness.  


I think four of you have posted about it on your blogs.  THANK YOU!!  

If you all would send me your addresses  (yes, even if you know I already have it.) 
This way I will have them all in one spot. I am so very unorganized! 
You  may also want to include a little information about yourself.
~What you like or don't like
~favorite colors
~tea or coffee
~sweet or salty
~if you collect anything

Anything you could tell me would help me choose something just for YOU!


I also want to remind you of the Grow Your Own Blog party coming up on January 19th. 
Please go to this post HERE to find out more about it. It should be so much fun! 

Thanks for stopping by!

~~Peggy Lee