Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creative Pay It Forward

I have decided to take part in Mary's "Creative Pay It Forward" she has posted on her blog, Colorado Stitcher.  I saw it on FB as well and thought it would be a great idea.

 The first five of my friends to comment will receive a random gift from me sometime during the year...maybe something handcrafted, maybe a book, baked goodies, a surprise! Your gift will arrive whenever the mood strikes me without warning. Here's the only requirement: You have to post this on your blog as well and commit do doing the same for five of your friends. Please email me with your address if I don't already have it.

The first five people who leave a comment saying you are interested in joining me and who also posts about it on their blog will get a random gift me from me sometime during the year. 

Please join me in spreading a little kindness!

~~Peggy Lee


P.J. said...

Oh I love this idea. I was just thinking of how I could do a give away outside of my blogaversary! I will do this even if I am not chosen. :-)

Natasha said...

I am up for this, I like the idea that it does not have to include something stitched
:) Becasue I am the worlds slowest stitcher and this way I can get things out faster :) So sign me up.

Vickie said...

Well Peg, since you and I commit at about the same level, I too will join you in this. Sounds like fun. =)

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Peggy, I would love to do this along with you. What fun and a great way to surprise someone with a special treat when they least expect it.

Panduh and Yoko said...
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Panduh and Yoko said...
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