Monday, December 10, 2012

Looking for a Shop....

Hey Friends!  A very chilly "HELLO" from Ann Arbor Michigan.  I was called last Monday morning while shopping in Walmart to come to Michigan and start work the next day.  It was a 7 hour drive for me.  Not so bad.  We are working at the Ford Nuclear Research Center on the North campus of the University of Michigan.  They removed their reactor in 2007 and we are here to conduct the final status survey.  In other words....we are making sure they got all the bad stuff out of there.  For the most part they did.  We found two spots but they are minor.  

It's absolutely FREEZING in this building and no matter how many layers I wear I can't seem to keep warm.  

Well....I was going to put a few pictures here but the darn thing says I'm out of space.  I don't have time to mess with it now so I suppose this post will go "naked".  

Now for what I really wanted to post about.......

It is possible this job will be over for us on Wednesday or Thursday.  When I travel for work I like to look up a shop to visit.  Does anyone know of a stitchy shop near Ann Arbor, MI?  We will be traveling east on 80 to go back to PA so that means we will also be going through a bit of Ohio.  Maybe around Toledo.  I know I could try to look them up but I thought I would send the word out on here and see if anyone could suggest a shop before I go digging.  

Must get to bed now.  I know it's only 7:20pm but we get up pretty early and this job is a real brain drain!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  Oh...and a big (((hug))) to everyone who sent well wishes and congratulations for the birth of my grand daughter.  Thank you so much!

Thanks for stopping in.  Hopefully my next post will be from Kentucky.  I can't wait to get there!

~~Peggy Lee


Jules said...

In Stitches in Jackson, MI (about an hour west of Ann Arbor and I strongly recommend this shop)

The Rocking Horse in Farmington Hills, MI

Stitches & Things in Fenton, MI (about 40 mins from Ann Arbor)

I included the websites so you can get their addresses. Fenton is probably the closest to where you are.

Deb said...

Peggy - There is a stitching shop in Farmington, Michigan which is a little bit east of Ann Arbor - maybe a half hour. It's called The Rocking Horse and you will love the store. It's just walls and walls of framed pieces. They do carry samplers, but I'm not sure about linen.

You would take M-14 to I-275 and then will see an exit for Grand River Avenue. Get off there and travel east on Grand River. Better yet, just Google the Rocking Horse and get directions that way. I come from the north so I could be a little bit off. If you go, be ready to feast your eyes. In fact I think that I posted a picture of it on my blog last year. The only other stitching shop I know of would be going quite a bit north. Maybe someone will post something about shops in Ohio. Have fun if you go!

Barb said...

If you are going through Cincinnati let me know. There is a great shop near there. Hope you get home soon.

Nicola said...

Living in the UK I cannot help you with the store.

So many of us have had the out of space message recently. I have upgraded but if you resize your photos to a smaller resolution Google do not count them in your free allocation of space.

DJ of Tickled Pink has posted a good tutorial of how to do this on her blog.

Chris said...

Stay warm and I hope that you find a wonderful shop!

LoriU said...

Near Toledo you can stop by Clares Stitching Post in Vermilion. Vermilion is a cute little town too!

LoriU said...

Also if you head a little south go to Crafty Ewe in Broadview Heights Ohio.

Lee said...

If you're on I80 and detour a bit to go through Cleveland, there are three nice shops there. My favorite is a small shop in the lake town of Vermillion Ohio, called Clare's Stitching Post. Next would be Crafty Ewe and Framing Too in Boardman, then Just Stitching in Strongsville. A new shop has just opened up in Boardman Ohio, outside of Youngstown, but I don't know its details.

Have fun!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Depending on what direction you go in Ohio I can suggest a couple. If you are going to be in the Cleveland area I've visited The Crafty Ewe and it's a good one. If you are going to be in Columbus there's Cross My Heart Then there's the LNS in Cincinnati too, Keepsakes