Thursday, November 8, 2012

MORE Jars and Other Treasures...

How many of you sit with your fingers poised over the keyboard trying to think of a title for your blog posts?    Come on now, be honest!  I usually give up and start the post and try to think of a title later.  Which is what I've done just now.  Maybe by the time I'm done putting this together I will have thought of one.


First let me thank you all for leaving welcome home comments on my previous post.  Your thoughtful wishes warm my heart!  I have not replied to comments as I usually try to do this time for a couple of reasons.  1. I just turned off the word verification thingy and while I've figured out how to get your comments posted I am still working on replying to them from my email where they all show duplicate! A bunch of you are no-reply as well.  I hope you don't think I'm ignoring you when I can't reply to you.  2.  There are so many of you who entered my giveaway I would be replying for days!  Please know that if you expressed that you wanted to enter the are entered!  


We have been home for one week today and if you were to look at my house you'd think we just moved in! I have stuff everywhere.  Right now the 'over the range microwave' is in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Apparently it blew it's fuse and Masterchief is in repair mode.  

In my last post I said I would include more pictures on the next post of a few things we picked up here and there.  So let the uploading begin............

These jars only represent the enormous numbers of them all about the house.  I cannot begin to count how many we he won from Ebay or picked up along our travels recently.  When we arrived home and began to unpack I found jars slowly invading my kitchen.  On the table, here and there on the counters...I couldn't function in my own kitchen!  I went to the back room and grabbed one of my old enamel trays for a temporary home.  Ya hear that Sweetness?  Temporary.  :-)  ♥

Here's something else Masterchief picked up for himself.  And when I say himself, I really mean HIMSELF! I'm not going near this thing!

The Judge


We picked up our mail, excuse me.....our LOAD of mail on our way home and I found a couple surprises!  I was so excited I couldn't wait until we got home to open them.  The car was packed so tight, the only room for the mail was on my lap.  So there I was with boxes and flyers and envelopes up to my eyeballs.  In fact that's all anyone could see if they passed us....a set of eyeballs peeking over the edge of a USPS box full of mail.  

Bekca has been so generously gifting someone every month for their birthday and I was lucky enough to be chosen for August!  

In the envelope were these wonderful treasures.....a little bar of luscious smelling soap and a post card both from when she went on a trip to France.  Some threads, ric-rac and ribbon with the cutest little soldiers on it. I am certain the button tin will be home to a few stitchy related items. 

And from Shirlee.....

Just look at this lovely assortment of wool!  When I opened the package I squealed so loudly Masterchief almost went off the road!  Shirlee took the time to go through her stash of wool and sent some to me.  I can't wait to use it in finishing some things.  At the rate I'm going though that might be a while.  

Thanks so much ladies!  It's true...stitchy friends are THE BESTEST!!!  

Also during the month of August I won a giveaway offered by Shirlee.  It was a $25 gift certificate to my favorite OLS, 123 Stitch.  The entire time I was away working I was thinking of what I would order with it.  It seems my wish list gets longer each time I look at it.  How does that happen?  I added a couple bucks to the total and here's what I ordered...

How Great Thou Art
My Big Toe
 I stitched Great Is Thy Faithfulness in the Spring also by MBT.  These are lovely hymns!

Books of the Bible
My Big Toe
 I knew immediately when I saw this one that it was a MUST for my stash basket.  I don't know when I will start it but some day it will adorn my wall.

Tabithy Eaton Pin Pillow
Beehive Needleworks
This one is so cute, don't you think?  I also ordered two Belle Soie silks to use on Books of the Bible. 
Thanks again Shirlee!  You have been a doll in helping me to enhance my stash.  I will never be able to stitch all I have in one lifetime but since when does that stop us, right?


It's time for me to fess up.  I might like a jar or two every now and then.  I found a few Barbasol jars to add to my collection.


We got rid of these.....

......and picked up these......

The one on the left is mine in case you didn't know by seeing the ott light next to it.  I see many naps in our futures with these comfortable babies!  The couch and chair are still listed on Craigslist.  We hope to sell them soon, they are taking up space in our garage right now. 

Masterchief just got back from picking up a new fuse for the microwave.  He said he went up to the salesman and asked him if he had those kind of fuses and he replied..."are you sure it's blow'd?"  

Ah yes, it's good to be home.

There's something wrong with this picture...can you see it?

We have been home for a week now and haven't changed our calendar to November yet.  It was August when we left for work!

Don't forget to enter my Welcome Home giveaway on the previous post.  It ends Saturday night.
Welcome to all my new followers!  ~hugs~

Thanks for stopping by...

~~Peggy Lee


Barb said...

Your home looks to be full of treasurers!!Love all the jars!

capecodgirl565 said...

I know how scary a gun can be, but the way to stay the safest is to learn how to properly use it. Not only is it always good to have firearm training to defend yourself or family, but knowing how to handle a gun keeps you much safer as well. Good luck and enjoy your blog!

Carmen Sutton said...

Danny says to tell masterchief to hold on tight to that big a.. gun and don't blink. I love all your finds. Is it to late to get entered in your give away. Talk with you soon.

Carmen Sutton said...

Danny says to tell Masterchief to hold on tight to that big a... gun and don't blink. Love all your finds and gifts. Is it to late to be added to your give away? Talk to you soon!

April said...

I just love everything in your post Peggy! Even The Judge!! lol I know you are glad to be home.. Those recliner look real comfortable!! I see naps to in your future! lol Happy stitching with all that new stash!

cucki said...

Beautiful home and lovely jars :)
Hugs xxx

Chris said...

What wonderful things in the mail to come home to. Stitchers are the best.
The new chairs look comfy. I hope hat you are spending lots of time in yours stitching!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Shirlee said...

Wonderful seeing all the photos! I have always loved to shoot so I enjoy seeing a nice gun : ) From what I can see of your home it looks quite lovely ... & those recliners do look comfy : )

Vickie said...

Such fun in the mail! Deep breaths, you'll get it done.

LoriU said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! They are all great!

Will you be coming to Ohio early next year for our outage? DH is being transferred back to the plant in RP so you would work with him (they say he's easy to work for!)


Carol said...

Glad to hear you're settling in at home again and how nice to have all that lovely mail waiting for you. Such nice gifts from Bekca and Shirlee and your new stash is wonderful... I foresee many cozy winter nights sitting in your comfy new chair stitching and stitching, Peggy!!

Berit said...

I want to say, "Welcome Home", but I'm not there...and it isn't my home. How 'bout, "Congrats on welcoming yourselves home."? :)

Great stash, and love those barbasol jars. :o

Your old furniture set is pretty, but the new one seems more compact (and is also probably nice and fresh with un-worn cushioning.) They will be really nice this winter!

Catherine said...

Great catch up post ~ love seeing all of your goodies! Love the new comfy chairs ~ and hey, how did the remotes opened up on the table closest to your chair!?! If any if my men folk are home, I never see the remote!

Kaisievic said...

I would find The Judge scary, too, but then here in Australia very few people have handguns (we have really strict gun laws here - Australia is a real nanny state!).

Love all of your jars and your gifts - really nice!

ginnyt said...

welcome home!!!

Joy said...

Such neat gifties to come home to!! Love the patterns you chose from 123Stitch. MBT has such wonderful designs. You will settle in...don't worry about the calendar!

Suzanne said...

What great gifts you received! I love the jar collection and your new stash is lovely.