Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm A Georgia Peach!

This is my view for a while now.  Some of you might remember back in February when I had this same view for about a month.

When last I left you, I was in New Jersey playing radiation cop to a bunch of fellas who are tearing  a big chunk from the side of a building.  Now I am in Atlanta Georgia working at Georgia Tech.  They are also tearing down a building on campus.  Whenever there is radioactivity involved you can't just turn a wrecking ball loose on a building.  It changes everything!  And that's how I help Masterchief put beans on the table.

Needless to say I have had NO TIME for stitching.  I really miss it.  Adding even further to my woes is the fact that I don't have much time to read your blogs either!  This first week here at Georgia will be 8 hour days...or so I think.  There is rumor that tomorrow we will be there 10 hours.  UGH!!  I do hope that we have this weekend off at least.  We usually have the first weekend off when a job starts but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Thank you all (from the bottom of my pea-pickin' heart) for leaving so many lovely comments on my last post.  As I'm sure you know...it really warms a bloggers heart when we read those comments!

~~~~~~~~~~  I MISS YOU ALL ~~~~~~~~~~

Until next time (whenever that will be) take care of yourselves and thanks for your visit.

~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back in the Nuclear World Again.......

Good Morning everyone!  I hope you are all doing well this holiday weekend.  I'm sure our lake at home will be full of beautiful boats celebrating the last hurrah before packing it up for the summer.  Masterchief and I are NOT there to see them though.  We have been in New Jersey for a week now.  This isn't our usual Fall outage work at the nuclear plant.  We received a call from a company needing a couple HP's to provide radiation protection here in northern Jersey.  The work is very different but the basics are the same: survey all areas and protect people from getting overexposed to radiation. We didn't get much notice for this job so I didn't have time while at home to blog about it.

So this is me for a while...

source checking one of our many instruments
we use to measure
levels of contamination

We are working at a facility that manufactures isotopes for medical use such as chemotherapy.

We probably won't be home until sometime in November.  Our neighbors are keeping a very close eye on our house for us and also will take care of our yard while we are away.

We will be working six days a week here so there won't be any time for blogging.  *boo*
I will be back in the bloggy world when all this is over but until then this girl is MIA!    You won't forget about me, will ya?  I know you all will be on my mind while I'm away.  I wonder what you are stitching and what fun things you are up to!  Please feel free to email me if you want.  I am able to quickly check my email while Masterchief drives us to work in the mornings but there isn't time to answer.  Please email me any time.  Maybe I can try to keep up just a little bit....maybe???

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!
I will be back just as soon as I can.
~Peggy Lee