Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thank You!

Good Morning my friends!

Just a quick post this morning to thank you all so very much
 for the many birthday and anniversary wishes
 for my son and daughter-in-law. 
You all are so kind!

Today marks the last of the August celebrations.  
Yep, that's right.....
I received the customary birthday spankings this morning.....
all 45 of them!
Why must I get the "one to grow on" smackaroo at this age??


We left Friday morning for the 127 yard sales, spent the night in TN 
and headed back the next day. 

A few of my favorites...


I have many more pictures and things to share with you but am short on time this morning.
I want to thank Vickie and Sweet Sue for thinking of me and sending a birthday surprise!

Vickie made this adorable little ladybug pinkeep and the counting pins. It's made with a bottle cap inside!  How cute is that!  

Yesterday I the mail carrier delivered this gorgeous tissue cover from Sweet Sue.
She knows I love the patriotic theme too!

Look at the back.......

I thank you ladies for your sweet, homemade gifts.  I appreciate the time it takes for something like this.
I am so thankful for your friendship.


Well if I don't go get my exercise duds on right NOW I will be tempted to give in
and not do it today.  

Thanks for your visit today. 

And thank you for your sweet comments....I love receiving them!

~~Peggy Lee


Cath said...

Happy Birthday to you , hope you have a great time .
Fab stash haul .XXX

Sweet Sue said...

Lovely haul you have there! Happy Stitchy Bday dear friend, treat yourself to something special and enjoy:)

Vickie said...

Hooray! Hooray! It's your special day! Happy Birthday Peggy! :) I especially like the wooden boxes.

Shirlee said...

Did I miss the post about your birthday? I must have ... or this old brain of mine is just totally gone. I wish you a very happy belated one : ) Great finds at the 127 : )

Gabi said...

Happy birthday. Hope you will have a fantastic day. :)
Gorgeous gifts. Love all of them.

Solstitches said...

Happy belated birthday to you! It sounds as though there have been a lot of family celebrations.
What lovely treasures you found at the yard salle.

Vicki said...

Have a terrific Birthday! Wow. You scored some great stuff at the yard sales. Congrats!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Well I'll be tipp'n,,, Happy Birthday Peg, and if I'da known it was your Birthday I'da baked a cake and poured some bubbly,,,hey wait I still can. Only one catch,,,,, it's way up in Ontario and well, use your imagination girl.
Many Happy Returns my friend.
As always

cucki said...

a very happy birthday to you..
have a lovely time xx

marly said...

Happy Birthday to you! 45? You're just a baby! You snagged some nice items at the sales and received some lovely gifts! Enjoy your special day.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday, Peggy! I hope you have a great day filled with good things. Love the haul you brought back from the yard sale too! You've got some sweet gifts already too. Hugs!

marly said...

I used to be good at riddles! Correction to Miss Peggy, ahem, 44!

Deborah said...

Happy Birthday to you! Great finds at the yard sales.

Loraine said...

Have a wonderful birthday! I am impressed that you are exercising. Good for you! You will live a long time, thanks to good habits. :)
Love, love, love all of your garage sale finds. Good grief I need to come to your neck of the woods. We would only find such lovely things in overpriced antique stores.
Have a great one!

Daffycat said...

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! It looks like you received some very sweet things! I really like your garage sale finds too.

Mouse said...

ohhh wow I missed your birthday :(
hope you had a fab time and got lots of goodies ....
your finds look brill , love those boxes and shoe forms :0
take care and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx

Barb said...

Have a wonderful Birthday!!!!What neat things form the sales!

P.J. said...

My kind of gal. Love the yard sale stash! Happy B day!

Jan said...

Happy Birthday, dear one!! I hope that your day (and your week) has been (and will) be just as special as you are!!

Loved looking at your loot from the trip, fun, fun stuff I see!!!

Consider yourself birthday hugged {{{MPL}}}!!!

Penny said...

Happy birthday!!! Yikes, I'm glad we don't do the birthday spankings in my house. :D Nice yard sale goodies and some lovely birthday gifts too!

Chris said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
Lovely new treasures from the yard sales and your stitching friends.

Maggee said...

How did I miss knowing your birthday was coming? Hope it was happy... can kind of tell it was, getting all those fabulous finds! Hugs!

Carol said...

Hope your birthday was a special one, Peggy--45 sounds very young to me :)

I'll bet you had a grand time searching for treasures at the yard sales--looks like you came home with some goodies. I just love those old doilies and recipe boxes.

Lovely gifts from Vickie and Sue--enjoy!!

Catherine said...

I'll wish you a Happy Birthday again! Lol on the spankings!
Love all of your finds and what sweet goodies you received!

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Peggy Lee! Love all the goodies you received and discovered! Hope you enjoyed your special day!

dixiesamplar said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEGGY LEE...hope it was extra special!

Friendship Crossing said...

I just now saw this post and have to tell you that my b'day is Aug. 7th too!! Isn't that yours as well, if I read this post correctly?? How cool is that?? same b'days, both stitchers and both live in KY!!! LOL

Happy belated b'day!!

Patti said...

Happy Belated Birthday! My Bday is 8/7 as well! So fun!
Love all your treasures!
Blessings, Patti