Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hello dear patient friends...

I need to continuously remind myself of the first button on the sidebar of this-here blog.  I know I can be hard on myself for not blogging as often as I want to, or think I should.  What I really don't like is when I don't have enough time to visit your blogs!

We have been busy here since returning home from the Tree Of Life Samplings retreat in Indiana.  Masterchief's son came to visit and stayed with us for a few days.  This was a very special treat because they haven't seen each other for nearly ten years and this was the first time for me to meet him.

  I got a bit of stitching done while he was here though as I tried to allow the two of them time together to catch up.  

I started Land Of The Free, designed by Kimberly Meuller.  

I am using all the recommended threads but I didn't have the exact linen on hand so I'm using something very close to it, 36 count Mineral Ice from Sassy's Fabbys.  The houses will take some time to finish but I am really enjoying it so far. 

I have so many pictures to put on this post.  I will just put a brief description on them to try and keep it short and sweet......

Pinkeep, scissor fob and needle book all designed by Jan from Tree of Life Samplings for the retreat
Finding treasures in a grab bag I purchased

Guess how many buttons?

I asked Masterchief's opinion and he helped me guess the closest number. I won a Vera Bradley bag!

Trimmings and threads from my retreat projects. Yes, I cleaned up my mess when I finished.

Mary shows us her WIP.  She stitches so beautifully!  

Jan is counting how many turtles I devoured that night. Well I can't be in my jammies without a little chocolate!

TOLS retreat gang

Me with Jan Alexander, (Tree Of Life Samplings)

Me and Megan, Jan's daughter

Candace and Wendy. We were really working this frame thing!

Masterchief helps Jan date one of her jars. She is a collector of Ball jars too!

Jan and I look through some of the magazines and charts I bought at her shop

I am so glad my Masterchief went along for this retreat.  He not only did ALL of the driving but was a wonderful photographer for us!  Thanks Honey!!  
A big thank you to Jan for having this retreat.  It was my first one ever and I had a blast!  I sat between Jan and her daughter Megan and it was just as if we were family. Love you girls!!


While in Indiana, Masterchief and I found an antique mall and came away with a few goodies.

Cast iron Mr. Peanut bank

Old dress patterns that will look great in my stash cupboard

A pretty champagne glass (even though I don't like champagne, I still had to have it!)

An adorable tea cup. I love the decoration around the inside rim

A few more blue willow plates and a small bowl to add to my collection


WHEW!!   I think this has to be right up there among the longest posts for me!  We took so many pictures. I tried to choose the best ones.  If there are any that the retreat girls think I might have that you want, please email me and I'll do my best to find it. 

If you stuck it out till the end of this post you deserve a reward!  I picked up a few things while at the retreat to offer in a giveaway.  If you are interested in a few patterns etc...to add to your stash, leave a comment on this post only telling me so, (if you don't tell me you want to be entered in the giveaway I will assume you aren't interested.)  I am not exactly sure when I will draw a name though.  There are a few irons just waiting to be thrown in the fire here and I don't want to pin down a date if I don't think I can stick to it.  I will just say it might be one week....or it might be two.  OOhhhhh....I love a mystery, don't you? 

Thank you BIG BUNCHES for visiting my blog today!  I appreciate your sweet comments too.

~~Peggy Lee


wranglerkate said...

Hi Peggy Lee -
Great photos! Thanks for sharing all of your stitching fun with us! And yes, please enter me in your drawing. Have a happy 4th - Kate (kcarr@schwabe.com)

Cindy said...

Great pics. Glad you enjoyed the retreat. I would love to be entered into your drawing. Happy 4th. Cindy Cynthia.earnhardt@gmail.com

Mouse said...

well I made it to the end ...lol soooo please pop my name into the hat for your goodies :)
fantastic photos of you at the retreat .... just love the one with the jammies and jan's expression heheheheh :)
gorgeous stitching and finds too ....
catching up with every one slowly ... love mouse xxxx

CalamityJr said...

Ooh, I'd love to pretend I was at the retreat and could choose the patterns you bought to share. Please count me in!

Vicki said...

It looks like you had so much fun at the retreat. I've never been to one, but I'd love to go. I do have mini-retreat with my DD and DIL and they are quite fun. I would like to be entered in your giveaway, thank you. Also want to comment on the Mr. Peanut bank - very cool! He's definitely a treasure. Happy Independence Day...

Pamela said...

You look like you had a great time at the retreat! I wish I lived closer, I would love to go to TOLS retreat. Thanks for sharing all the great photos. Your stitching looks beautiful.

Please count me into your giveaway!

Daffycat said...

I think that's one of the nice things about Internet friends, when one is too busy with life to post there are others to keep you engaged.

Real life friends tend to get offended! =P

Stash? Did you say you were giving away a bit of stash? I'm down with that! Enter me, please!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh what fun! I feel like I was right there with you too. Congrats on your win too! I'd love to have my name thrown in the draw. I'll cross my fingers. :o)

Parsley said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN! I'm envious!

Dirty Martini Queen said...

What a great trip you guys had! And such great smiles from handsome men in your life.

Vickie said...

How great for your husband, you and his son! Glad you had a great time. Just like the other Vicki above, I have never been to a retreat. Please enter my name in, but I am the Vickie with an E on the end! :)

Margaret said...

Sounds like you had a great retreat. Thanks to the Masterchief for his photographs

Cath said...

Greatpics , looks like you had lotsof fun .
Please enter me for your giveaway , thanks .X

marly said...

Looks like a great time. And it included turtles! What more could you ask for?

Lisa V said...

Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time away. And how wonderful that you also got to share it with Masterchief.
I would love to be entered in your draw please.
Many thanks

Karen said...

There is nothing like stitching with a big group of stitchers! Sounds like you had a great time... love your finished pieces too. Beautiful!

happy stitching....I love your new project. Will have to check that one out...

Maggee said...

These kind of posts are the best! I am just reading tonight, and hopefully getting up early tomorrow morning, before I start cooking and cleaning, and post on my blog too! Have been taking pictures, just tired after dinner and don't want to mess up! Love all the retreat pictures! I love retreats of ANY kind! Been to a few and they just refresh my soul! Meet new peeps, share things--whether it is my stash or my heart, they are so fun! Please enter me in your giveaway! I will be working on one this month too, so pop in later... Thanks to Masterchief for taking pics! Hugs!

P.J. said...

Wow, what a wonderful week for Masterchief and son to have the chance to catch up! Love your Land of the Free progress, can't wait to see. Glad you had a blast at retreat. Your MAN is awesome going along!

Have a HAPPY Indepedence Day!

ginnyt said...

I love visiting your blog!!! loved your pics of the retreat; Please enter me in your give away; Thanks!!!

Deborah said...

Great post! Great pictures! Good looking son. It's great that they connected. The retreat looked like a lot of fun. Thanks for having a giveaway. I would love to be entered.

Karin said...

Hi Peggy Lee! It was great meeting you and Masterchief at the retreat!

Debbie said...

Hi Peggy Lee! I LOVE retreats too! There is just nothing like being with other crazy stitchers.

Please enter me in your drawing! What fun!

Debbie in Kansas

Thoeria said...

Supre photos - you're right - so much to see :D But what lovelies! Your retreat stitch is a right treat and I love your antique finds! My MIL had a blue willow dinner set many many years ago - wonder whatever happened to it... And does Masterchief get to keep the bag since he helped guess :D ?
And yes please can I be entered into your giveaway! :)

Chris said...

Wow, it looks like you guys have been having some great fun!
It is great to catch up with family.
The retreat looks like it was amazing and you came home with some wonderful things. The project looks great.
I also love your new start.
Happy 4th!!

Shirlee said...

Wonderful photos Peggy Lee! I really felt like I was at the retreat too! (Wish I was!!!) Masterchief is sweet to go with you & help like he did : ) You found some great things at the antique mall! Please do enter me in your giveaway : )

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Gorgeous blog post, Peggy Lee. So fun meeting you at the TOLS retreat.

Sweet Sue said...

Hopefully this has been the first of more retreats in your future, congrats on your lovely finished accessories, beautiful! Glad you had a good time and good company, you're kind to share your pics with us. Great that you finally met your BIL. Happy 4th!

Jennifer said...

Oh how I would LOVE an event to go to like this! looks like so much fun.

You did good girl on the button count!

Count me in if you remember me.......
Feathers in the NEst

Carol R said...

Great post - I enjoyed your pictures of the retreat and the goodies you found at the antiques mall!
Please enter me into your giveaway!

Carol said...

Great to catch up with you, Peggy Lee--I love all the retreat photos and what a great bag you won! I am so bad at those "guess the number" competitions--good for you and Mastercheif!!

How nice that your husband go to see his son and you finally met him! Hope the time isn't so long between visits from now on :)

I'm not a champagne drinker either, but that is one gorgeous glass and I love the blue and white goodies :)

Of course, I would LOVE to enter your giveaway--mysteries are always fun and I'm sure yours will have a happy ending for one lucky stitcher!

SharoninStLouis said...

Hi -- Sounds as if your retreat was fabulous. I love her designs, and would be thrilled to be entered in your drawing for some additioanl Stash!. Really love your Mr. Peanut find!

Paula said...

Peggy Lee, I am a follower of your blog and always enjoy reading your posts. I would love to be entered in the giveaway.
Have a great day.

Mary in TN said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging. I missed you while you were working.

Please add my name to the giveaway!!

Catherine said...

Have you had a chance to breathe yet?!? Love your stitchy projects and all those goodies you found! Sure wish I could have been at the retreat with you ~ looks like you all had a blast! Hugs!

Suzanne said...

Great photos of the retreat, it looks like it was a lot of fun. Love the house you are stitching.

Please enter me into your draw, it's been a long time since I entered a draw.