Monday, July 30, 2012

Time For A Walk

Good Monday morning friends!

I do hope you all have a wonderful week.  The humidity is to be lower here.  I am very grateful for that!

Went for a walk this morning around the "loop" as I call it.  It has a few steep inclines and it's a beautiful trek through nature.  I try to avoid the spider webs hanging from the trees and the raccoon droppings along the way.  EEwwwww....

No dogs this morning but I did not go without a walking partner.

He was cute to be sure, but he couldn't keep up.  

My internet was restored Saturday night!  Can I get an AMEN up in here?!?  In fact, our upload speed is even faster than it was before.  While I don't like how reliant I've become on this newfangled thing, I am happy it's back.  I really missed browsing your OHhhh.....Pinerest!!  Don't get me started!!

I've been working on the Saxon Sampler from an old JCS but I don't have any pictures to prove it.  I'll be sure to snap one or two in the next couple days to share with you. 

Thanks so very much for stopping by and I truly do appreciate every single comment you take the time to leave for me.  My blogging buddies are the awesomest!!

Till next post......take care of yourselves.

~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Internet Woes...

I am experiencing blog withdrawal!  Our internet has been iffy for about a week now.  It has reminded me of when we had dial-up years ago.  Well I tell you, I REALLY DON'T have the patience to sit and wait for a page to load!  It still isn't back 100% but at least I am able to read some of your blogs and comment on a few.  I wonder why it lets me comment on some blogs, and not on others?  I will never begin to understand this stuff.   I only know it's a pain when it isn't functioning properly.

I will slowly catch up when this is fixed.  Until then it will be hit and miss I suppose.

I wanted to share this little project with you.  While Masterchief was in LA I did some shopping at some Peddler's malls and antique stores.  I found a recipe box that I would have passed up in a heartbeat but this one called out to me.  I am still kicking myself for not taking a "before" picture but I found this one on the net somewhere that is very similar to what mine looked like....add years and years worth of kitchen grease and grime to it though....


The one I bought had a very much 80's theme to it.  A house, hearts, geese holding ribbons in their beaks, checkerboard border.  You get the idea.

I had a vision so I went for it.....


  What you can't see here is the second AFTER pic of the inside.  I have been working on this post since 8am.  For some reason blogger shows that I have posted but when you go to open this post up...IT CANNOT BE FOUND!!    I never intended on posting this yet.  I really wasn't done.  

Anyway...I don't even know if this will post but I do know that the storms last week has really put a kink in my blogging.

Hopefully all will be fixed soon.  I really miss reading your blogs!

~~Peggy Lee

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm a Lucky Girl!

Oh my goodness do I have something to share with you!  You know that little squeal that hits the back of your throat when you realize your name has been picked for giveaway winnings?  Well that was ME and on Saturday my mail carrier sat in her car out at my mailbox honking her horn. I know what that means so I scurried down the driveway to fetch my mail.  I must have been grinning like the Cheshire cat.  She politely grinned at me and wished me a nice day.   :o)

Terri had a giveaway on her blog, Dixiesamplar.    I was chosen for her surprise blogaversary giveaway.  I tell ya I couldn't believe all the things she was able to pack in to that box.  I just kept pulling stuff out!  Well I won't keep you guessing.  Here are the pics of Terri's MOST generous gifts.

Beautiful stationery, threads, ribbons, needles, buttons....
well you'll just have to open the picture up big to see all
the gorgeous goodies. (The chocolate didn't last long.)

A completed sampler! I was gasping for air at this point. 

Terri didn't stitch this one and we don't know who Carol is
but isn't this beautiful?

Caramel Pecan 28 count evenweave.
Mocha Creme 32 count linen.
(and those beautiful threads again)

That's just the beginning of it my friends.  Take a look at these charts.......

I was completely bowled over with this awesome bundle of goodies.  I immediately took a picture of everything and sent them to Masterchief who is in California until Saturday.  Just wait till he gets home and is able to see the real deal!  Pictures just can't do it justice.  

A HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to Terri for putting so much thought and kindness in to this giveaway.  I can't thank you enough!  Have you ever tried to write an email when you are completely speechless?  

I am truly blessed to have found a this blogging world where I have met some of the most generous, kindhearted folks around!  

I feel a new WIP about to be born!

Ever So Thankful,
~~Peggy Lee ♥

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Treasures...and a WINNER!!

Good morning friends!  Well look at that....I only have ten minutes of morning left to this Wednesday.  Where does the time go?

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post.  I usually try to respond to them but I have been distracted a bit.

Masterchief left for Los Angeles early Sunday morning for a job.  He won't be gone long though, long enough for me to get a few things done around here.  You see, painting isn't one of his favorite things to do so when he is called away and I stay home, I usually find something to paint.  This time it was the office.

The color is called Tender Twig.  When I first started to paint I thought I wouldn't like it but I really do!

I went to a different Peddler's Mall near here on Monday and found a few more treasures...

An old Barbasol jar, 8 little bottles and 4 Blue Willow soup bowls.   I bought the buttons separately.  I have soup bowls that go with my set already but these are different in that they have a wide rim and a narrow bowl.

I have been working on a few WIPs in my basket.  I have to keep myself from getting discouraged about progress made.  It's hard to see lots of headway made when I'm working on more than one piece.

Saxon Sampler from the 1989 June/July issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

I stitched this once before and liked it so much I'm doing it again!

Ten Commandments by La D Da.
I messed up the border on this one before and had to rip it out
and start over again.  I now cross each X with a small prayer
that it will meet this time.

I'm almost finished with the house on Land of the Free
by Willow Hill Samplings

Well it is now afternoon, the sun is shining and I want to be out in it.  But before I go soak in some rays I need to announce the winner of some stitchy stash, don't I?  Oh you've been so patient.

There were 24 of you who asked to be entered in the drawing so I wrote your names down, folded them up and put them in a bowl.......

Since Masterchief isn't here to help me I did the honors..........

Vickie with an E from A Stitcher's Story is the winner!  YAY!!  After picking her name from the bowl I went to her blog for a visit.  I am ashamed to say I found that I was not a follower.  Well I am now!  She has a great blog so pop on over if you haven't already.  I will put together a few goodies and send them off soon.  Vickie please email me with your mailing address!

Thank you all for entering my giveaway and reading this here little blog.  I appreciate you all so much!

Now to get out in that sunshine!  I feel like I am in low supply of vitamin D today.

~~Peggy Lee

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hello dear patient friends...

I need to continuously remind myself of the first button on the sidebar of this-here blog.  I know I can be hard on myself for not blogging as often as I want to, or think I should.  What I really don't like is when I don't have enough time to visit your blogs!

We have been busy here since returning home from the Tree Of Life Samplings retreat in Indiana.  Masterchief's son came to visit and stayed with us for a few days.  This was a very special treat because they haven't seen each other for nearly ten years and this was the first time for me to meet him.

  I got a bit of stitching done while he was here though as I tried to allow the two of them time together to catch up.  

I started Land Of The Free, designed by Kimberly Meuller.  

I am using all the recommended threads but I didn't have the exact linen on hand so I'm using something very close to it, 36 count Mineral Ice from Sassy's Fabbys.  The houses will take some time to finish but I am really enjoying it so far. 

I have so many pictures to put on this post.  I will just put a brief description on them to try and keep it short and sweet......

Pinkeep, scissor fob and needle book all designed by Jan from Tree of Life Samplings for the retreat
Finding treasures in a grab bag I purchased

Guess how many buttons?

I asked Masterchief's opinion and he helped me guess the closest number. I won a Vera Bradley bag!

Trimmings and threads from my retreat projects. Yes, I cleaned up my mess when I finished.

Mary shows us her WIP.  She stitches so beautifully!  

Jan is counting how many turtles I devoured that night. Well I can't be in my jammies without a little chocolate!

TOLS retreat gang

Me with Jan Alexander, (Tree Of Life Samplings)

Me and Megan, Jan's daughter

Candace and Wendy. We were really working this frame thing!

Masterchief helps Jan date one of her jars. She is a collector of Ball jars too!

Jan and I look through some of the magazines and charts I bought at her shop

I am so glad my Masterchief went along for this retreat.  He not only did ALL of the driving but was a wonderful photographer for us!  Thanks Honey!!  
A big thank you to Jan for having this retreat.  It was my first one ever and I had a blast!  I sat between Jan and her daughter Megan and it was just as if we were family. Love you girls!!


While in Indiana, Masterchief and I found an antique mall and came away with a few goodies.

Cast iron Mr. Peanut bank

Old dress patterns that will look great in my stash cupboard

A pretty champagne glass (even though I don't like champagne, I still had to have it!)

An adorable tea cup. I love the decoration around the inside rim

A few more blue willow plates and a small bowl to add to my collection


WHEW!!   I think this has to be right up there among the longest posts for me!  We took so many pictures. I tried to choose the best ones.  If there are any that the retreat girls think I might have that you want, please email me and I'll do my best to find it. 

If you stuck it out till the end of this post you deserve a reward!  I picked up a few things while at the retreat to offer in a giveaway.  If you are interested in a few patterns add to your stash, leave a comment on this post only telling me so, (if you don't tell me you want to be entered in the giveaway I will assume you aren't interested.)  I am not exactly sure when I will draw a name though.  There are a few irons just waiting to be thrown in the fire here and I don't want to pin down a date if I don't think I can stick to it.  I will just say it might be one week....or it might be two.  OOhhhhh....I love a mystery, don't you? 

Thank you BIG BUNCHES for visiting my blog today!  I appreciate your sweet comments too.

~~Peggy Lee