Saturday, June 16, 2012


Just a quick post to let you know the winner of my most recent giveaway.

I had my Masterchief do the honors.


He picked Cathy!  Cathy said she would like to have the heart wall hanging.  I was thrilled when Masterchief unfolded her name....she is an RN who is originally from KY but works in CA.   I hope I have that right Cathy.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  

I need to find out from Cathy if she wanted the cookie cutters as well.  If not, I will draw again.  

I have tons to do today and not enough day left to get it done!  I'm getting a late start this morning. 

I'll leave you with my latest addition to the flower bed out front.  I can't tell you why I felt I had to have them...I just knew I NEEDED them!

I call them my dorky flamingos but that sounds kinda mean.  So...any suggestions on what I should name them?  I don't have any pets so I feel like I really need to assign them each a name.  I'd love to hear what you all come up with!  There just might be a few stitchy things in it for ya!  *wink-wink*

Must get busy....
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by!

~~Peggy Lee  (and two unnamed flamingos)



Shirlee said...

I called John over to see these : ) How about Sonny & Cher? Cesar & Cleo? Bill & Hillary? Brad & Angelina? Bonnie & Clyde? Good grief ... the possibilities are endless : )

Shirlee said...

Can't stop ... lol! Liz & Dick? Lucy & Desi? Adam & Eve?

Mouse said...

ooo well done to Cathy and think their names ought to be
Pinky n Perky :)

named after my favourite children's record ....
love mouse xxxxx

Jennifer Gail said...

Yay to the winner. I love naming things so lets see...Flamingo Frank and Petunia Pink:)

Sweet Sue said...

Congrats to Cathy! Here's mine, not at all original but... always funny ~ Jim and Tammy Faye:) If only reality TV was around then - lol! Or, you could go with the obvious ~ Mr. Stitch and Ms. Flossey. I'm off to the lake for a birthday party!

Shirlee said...

Lol! Love Sweet Sue's suggestion! You could paint up Tammy Faye's face, make some really long fake eyelashes for her, maybe pop on some earrings? I can see this thing getting really wild ... lol!

Christina said...

As a Brit I feel I have to suggest 'Posh & Becks' or 'William & Kate'! ;0)

Stitchinowl said...

I love your garden! Very pretty.
Here are my name suggestions:
Fiona and Faith
Poppy and Ivy

Have a great, stitchy weekend. Carolyn

robindefender said...

They look like a Floyd and Ethel to me.

Kaisievic said...

Oh, pink flamingoes? Gorgeous. Ginger and Maryanne (from Gilligan's island)?

Maggee said...

They have to be Frick and Frack!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

hey how bout Ben & Dover, coz you know, well they are about to be bending over and all....
awe well, time for a new tipper here, Cheers and Be always in stitches.

Teresa S. said...

Congratulations, Cathy! For the flamingos-I would call them Flossy and Glossy :)

P.J. said...

Yeah for Cathy!!!! How about Thelma and Louise.

Catherine said...

Congrats to Cathy!
As for the flamingos ~ how about Pepto and Bismol? ;)
I don't know why, that just makes me laugh!

jonette said...

How about Thelma and Louise?

Barb said...

I love your little garden! My son, who is military, named his labs Patton and Rommel. Maybe not the best names for flamingos!!

milly said...

Congratulations to Cathy.
Your garden looks very pretty!
Love your flamingos - I thought the same as Mouse!
But what about Posh and Becks?

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What about Ben and Jerry like the ice cream? Or Dovo and Flossie? :)

Jenny said...

LOL at the flamingos - love'em!
One of them is definitely a Rose, so maybe Hyacinth and Rose?
(I love Keeping Up Appearances!
"It's my sister, Violet! The one with the Mercedes, sauna and room for a pony!" - LOL)