Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Run For Your Life! ....and a giveaway (of sorts)

As I sit here at the kitchen table I hear the roar of a few lawn mowers outside.  Masterchief has been tapping his foot waiting patiently for the grass to get dry enough to tackle.  He's funny about mowing.  He looks at it and declares it must be mowed and I moan something about it not looking any different today than it did when he mowed last.  It always looks so nice when he's finished so I'm probably wrong about the mowing schedule.  Just probably....sometimes.

Speaking of mowing!  Across from our house is a narrow stretch of field that the owner (who lives in another state and only comes here to his vacation home a little bit in the summers) allows to grow up wild.  We know there are probably a lot of critters in there so we don't venture out in it.  Anyway...when it is left to grow up tall it gets in the way of our view of the lake.  We can't see much of it right now anyway because the dam is being worked on miles away so we like to catch even the slightest glimpse of it when we can.  Well the owner is here now and asked the farmer around the bend to mow it down.  We expected to see a snake or two but so far haven't.  *fingers, toes and eyes crossed*...oh please oh please oh please nooooooo!!!!

  Right after snapping this picture a baby bunny came screaming up the driveway straight for us!  If I wouldn't have been screaming too I could have snapped a picture of the absolutely terrified look on his face.

He took a sharp right just in front of our feet and ran over to seek help from my flying pig............

The pig wasn't much help at all so the little bunny sought refuge under my hydrangea bush.  He was so scared from the big bad old mower I could almost feel HIS heart thumping my MY chest!  I hope there wasn't any critters hurt during the mow.


I made a yummy cake on Sunday......

This pistachio cake has two boxes of instant pistachio pudding in the cake (along with 5 eggs) and one box of pudding for the frosting (along with some heavy cream).  Masterchief kept two pieces of it and the rest went to the neighbor.

Gosh I wish you all lived close to me!  I would love to bake for you.


For the past couple weeks, Masterchief has been stalking the UPS truck waiting patiently for a 20 foot flag pole he ordered.  He has always wanted a flagpole in front of the house.  

On Sunday night he dug the hole.......

The UPS driver called yesterday morning to tell us he was coming close to town so Masterchief could meet him there with his pick-up truck.  The driver was very grateful because it is too hard to turn the truck around out here where we live.

Last night he poured the concrete around the base and now he is chomping at the bit patiently waiting the suggested week to pass so he can put the pole in and fly his flag!  I will plant some sort of flowers around the base of it.  I can't wait!  Of course I am being just as patient about this as Masterchief is.


Lastly I want to offer a giveaway of sorts.  I say  ~of sorts~  because it's not like I went out and bought something just for this.  In fact, did I happen to mention a couple weeks ago that I cleaned out the garage?  I had a rubbermaid tote out there with some goodies in it that didn't make it inside for some reason and I thought maybe someone would like to have a couple things that were in there.

It's a cute wooden heart you can hang just about anywhere you'd like.  The stars on it are made of metal and tacked on.  It says, "Be it ever so humble there's no place like home."  I think I bought it while traveling through Maryland a few years back.  

I also found these cookie cutters that could be used to make cookies or to decorate your kitchen for July 4th.  

I put the ruler in the picture so you could get an idea of how big they are.

If you would like a chance to have these things for your very own please comment on this post.  If you want a chance to win just one of these items, tell me which one in your comment.  If your name is drawn and you have said you want just one of these, I will draw another name for the other item.

The drawing will be Friday night and I'll announce the winner over the weekend.  I would like it if you are a current follower but if you're not you can become one of the Kentucky Sampler clan for your chance to win!  One chance per person.....you don't have to announce it on your blog or do anything special for more than one chance.  I like keeping it simple.

Well I must get back to a bit of stitching.  Nothing picture worthy at this point but I hope to share soon!

Thank you all who leave comments for me.  I absolutely love reading them.  You should see me scramble for my phone when it goes blingy to announce that one of your comments has come in!  I used to have it set on the theme from The Beverly Hillbilly's but it would play the ENTIRE song every time and not everyone thought it was as funny as I did.

Happy Stitching!
~~Peggy Lee


Natasha said...

Aww poor little bunny :( He looked so scared. Heck I wished I lived closer too I love Pisacthio anything. You know we've actually looked into moving to KY it's beautiful and close to our family in Ohio...

Is'nt is amazing what you can find when cleaning LOL I think that wall hanging is just perfect. I would love to be entered in the drawing Thanks Peggy :)

Kaisievic said...

Hi Peggy Lee, great blog post. Are rabbits considered pests in U.S. like they are in Australia? When the rabbit was first introduced by the white settlers -they absolutely went wild and now they are a huge problem for farmers. Please count me in your giveaway - the heart wall hanging is so cute.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Mouse said...

awww bless his cotton paws .. gorgeous shots you got of him talking to mr pig :)

love the flag pole idea with flowers round ... and that cake looks sooo yummy even at this time of night would have to have a piece :)

and oooo nice heart you found and love those cookie cutters too :)

giggling at the hillbillis tune now :) love mouse xxxxxx

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

blingy blingy blingy lol
Cheers to your wonderful thought of baking if we lived closer. Poor bunny so confused! and since when do pigs fly?
Congrats on your give away and Best Wishes to everyone.
awe well, time to tip.
Be always in stitches.

Barb said...

That poor bunny was so cute! The cake looked very yummy. I can understand why you have to give some away. I hardly ever make desert and then I have to give some away. I love that little heart with the tin stars!!

marly said...

You're notified of comments by your phone blinging?? I am so out of the loop. Hope the bunny's siblings escaped too. I would have given away two pieces and kept the rest of the cake. Opposite of you which is normal since you exercise and I sit. Please don't enter me in your offer - I'm downsizing too!

Parsley said...

Oh the bunny is so sweet! You don't have to enter me but I wanted to send you some bloggy hugs.

dixiesamplar said...

That poor little bunny wabbit...thank goodness he had somewhere to run to!

I think I gained 10 pounds just oohing and aahing over that cake :o)

Please include me in your sweet little giveaway...and be sure to stop by and enter mine (ends 20 June).

Deborah said...

I just love the pictures of the bunny! He really wanted help from you pig. Poor baby. That cake looked wonderful. I do wish you could for me. I have been lucky this week so don't me in your drawing.

Mary Ann said...

Oh poor little bunny! And, if I were nearby, I would be helping you eat that cake--it looks yummy!!

milly said...

Oh that bunny, poor little thing - he's so sweet and those photos you took are brilliant.
That cake looks delicious!
Love the flag pole!

Chris said...

Oh my. That poor little guy. It is so funny that he is trying to tell the pig what is going on.
I bet the flag pole is going to look amazing!
Wow, that is a serious looking cake :)
I hope that the rest of your week is wonderful.

Catherine said...

Oh no, that poor bunny!! Love the shots of him with your pig.
Can't wait to see a shot of your flag pole all finished and decked out. I know you will make it look simply beautiful!!
Cute giveaway. I have similar things, so no need to count me in on this one.

Vickie said...

Wow! I am impressed AND amazed at your iron will to pass up cake!! What?! I LOOVE cake! And I love to bake. Thank goodness the bunny made it out.

Maggee said...

Poor little bunny rabbit! I also hope that no critters were hurt! Every time I see a squirrel on the streets, I think about his family back 'home' wondering when he is going to return! Sigh... I love that heart and would love to be entered (and WIN, of course!) in your giveaway! Hugs!

Jennifer Gail said...

Sweet litte wabbit. That cake looks divine.

Jenny said...

Wow - congrats on the brand new flag pole - that is awesome! That is one of the few things on my wish-list right now.

Poor baby bunny, that pig really did not help at all, did it...? :-)

And I wish that you could bake for me too!!! LOL

Take care & talk with you in a bit.

Jennifer Dischinger said...

That bunny is so cute..I love this time of year when they are all over the place .. well here in texas they are anyway :) I am new to your blog and glad I found it - i enjoy reading your stories and look forward to following your progress and stories in the future - have a great night :)

my blog is: http://graspthestars1.blogspot.com/

email address: jennifer.dischinger@yahoo.com

Cathy said...

That heart is so "Kentucky"!! It would be a "taste of home" when I'm forced to be in California!! I sure hope I win!!

I'm so glad to see the flagpole going up!! I wish every house in the nation had one flying Old Glory.

just me,
Cathy from KY in CA

Linda said...

Hi Peggy Lee, I was from Pa and now living in Central Kentucky....It's a small world

Penny said...

I have to practically threaten my husband to get him to cut the grass. :) Poor rabbit - he does seem to be trying to enlist the pigs help. :) I should never read your blog on an empty stomach. That cake looks delicious! I would love to have a flagpole, but our deed restrictions prevent it if you can believe that.

Bekca said...

If I lived near you Peggy Lee, I would be the size of a house after enjoying all of your lovely baking!
Your flagpole is going to look so pretty with flowers at the base. I'd love to see a pic when it's all done and flying high.
Best wishes.