Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three Stooges??

Right before we leave home for New Jersey for work each Spring and Fall, my head is spinning with all I have to do and pack and I say the big goodbye to you in blog land forgetting that Masterchief always starts one week before I do.  I have this first week to move in to our new home (hotel room), brush up a bit on what I need to know for work, and meet with my friends in PA.

Yesterday I met with Catherine of  Bramblewood Stitches and Brett, our blog lurking friend.  The first time I met with Catherine about a year ago she brought her dear friend Brett along and I am so glad she did!  We have such a good time when we three get together but that time goes by so quickly.  We have to cram about 6 months of gab, gossip and giggles in to just a few hours.

We met at our usual place, Starbucks.  We window shopped a nearby jewelry store and then we embarked on a mission of sorts.

I wanted to shop for a messenger bag since I left mine at home.  It's the most comfortable way to carry work related things in during training week.  You'd think that wouldn't be so difficult to find, right?  WRONG!!!  We went to TJ Maxx, Target, Kohl's, Old Navy and nearly every store in a nearby mall.  Even though we came away bagless, we had a bunch of fun while on our quest.

We found that Catherine looks good in just about any hat she plops on her head...........

I on the other hand do NOT......................


Brett and I decided we missed our calling as hat models................

I especially like the anti-theft device on Brett's hat! 


We think Catherine should get this one for the Derby......


We moved on to the display of sunglasses.  Catherine and I think Brett should have bought these....

  Brett sprinted in to each store locating the nearest associate to ask them if they had messenger bags.  Catherine was very helpful in keeping us on task because we often found ourselves distracted by all the pretties. 
Before we parted ways we had a quick lunch at Panera Bread.  No pictures from there as we were famished from our intense shopping experience. 
At the end of our visit it didn't matter that we couldn't find my messenger bag.  We had such fun together.  I'm already anticipating the next time we can get together.  Hopefully I can see them again before this job is over.
Oh I almost forgot!  Here is a quick picture of my progress on The Child's Guardian by La D Da....

There are a few stitches that are to be in the center of each diamond of the border and I need to use the provided alphabet to put my name and date in that space at the bottom.  The lighting isn't very good here right now so I took one with the flash and one without for you.  

Masterchief just messaged me to say he is on his way back to the hotel right NOW!  He completed all his training early for the day so he could leave before noon today.  We are going to the King of Prussia Mall.

Hmmmm.....maybe I will get my messenger bag after all!

Have a great day!

~~Peggy Lee

Friday, March 16, 2012

Speed Post

Good evening friends. 
We are leaving very early in the morning. I should be in bed already 
but I wanted to show you my progress on 
A Child's Guardian by La D Da.

I have all of the words done and only need to finish the border, and my name along the bottom. 

I am using DMC threads for this one.  The recommendation is 310 and 3768 but if I remember correctly, 
3768 was too bright for my liking so instead I'm using 413.  I don't know much about the linen other than it's a random 32 count piece from my stash and it's rather dark.  Thirty-two count is big enough that I can stitch while Masterchief drives us to New Jersey tomorrow! between naps. 

I must get to bed now if I'm ever going to get up early enough to leave in the morning.  
Masterchief starts his work week on Monday but I don't start until the Monday after that.  I will be meeting up once again with Catherine and Brett.  Can't wait to see you girls!  :o)  
Put your party hats on because this Kentucky girl is comin' to town!  Remember last year when we hit The Christmas Tree Shoppe and tried on all those silly Easter hats?  I know I have a picture of that tucked away somewhere for bargaining purposes.  

Goodnight friends....
~~Peggy Lee

Monday, March 12, 2012

A List for this...a list for that.....

Are you like me?  Do you have to write everything down or you will forget it?  Right now I have several lists going.

  1. Things I need to clean/organize before we leave
  2. Things I need to pack 
  • scrubs for work
  • clothes for training week
  • clothes for when we visit family after this outage is over
  • all those other necessities needed to survive in a hotel room for roughly 6 weeks

Yes, it's that time again.  Masterchief and I will be heading to New Jersey this Saturday to work the Hope Creek outage.  I think packing is the worst part.  I make a list of everything I put in each suitcase or bag.  Some things I can't pack until the last minute so I put them on a separate list.  As I pack each thing I check it off the list.  I usually end up rewriting any particular list several times.  

Here's a list I'll share with you.  I sat in the middle of the living room floor with my stash baskets all around me last night.  I don't have as many WIP's as I thought I did.  What I DO HAVE however are LOADS of projects all kitted up just waiting for me to start them.  
Here they are:
  1. Charity For All      by: Erica Michaels
  2. Land of The Free      by: WillowHill Samplings
  3. A Love Song       by: Fouroaks Designs
  4. Crimson Vine      by: Primitive Things
  5. Blessings And Kind Wishes     by: BBD
  6. A Little Quakeresque     by: Blue Ribbon Designs
  7. Winter Lace       by: Whispered By The Wind
  8. A Spot of Tea 2     by: Samplers and Such
  9. Shady Day     by: Sheepish Designs
  10. Home of a Needleworker (too!)     by: LHN
  11. Battle Hymn of the Republic    by: LHN
  12. America       by: LHN
  13. Matters Choice      by: Carriage House Samplings
  14. Acorns & Threads    by: Carriage House Samplings
  15. Roses Are Red    by: La D Da
  16. Something Wicked This Way Comes    by: La D Da
  17. A Big Flower Sampler     by: La D Da
The only WIP's I have are Commandments by La D Da, The Childs Guardian by: La D Da and another Great Is Thy Faithfulness by MBT.  I hope to give the second one to my mother if I ever get it done.  Oh, I almost forgot about ABC Tapestry by Rosewood Manor.  That's a BIG one.  

I haven't been browsing blogs too much lately.  I think I might have left a total of two comments recently!  I had a TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram) done at the hospital on Friday.  They put a scope down my throat (putting me out first, thank God) so they can get a real good look at my heart.  The test only confirmed what my cardiologist thought was the problem.  I definitely have a hole in my heart and it will need to be closed.  It sounds scary but it's a very common problem that is fixed with simple one day surgery with virtually no recovery time! 

I might be able to visit a few of your blogs during the first week or two of work, before they get in to the 12-hour days but for the most part I will be MIA until the end of May.  

I'll miss you all. 
Cross some X's for me!

~~Peggy Lee

Monday, March 5, 2012

Finished ***EDITED*** Please read.....

Thank you dear friends for all the lovely comments on my last post!
I managed to do quite a bit of stitching over the weekend.  
The frogs came to visit me while stitching on Commandments so I put it away and got another WIP out.  
That is the good thing about having so many projects in the works: when I got tired of one I can put it away for a bit and stitch on something else.  
That resulted in yesterday's finish.

My Big Toe Designs
Great Is Thy Faithfulness
28 count dark cappuccino (over one)
Hand-dyed Fibers: Black Iris Bud 'n Bloom and Mermaid Blue
I would have liked to take a better picture.  Sometimes the lighting isn't right and I'm no photographer!  
I must take 30 pictures of the same thing with only one of them barely passing to post. 
I really enjoyed working over one on this one.  I think I will work over one on 28 count more often. 
Not sure how I will finish it yet. 


Edgar mentioned on his blog how he only wears Converse (Chucks) sneakers. 
Masterchief had just bought himself a pair online and I thought they were so cool.
I HAD to have a pair too!
Did you know they come in just about every color you could want?

Mine are case you were wondering.  

They provide absolutely NO arch support but I don't wear them all the time.  When I have them on it sorta feels like I'm wearing flippers or snowshoes!  I guess it's all in what you're used to. 

Thanks for stopping by today!  I do appreciate your comments so very much...I read EVERY ONE!

~~Peggy Lee

I have seen so much devastation on local and national news about the terrible storms that changed so many lives in a few seconds time...and taking lives as well.
Last night I read for the first time how it had affected a fellow blogger. My heart ached when I read her short post of how her home of 25 years was blown away by one of these storms. 
Sheri didn't go on about how awful this tragedy was but merely said "we are all ok, no one was hurt, we will build a new house".  
Let's reach out to Sheri and others like her who need our prayers, hugs and support right now more than ever.  
GO HERE to see her blog.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Safe and Sound....

My goodness Gertie, THAT was a storm!  We had whipping winds with thunder and lightening but it seems we fared better than those around us.  Heartfelt thanks to those of you who emailed to see if we were okay.  Let's keep those who didn't make out so well in our prayers!

I remember in my last post I said something about listing seven things you might not know about me but I'm still trying to come up with that many.  Maybe by the next time I post here I will have enough to tell you.

I worked a bit on MBT Great Is The Faithfulness the other day and by the end of that day I was ripping out all I thought I had accomplished.  I counted wrong somewhere, so I put it away and pulled Commandments out of my basket.  I haven't stitched too much on it but I'm working a little on the border.

Sorry about the wrinkles.  I just spread it out on the sofa and took a quick pic.    I feel like I'm crawling along with my stitching now that I am home from GA.  A girl could get very comfortable with sitting in a hotel room all day with nothing to do but stitch!  Imagine the dent I could put in my WIP basket!


Back in January I tucked a free pattern away in my new stash cupboard offered by Jennie Lynn on her blog: Appleseed Prim.  I have practically an entire bolt of muslin so I decided to get it out today and make this little guy.  

I had a tough time trying to stuff his spindly arms and legs but once I got going it wasn't so bad.  My poor old arthritic thumb thanked me for not making more than one today.  Thanks Jennie for offering this freebie!  


I've read many blogs of those of you who love to watch Downton Abbey.  I hadn't seen a single episode before so when season two started I decided to see what all the hub-bub was about. I will say when I finished watching the first show I still didn't see what the excitement was but after watching the second one I was hopelessly hooked like the rest of you!  Now remember I don't watch soap operas.  Can't stand them.  So when I found myself waiting impatiently for the next Sunday evening to get here I was a little surprised at myself.  I shouldn't compare this program to a soap opera although I call it; a soap opera with class.  After season two was over (and that went by all too quickly, didn't it?)  I felt like I had missed something by not having watched season one.  So.....lookie here what Masterchief ordered for me!

Now I can sit and watch both seasons without interruption or being forced to wait a week until the next show!    Oh I DO love my Masterchief!  I do... I DO!!!  

That's it for today friends.  I plan to sit myself right down in my comfy stitching spot on the couch and stitch until my legs are numb.  That doesn't take long either because for some reason my most comfortable stitching position is sitting Indian style but I need to get up every once in a while to resume blood flow. 

I hope the remainder of your weekend is full of stitches like I want mine to be. 

~~Peggy Lee