Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Block and I Won !

Happy Sunday!

When Masterchief checked the mail yesterday he only brought one thing back to the house.  I was SO EXCITED to find that it was for ME.  I won Marly's giveaway at Samplers and Santas.  WOO-HOO!!

She gave me three issues of Cross Stitch Sampler (now OOP) from 1994.  With these three magazines I can complete the Bargello Sewing Case.  Marly also included the necessary threads and a few other charts.  I have to admit I feel a bit intimidated by this project.  I think it might be a bit above my skill level but I really want to give it a shot.  Thank you so much Marly!


After ripping out the mistake in my Eliza Evans sampler I think I've made good progress.

The picture beside it came with the chart and is what my final piece should will look like when I'm finished.


I completed the I block on ABC Tapestry and even got a little start on the J block.

Block K will complete this row and then I want to concentrate a bit on my other two WIP's.  I am resisting the urge to start another project but I'm not sure I can hold out.


I have been reading in alot of your blogs of the new year bringing on the need to become more organized...going through your stash...picking out what you probably won't do and pulling out the scores of what you think hope want will accomplish this year.  While at Lowe's with my Masterchief the other day I spotted this basket way up on the top shelf.

So I stood there and sent a text to Masterchief asking him to come help me in the basket aisle.  He soon came to my aid and climbed the big metal ladder that was right there to fetch it for me.  I know, I know...we common folk aren't supposed to be climbing those ladders but what's a girl to do when there aren't any associates in sight?
The purpose in getting this basket was to consolidate the two baskets I already have crowding me out of my precious spot on my end of the couch.

You can see how well that worked for me!  *rolls eyes*   I just found more stuff to put in them!  Pay no mind to the box of peanut butter Cheerios.  Did you know they made them?  Oh. My. Goodness.  They are sinfully delicious!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Masterchief is constantly telling me how "it's all about me".  I am spoiled beyond belief!  He picked this up for me while at Lowe's getting the supplies for the addition........
I like my coffee a little stronger than he does so he got a Keurig for me.  I've almost gone through the dozen coffee's it came with already.  He's just too good to me!  So....I baked him a pie.............

Mock Cherry Pie
It's not the prettiest pie I've ever made but mmm...mmm...good!  It's made with cranberries and raisins.  If you close your eyes and take a bite you'd never know it didn't have cherries in it.  This is my mother-in-law's recipe.  

That's it for today friends.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already.  Just leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY.  I will announce the winner on Friday.  

Hope your week is filled with sunshine and stitches!
~~Peggy Lee


cucki said...

Hello dear,congratulations for winning the giveaway :)
Very lovely wips .. They all so lovely..your stitching is so pretty..
Yummy looking mouth is watering here..
Keep well and have fun
Hugs cucki xxx

Ma Teakettle said...

Oh, Peggy Lee, your Eliza Evans is coming along fab, and looks gorgeous, just like the chart! I am drooling over your PS "ABC" and the blackwork, how did you ever think up such a gorgeous floss!

Congrats on your sweet treats, what a lucky gal you are!

You just crack me up...cuz we must be long lost sisters or something, as I cannot tell you how many baskets I have brought into this house with that same idea and the next thing I know, "pow" the new basket is just as full as the other's and nothing has moved from one to the other! I will have to live to be 200 to use up this stash. ;)Your basket is gorgeous, btw, I love the leather handles!

I love you and "Masterchief," you two are wonderful! I have a Keurig and just love it, and you will too! Pa likes his coffee much stronger than I do, so it works out great...and when the "Viking Brothers" are home they love it, everybody is happy.

Your pie is gorgeous and your Masterchief is one lucky guy, and you are one lucky gal!

Mouse said...

ooooo congrats on the win ... just squeak if you need help ok ;) and love that basket and ooooo nice pie in exchange for the coffee machine ;) love mouse xxxxx

Vonna said...

Your stitching is pretty and perfect....all of it :)
Organization is a good thing. OH NO PEANUT BUTTER CHERRIOS??? I didn't know about them, but being as I'm like an elephant about anything with peanuts...I'll be looking next time I'm at the grocery. I love my keurig too!

Chris said...

Congratulations on the wonderful package from Marly. I am sure that you can stitch this.
Your Wips are looking really great, you are making goo progress.
What a lovely pie. I am sure that he was very happy.

Deb said...

Congratulations on your win from Marley. That needle case looks wonderful and I'm sure you won't have any trouble with it.

And love your progress on your alphabets. I've got that book from years ago with all intentions of doing those one day (not sure which year that will be though)! :o)

catherine said...

Congratulations on your win. Your Wip's are looking fabulous. You sound like you have been busy
x catherine

Catherine said...

Seems your on a lucky streak lately! Congrats on your win! And wow, your needles are flyin'! I think I am becoming smitten with that Eliza Evans sampler! The pie looks yummy...what a great team you and Masterchief make!

Autumn said...

Everything about this post makes me squeal in delight. Coffee... pie.. peanut butter cherrios... stitching.. I love it all!

Margaret said...

Congratulations on your win. You will be fine doing that. I have made one of those bargello cases and they are beautiful. I have a photo on my blog header. Good luck

Bertie said...

Congratulations on your fabulous win!! Eliza is beautiful and the baskets are gorgeous! Lovely cake too:))

Gabi said...

Congrats on that beautiful win.
Your Eliza looks just gorgeous, so does your ABC Tapestry

Mindi said...

I miss my Keurig so much! Its in storage with most of my household stuff, and aside from the stitching stash I didn't bring with me its the thing I really wish I'd brought.

Eliza Evans is really moving along now you recovered from the frogging incident, she's going to be a really great sampler when done. Your ABC Tapestry piece is going to be huge! A true masterpiece to treasure.

Penny said...

I don't know how, but I keep missing your posts. All of your projects are looking lovely! I love your baskets - I'm hopeless at organizing my stitching stash. :D I didn't know they made peanut butter Cheerios - I will have to look for them. Masterchief sure is thoughtful and that was sweet of you to bake him a pie. :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Congrats on your win, and I have all confidence in your outcome. Great stitching - moving right along. Your pie IS as pretty as any I've ever made! Yum! Happy stitching!

BeckySC said...

You have been a busy bee :) Your stitching looks awesome! I just love watching your progress on ABC Tapestry :)
Sending hugs :)

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on your win! Fantastic progress with your stitching. After your post of taking up the whole lounge, I went out and bought some platic storage wallets and a large basket and organised all my WIPs. It's an impressive collection and now my lounge is much tidier.