Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Final Thoughts...

Here are some final thoughts at the end of my second day of being holed up in the hotel room here in Georgia......

  • I seriously need to stop ordering from 123 Stitch
  • I think I just ate 600 calories worth of PB Cheerios
  • Housekeeping will never satisfy me and I should just give up and accept it, knowing I am OCD about these things
  • I should take a break from stitching when my eyes burn so badly I can't count the threads any more
  • When the pool looks cloudy, I shouldn't swim in it
  • I probably shouldn't try to communicate with the help here at the hotel.  Who knows what I have said to them in my broken 9th grade Spanish!!
  • All the lotions in my bag won't help me in this dry Georgia climate
  • I will ALWAYS want MORE from 123 Stitch
I was up at 4:30 this morning when Masterchief got up for work.  I didn't go to bed until after midnight last night so I really need to get to bed soon. 

Goodnight friends...
~~Miss Peggy Lee (well I am a bit farther south, ya know)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello from Atlanta!

We made it!  Of course Masterchief did ALL the driving.  He prefers it that way.  I haven't a clue why....*giggles*

It took about 5 1/2 hours give or take.  We stopped when we saw a sign for the Georgia Winery.  We picked up a couple bottles of flavors we liked....blackberry and something else.

We left home on Saturday thinking we would have Sunday to relax and maybe explore the area a bit but our plans quickly changed when my Masterchief remembered that he forgot some very important paperwork.  So....back to KY we drove on Sunday...and back to Georgia we came.  My butt hurt from sitting in the car all that time and I'm still sore today.

I was able to stitch a little bit on the Guardian while on the road.  This is usually something I cannot do.  It usually makes me a bit green but this piece is on a big enough count that I could see it fairly well.

When we went back to KY on Sunday I wanted to bring some threads back with me.  I couldn't decide what to bring so I brought them all!  I really don't have that many.  They all fit in a big ziploc bag on their rings.

They are doing something to the elevators here today and tomorrow.  Whatever it is...it stinks!  I had to abandon this post for a while and go outside so I could breathe. The sun is shining and it's 60 degrees out there.  The bees are out and the azalea is blooming.  I could get used to this!

I want to find a couple cross stitch shops here but it probably won't be until Saturday.  I want to let Masterchief have the car for the first week of work if I can stand it without going crazy!

I need to catch up on your blogs that I've missed during the last couple days.   Thank you all so much for the safe travel wishes.  Little did I know we would be doing it two days in a row but we made it safely.

Thank you for visiting with me today.
~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hotel Living...Again--- and These Linens are the BOMB!!

Do you ever get your days of the week mixed up?  I'm sure that I am not alone but I would venture to guess that I take it to the extreme.  Just ask my friend Catherine.  You know it's really bad when a friend at least 10 hours away has to keep me straight on what day it is. She is more of a help to me than she knows.  In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am VERY scatterbrained.  I can't remember things from one day to the next and it helps to have a friend keep me in line.  It's a hefty job but Catherine does a good job!

On to the main reason for this post   ~~~~

Masterchief was called for a job.  This job is in Georgia.  We are going to be living out of a hotel for somewhere in the neighborhood of three weeks.  We leave Saturday morning.  The nice thing about this work trip is I don't have to work this time.  This job isn't at a nuclear power plant.  This one is at Georgia Tech.  Masterchief is a Sr. HP which makes him more in demand than me and that's quite alright with me.  I have all I can do to just do the two outages each year.  I really don't have to go with him on this job but I've never been to Georgia before and I'd like to play tourist for a bit.  So while my hubby is working I will be running around Atlanta.  Oh I don't plan on doing that every day.  What I do plan on though is spending alot of the time sitting in the hotel room stitching away.  There will be no distractions....like a floor that needs vacuumed or a spare room that needs cleaning up after somebody tore it apart looking for things to put in her new stash cabinet.  :o)
I wanted to post tonight to tell you all because I'm not sure when I will be able to post again.  I won't be on the computer much for the next couple days so I can clean the house and pack.  I can't stand leaving the house without practically Spring cleaning....it's a sickness, I don't fight it anymore....it's how I roll.

The second reason why I wanted to take the time to post tonight is to tell you about the most GORGEOUS linens I received in the mail last week.  I ordered three chunks (how do you like that term) of linen from Jan at Tree of Life Samplings. I'm sure alot of you are already familiar with Jan and her blog.  She also has another blog: Belfonte Notes.  I've been a follower of Jan's blogs for some time now but didn't realize all the talents she has!  I saw on Charlene's blog HERE where she ordered dyed linens from Jan and they looked amazing! I contacted Jan and ordered three linens myself.

 Sorry about the glare.  I'm not the worlds best picture-taker.  :o)

From left to right are Sugared Almond, Almond Creme' and Toasted Coconut.   Let me tell you that I have purchased/ordered lots of linens and these are TOP NOTCH!!  I love the way she dyes them.  They don't look blotchy or anything.  It just looks so naturally done.  Does that make sense?
Anywhoo...I encourage you to check Jan's linens out.  I see many more orders from Kentucky in the near future.

That's it for tonight my friends.  I need to get busy and pack something!  Tomorrow is going to be awfully busy for me.  You know...that Spring cleaning sickness I have.  :o(

Thank you all for your sweet comments about my cabinet organization project.  You encourage me so.
I'll be munching on PB Cheerios later tonight.
Ohhhh....I can hardly wait!

Until I can return to blogland again.......
Keep stitching and stashing!
~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This cabinet organization thing is really whoopin' my behind!  I didn't know I had all this stuff.  I stand back and look at the piles and want to put it ALL in the cupboards but I'm sure it won't fit.

I have to go through all this yet!  I will admit it has been fun at times.  Especially when I find something I forgot I had.  Yesterday I found a bunch of old hankerchiefs that were Masterchief's grandmother's.

I think this lace hankerchief is my favorite.....

I also found these two beaded purses that belonged to his grandmother...

Oh and lookie here......this old cheese box fits my spools of ribbon perfectly....


I like to collect old sewing baskets.

I especially like to find them with some vintage sewing supplies inside. 
Here is a picture of one I bought that didn't have anything inside but it sure looks old.....

I was sweetly surprised when I opened this one.....

Twenty years ago I helped my son make a Valentine's Day decoration to hang from the ceiling in his kindergarten class.  We glued cut out hearts of all colors onto a large heart. In the center was the one with our names and the year.  I grew straw flowers in my garden that year and here they are looking just as they did 20 years ago!  It really doesn't seem like that long ago.


HEY...wait just an old wrinkled minute here!  I am the mother of a big hairy man that will be 26 this year???


Is 4pm too early for a glass of wine?  A nice, tall glass of wine?
Oh well, I am a grandmother after all.  I can't complain.  I suppose if I am old enough to be a grandmother then it's probably a good thing that my son is 26.


I can't end this post without reporting some VERY good news!

I had to stand on the bottom shelf and flop my arm around on the top shelf to reach it way back there but I got it!  That's no joke either...you should have seen it.
All is well in my world now.

Thanks for stopping by dear friends and thank you all for your comments.  I do appreciate each one. If I have not visited/commented on your blog lately it may be because there is something up with my blogger thingy.  I don't know anything about computers and I think I might have followed some of you in a different way because when some of you post it doesn't show up in my reader.  Please invite me over and I will gladly come see what you've been up to.

Take care of yourselves and each other.....
~~Peggy Lee

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eliza Progress and A New Start

Just a quick post today.  Let's not get used to Peggy Lee posting two days in a row!


I have been working on and off on Eliza and I'm getting close to the end.

 I only have the letters A to I to finish and then Eliza's name at the bottom. 

While I really want to finish the charts that I start, I am also itching to start many new ones.  I've caught the WIP bug!  I yearn for a basket full of unfinished projects.  What is that all about?  Am I going crazy or is this the way it's supposed to be?  

Well...that being said, I started a new one last night.  WOO-HOOOO!!!!  Hey if I'm going to do this I'm jumping in with both feet!

I am using 32 ct. Creme Brulee by R&R Reproductions.  I've substituted the threads only because I don't have the ones it calls for.  I think it will look just fine.  Here are my substitutions:

Calls for: Sampler- Black Crow I'm using: Simply Shaker- Espresso Bean
Cinnamon / TGA-Currant
Sasparillas / WDW-Pecan
Forest Glade / CC-English Ivy

I am hoping this one won't be a difficult stitch.  

Thanks for visiting today!
Hopefully next time I will have news of a FINISH!  
~~Peggy Lee

Monday, January 23, 2012

Windy,windy Monday

Good Monday morning to you friends!  I wouldn't want to have to worry about a hair-do on a day like today.  It's nasty ~~WINDY~~ out there!  We had a gust of over 45 mph overnight. Masterchief is a weather nut so he was up monitoring the situation, keeping me safe while I snored and drooled my way in to dreamy land. He played such the hero that I thought I should reward his chivalry with....COOKIES!

Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Raisin 


Of course I had to have my coffee from the Keurig my Masterchief got for me recently.  If the newness of it doesn't wear off soon we are going to go broke in those cute little K-cups!  I have tried hazelnut, vanilla biscotti, butter toffee and several of the other types of regular coffee.  I like the Donut Shop kind too.
I was enjoying a cup of vanilla biscotti this morning at the big girl computer before the sun came up and I slopped a little on the keyboard because I didn't turn the light on and, well.......I can be a real slob at times!  Shhh...don't tell Masterchief.  If the keyboard shorts out, I know nothing!

It's been a while since I've shared any pictures of my little muffin of a grandson.  He's so "stinkin' cute" as his momma says.  I tend to agree.

So sweet an innocent 


His mommy says he liked playing out in the snow.  This is the first time he's been able to use his snowsuit.


I have slowly been working on my stash cabinets.  I have so much to go through yet but it's coming along. It's like Christmas when I root something out from under the bed or out of the closet because I have forgotten what I have!  The guest room is a terrible mess now though.  

I still have a big bin of fabric to go through.  Some of that will fill up the bottom shelves on the new cabinet. 

I still have to find a better way to store my threads. 

Right now I just have them on this wire hanger.  I used these miniature clothes pins to keep them from sliding all over it.  


When I was in TN at Carmen's house learning how to frame, I saw that she knits wool slippers too!  This woman's talents are limitless!  She was so sweet enough to offer to knit a pair for me.  So off we went to Hobby Lobby once again to pick out the wool yarn for them.  I finally got around to felting them last week.  I think I was scared to do it because I thought I might ruin them.  Here's how they look now....
I really like how they turned out and they feel so warm and comfy.  Thanks Carmen!  She also sent me home with two knitted dishcloths and a pretty tea towel which I put in to service so fast I didn't have a chance to take a picture.  

Well it was morning when I started this post!  
Thank you all so much for your encouragement in my quest to find more PB Cheerios!  I have not given up and you can rest assured that WHEN I do find them I will buy up a few boxes to store in my pantry.  Then I will be a happy girl.  :o)

Have a stitchy productive week!
~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Catch-up Post...

The weekend is here and it sure did come in with a BANG here in my little neck of the woods!  I woke up around 2am to a very LOUD clap of thunder.  Scared me half to death!  Isn't it unusual to be having thunderstorms this time of year?

As promised this post will be full of antique shop/peddler's mall finds but first I want to share with you what Lori U. won in my giveaway.  I may or may not add a thing or two to it but this will give you a good idea of what I will be sending off to her........

Lori I hope you enjoy the spoils of this giveaway!  It's just a hodgepodge of things but that's the fun of putting together a giveaway...each item doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with the other.


Before I start posting pics of the goodies I recently acquired I have to tell you how MAD I am!  Since I posted about finding those peanut butter Cheerios a few of you have told me that you went out looking and bought some for yourself as well.  I polished off my first box and have been looking for more.

  Each time I go to Walmart I go down the cereal aisle scanning the many flavors of Cheerios and the peanut butter ones are NOT THERE!!  

I ended up buying a box of cinnamon flavored ones and they are yummy but there are NOT peanut butter Cheerios!  I will not give up.  

Masterchief on the other hand is a happy camper...

Sausage and cheese on a fresh baked crust will do that to a guy!  


Now let's get going with the goodies I picked up recently...........

Blue Willow Child's Tea Set
I have been looking for one of these for a while now and Masterchief found this one on E-bay.

Etched Wine Glasses

You can see the detail better on the second picture.  I had bought a very thin, delicate one some time back but it was a bit too delicate for my klutzy hands and it took me no time at all to break it. These are just a bit more sturdy and I have to go through 7 of them before I get to the last one!

You know that heavy white china that they serve your meal to you on when you go to a diner?  I like that stuff!  I have several old platters and bowls and when I saw these two little bowls for just one dollar each I grabbed them up fast.  I like the smaller one best.

Now what do you suppose I could display in these lovely little things?

Well what did you expect?  :o)

Set of 4 Old Blue Willow Plates
Remember those plates.  You will see them again.

Five Pound Calumet Tin
I put my 14 oz. tin beside it so you could see the size of my new one.  I can't believe they actually bought baking powder in five pound tins!  I guess they made alot of biscuits back then, huh?

Calumet tin takes it's place among my other cans

Amber scissor frog.
Tiny blue bottle.

Now for the big find I'm most excited about...

Antique Oak Stash Cabinet
This one has glass in the front and the sides. I have yet to go through some bins in the back closet.  More pics to come!

Each shelf has grooves to hold plates up but I only wanted that on the very top shelf.   Now I need more scissors for all my frogs!

Look what I just saw when I looked over my shoulder!
 Just look at that sneaky look on his face!  Just when I think not one more jar could possibly fit up there...he finds a way to squeeze more in.

I know this has been a long post and if you are still with me you deserve a gold star!  Thanks so much for sticking it out.  I hope you all have a relaxing and stitch-productive weekend.  I sat down last night to stitch for a while and it seemed that for every x I crossed I had to rip two or three out!

Today is a new day!

~~Peggy Lee

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Winner and a Surprise for ME!!

It's Friday...it's Friday!  That means garbage day for us. It's pretty sad when you remember what day of the week it is by when the garbage man comes.

Well let's get to it.  Last night I wrote all the names of you folks who asked to be entered in the drawing, folded them up, put them in a bowl and asked Masterchief to pick one.  I could have used one of those random generator things but this way is more "home made".


Lori please email me with your mailing address and I will get your winnings out to you very soon.  

What did she win, you ask?  Well I wish I could tell you.  Oh no really I have been collecting a few things here and there but just haven't gotten them together to take a picture.  I will be sure to do that before I send it to Lori.  


I had a Dr.'s appt. yesterday so while I was in town I ran around to some antique/peddler's mall shops.  I picked up a few things but will post about it possibly tomorrow because I am BUSTING (or is that BURSTING??) with something to share with you!

While I was running around Masterchief called my cell to tell me I had a package here from the other side of the pond. I knew right away who it was from because she gave me a squeak that I should be looking for the Postie.  I'll bet you know who it is!

That's right....Mouse from Tales of a Stitching Mouse sent me a most darling little cross stitched giftie.  

Can you tell I'm excited?

Mouse wrote in the card that she bought the chart with some of the gift certificate that she won during my last giveaway!  Wasn't that sweet?

I just love it Mouse!  It was so very sweet of you to send this to me and I will always keep it among my most cherish stitchy possessions. You are such a dear.

That's it for today friends, I MUST go exercise before I give in and say I won't do it today.  I hope you all have a warm and comfy weekend wherever you are.  I have been reading where some of you got quite a bit of snow and even have been suffering through power outages (Heartstring Samplery).  I wish I could send some hot chocolate and cookies to you (even though I know Beth just wishes she could take a shower).  Poor thing.

I will post again very soon about my peddler's mall finds.

~~Peggy Lee