Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Country Cook

While I can't tell you exactly how I came across her blog, I can tell you it was one of the best "blog happenings" I've stumbled on.

Her name is Brandie.  I can honestly tell you I only read her profile information (very quickly) moments ago and found out she has also married a Navy man.  Well no wonder I liked her immediately!

I can quite honestly say she runs a VERY close second to the other recipe blog I follow (Pioneer Woman-Ree Drummond).  I have tried several of her recipes and each one has been a big hit with Masterchief.

I was among those who felt too proud to admit that I needed a recipe for iced tea.  Oh come on...I know you are out there.  She has an EXCELLENT recipe for iced tea on her blog.  Masterchief has declared it a keeper.  That one and her short cut apple danishes.  Brandie has since come out with those same danishes only CREAM CHEESE!!  Now I ask can anyone in their right mind bake ANYTHING with cream cheese and have it not pull you to your knees?

Another thing I like about Brandie's blog is her style of writing.   It's as if I'm right there in her kitchen.  She's very down to earth...just keeping it REAL.  I just know you'll love her blog.

Now HERE'S THE LINK TO HER BLOG.  I purposely didn't link any specific recipe because I want you to peruse her blog for yourself.  I am positive you will find many recipes to try.

PLEASE....please let me know what recipes you have tried.  I would so much like to know your opinion on this.

Remember to enter my mystery giftaway on the previous post by Saturday night!

~~Peggy Lee

Friday, June 24, 2011


That's right...tomorrow marks ONE YEAR since I first started my blog!  I feel a giveaway rumbling around somewhere.  I can't promise it will be anything big, in fact I don't have a clue what to offer so let's just call this


*gracious nods to Edgar*

It could be so many things!  If you are interested in a chance to win this most mysterious gift-a-way please leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY.  No need to mention it on your blog but if you felt so inclined...hugs to you.  I don't like to jump through alot of hoops to enter a giveaway so let's keep this one simple.  I will pick a name next Saturday night....that's July 2nd, and announce it on Sunday, July 3rd.  Masterchief just came in the door mumbling something about a bottle of his favorite BBQ sauce but I've put my foot down this time.  

Now let's get to the reason it has been so L-O-N-G since my last post.  

remember this?

Well I don't really know how to break this to you without making myself sound like a hormonal, spoiled had an unfortunate meeting with the paper shredder.  *hangs head in shame*
Without going in to alot of detail lets just say in the past six months to a year I have been experiencing alot of changes both mentally and physically.  Sometimes these "changes" get the best of me and...well...things happen.  I wish there was a magic pill to take all this away but I'm told it's "natural".  I'd like to give Mr. Natural a swift kick in the teeth right now but would that really get me anywhere?  

*****  I'd like to thank Catherine here for being patient with me when I called her about my paper shredder dilemma.  You are a peach Catherine and I feel another call to you coming up in the near future!*****

I also want to say I feel  absolutely no remorse for what I've done with the little bluebird on linen.  In fact I felt a sense of relief when the shredder froze up and I had to quickly hit the reverse button.  I might have smiled a little...maybe.  This does not mean I have given up on that chart.  I will probably stitch it again but not with so many color changes.  I was really going nuts with all that, wasn't I?

I have not abandoned my stitching all together.  I dragged this big 'ol stand out of the back bedroom and began stitching on it once again.....
 Masterchief took these pictures over my shoulder while I was stitching on the "F" block of ABC Tapestry.  I had the flag done and was working on the flamingo.

I don't know if you can see it here well enough but if you look just behind my head in that little blue glass thing hanging from my lamp you can see my scissors stuck in there.  It's a convenient place to keep them.

I am almost done with the F block as you can see here. I have stitched the Flag, Fox, Flowers, and Flamingo and I'm working on the Fish in the lower right-hand corner.  G-block, here I come!!

I sent Masterchief outside with the camera the other day to take pictures of the flowers, etc...

 Our Hydrangea is really beautiful this year.  I can hardly believe how fast it's growing!

 I bought this "birdie welcome" at Tractor Supply on Tuesday (my FAVORITE store).  Isn't it cute?

 These Gerbera daisy's do well in the front flower bed.  They tolerate the hot afternoon sun and are SO beautiful, don't you think?

Let me tell you about our lonesome tobacco plant.  I walk almost every morning as soon as I wake up for about an hour down the road.  I saw this lonely little tobacco plant that had obviously fallen off a truck on the way to the field around here.  I felt so sorry for it that I had Masterchief stop along the road while we were out to pick it up.  It would have died!  I don't smoke anymore (YAY)...and neither does Masterchief (YAY) but I still felt sorry for this little plant that would die if I didn't rescue it.  So we planted it at the sunny side of our house and one day it will grow up to be big like it's little lost friends in the big fields just down the road.  Besides......if this menopause thing gets the best of me I'll just go out to the side lawn and roll myself a big fat one!  :o)

I guess that's about it for today's post my friends.  I can't begin to tell you how guilty I feel for not being the model blogger.  I thing about posting almost every day and then my mind wanders off to...whatever...

I browse through my posts almost daily and leave comments when I feel I can.  

Now remember: leave a comment on THIS POST only to have a chance to win my one year blogaversary gift-a-way.  I'll just quickly say here that the pot ($) has gone up since Masterchief came in the house from his man-cave.  My goodness, he is a most generous man!  (I promise NO BBQ SAUCE unless you specifically request it).  Sheesh....I feel like a lawyer talking really fast right now.  

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to visit with me today.  I wish each and every one of you lived within a few miles of me so I could visit you ALL!!

Kentucky Kisses....
~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Singing The Blues progress

I've been slowly working on my latest stitch.  I decided to add another color to the mix.  When it came time to stitch the alphabet in this piece I wanted it to be in a different color than the bird.  I want that cute little bluebird to stand out so he will be the only BLUE in this piece.

I apologize for the nasty pic.  I ran an iron over it in light speed and threw it over the desk chair for a quick photo-op.  Remind me to go check and see if I turned my iron off.....

I thought since the alphabet was positioned in the upper left corner it should resemble sunshine...kinda...sorta...does that make any sense?  It was my mistake that I started stitching it with two threads instead of one like I had been using thus far.  I had already stitched a few letters when I realized I was using two threads so I decided to continue on this way.  I tell ya lately I have been all about embracing my mistakes and working around them!  It's a sickness I NEVER thought I would be afflicted with but I'm workin' it girl!!  I was always a perfectionist about my stitching before so this is as big of a surprise to me as it is to all you other perfect stitchers out there!   Oh by the way...I'm using DMC #783 for the sunshiny alphabet.

Masterchief and I went to Sam's Club today.  When we plan to go there it's usually an all day event.  It takes about 1 1/2 to get there from home.  He is out mowing right now and I'm feeling a bit guilty for not being out there helping him.  It's awful sticky out there!

I followed the advice of a couple dear bloggy friends and changed the way the comments are left on my blog. Please let me know if this is easier for you.
I also noticed that my one year blogaversary is coming up at the end of this month!  It hardly seems like a year.  I want to have a giveaway of some sort but right now I have no idea what I will be offering.  Be looking for a giveaway announcement soon!  I'll come up with something.  I'll have to keep this on the DL or Masterchief will be wanting to throw in a bottle of his favorite BBQ sauce!  Shhhhh.......    :o)

Hope the remainder of your week is cooler than mine!
~~Peggy Lee

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Weekend Start

Good Monday morning everyone!  I really shouldn't be sitting here blogging because Masterchief and I have been invited by friends to a day on the lake but I wanted to show you what I started over the weekend...

Please excuse the wrinkles.  I grabbed it off the couch for a quick picture this morning.  This chart, "Singing The Blues" by LHN was so kindly sent to me by Catherine from Bramblewood Stitches.  Thanks Catherine!   I chose a pretty blue 32 count linen I had in my basket and also changed up the colors a bit.  I can't wait to finish it.

Yesterday I finished a little freebie offered by Heartstring Samplery.  You can find the chart on the sidebar at her blog along with others.  I am the first to admit I'm not the greatest at finishing so please keep that in mind...

I'm not the straightest stitcher in the world but I like it.

I think I promised a picture of "Ah Tis Spring" by Notforgotten Farm.  I haven't done anything to it yet.  I'm not exactly sure how I will finish it.  I don't think I want to frame it.  I'd love to have it on the front of a tote bag or something like that but that is most definitely out of my talent scope!  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I chose not to put the words "Ah Tis Spring" along the top for mine.  I might change my mind but for now I like it this way.

I think I'm slowly coming around to "normal " life here at the lake again.  Masterchief spends alot of time out in the addition.  He is really coming along out there.  I will take pictures this week.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Thank you for your comments...I appreciate the time it takes to leave them!  Really I do!!

~~Peggy Lee