Thursday, December 15, 2011

Treasures From Tennessee

Before I show you my treasures I must thank each and every one of you who wished us a happy anniversary.  As they blinged in on my phone I read them to Masterchief while on the road to TN.  Your messages were very sweet and I appreciate you so much!


Gatlinburg and the surrounding area was all decked out for Christmas.  The lights and displays were beautiful.  I managed to take a couple pictures with my phone but that's the kind of thing you really have to be there to fully appreciate.  

We took in some of natures beauty the next day....

 I couldn't help sneaking that one of Masterchief in there.  Such a handsome guy!

There are antique shops galore in that area.  We only stopped at a few.  I wanted to stop at more but I filled the car up with one purchase.....

We are still finding out the details about how old it is and all that but isn't she a beauty?  Someone must have refinished the cabinet because it's just gorgeous. 

This next peddler's mall find isn't from TN.  I found it right here in KY a day or so before we left.  

I've been looking for some sort of cabinet or shelving to put my stitchy things in.  I get so frustrated when I KNOW I have something and I can't find it.  I have stash from one end of the house to the other, shoved under things, baskets stuffed full, you know how it is.  This is perfect for charts, fabric etc...  It looks like there were lots of little dividers in it at one time.  It's best that they are out for what I need to use it for. 

We heard of a shop in Knoxville, TN that we knew would be on the way home.  It's called Three Sisters Antiques and Needlework.  

I snapped that one from the car as we drove away.  

I was pawing through the beautiful threads and charts while Masterchief checked out the 'antique' part of the shop.  He came in to where I was and was immediately drawn to a sampler hanging on the wall.

It's just a simple alphabet but it is so beautifully stitched.  Well when my Masterchief's eye is drawn to a sampler you just know I MUST STITCH IT!  Just as we had located the chart who should walk in the shop but the very person who designed the sampler!  It was almost eerie.  
This sampler is Eliza Evans 1831, a reproduction sampler by Darlene Lara from The Marking Sampler.  She was kind enough to sign my chart and pose for a picture...
Can you tell I'm about to burst with excitement?  Darlene was so very kind to help me find the thread she recommends for it. *just a note here - if you plan to stitch this one, there's a typo where it tells you what thread to use. The "8" is missing off the number of Weeks Dye Works.  It is 1268, which is Molasses.  

I know I have so many other things waiting to be stitched but I am so drawn to this one.  We still find it really weird, for lack of a better word, that she walked in just as we pulled her chart from the basket.

I'll leave you with my little angels I found at a Christmas shop in TN.  I love to collect angel figurines that aren't fancy.  By not fancy I mean no paint for lips or eyes, just one color.

Well that's about it my friends.  Thank you all so much once again for the warm anniversary wishes. {{HUGS}} to all of you! We look forward to many more years together.

~~Peggy Lee


Jennifer Gail said...

When I read the title of this post I thought you meant me;) I think I have had just a little to much sweet tea today. Merry Christmas

missy said...

Oh that sewing machine and cabinet are so beautiful. I miss Gatlinburg...such a great little mountain town.

Thanks to you I just ordered that Sampler!! lol


Vonna said...

What a lovely trip! And those gorgeous Antiques! I have a treadle machine myself and it is my pride and joy.
What a lovely sampler and how thrilling to have a picture and signature of its designer! Woot!

Deborah said...

Sounds like you both had a great trip. Love the new treasures. That case is gorgeous. Wonderful to meet the designer.

Nancy said...

Sounds like you and MC had a great time on your trip! That cabinet and machine are gorgeous! Love the cute angels! How lucky to meet the designer and get her to autograph your chart, know you had to be so excited and that sampler will always bring such good memories!

P.J. said...

Absolutely love, love, love your cabinet. I recently organized my guest room closet with shelves and drawers for my stitching stash. You are going to enjoy having all your stash, stashed in one place.

Great find on the sampler, it must have been serendipity for the designer to be there! MC has a good eye!

Keep on stitching. P.J.

Catherine said...

Great pictures! I sent you an email earlier. You've got some great goodies there - especially that MC!! What a guy!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh, I learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine.. My mom had one.

And I also have one I bought in the 90's for 25 dollars. It has all the attachments and would probably still work if I took the time to fool with it.

Thanks for sharing your new goodies .

Love your blog !


Mouse said...

oooooo ... from start to finish ... love the water falls the photo of you two *waving helllooo to Masterchief .. and love your sewing machine .. there should be a number on it on the front plate .. if you google make etc with this it will tell you ... Dh did mine and its 1861 (i think love the chart too and lovely you got it signed by the designer too ... and that cabinet me thinks just perfect for what you want :) .... love mouse xxxx

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. That picture of you and MC is fabulous! Great finds at the shop and have fun keeping all of your stitching gear together in that wonderful cabinet.
Lastly, there is nothing quite like a signed chart. I have a TW of TWD signature on one of my favorites and will cherish it forever.
Be always in stitches.

Carol said...

Oh, Peggy--not sure which is prettier--the gorgeous scenery that you saw or your antique finds. I absolutely love that cabinet!! All those skinny shelves are just perfect for storing fabrics and ribbons and thread and charts--you're one lucky stitcher!!

Jennifer said...

Oh Peg so glad you had a great time and your pics are lovely! I love Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area, they have the best antiques and such fun!!
You were so close to me, only about 2.5 hours, but I'm sure you were having alot of fun on the road with your sweet hubbie.
Love the sampler and what a TREASURE is that machine and cabinet!


Jennifer said...

Oh Peg so glad you had a great time and your pics are lovely! I love Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area, they have the best antiques and such fun!!
You were so close to me, only about 2.5 hours, but I'm sure you were having alot of fun on the road with your sweet hubbie.
Love the sampler and what a TREASURE is that machine and cabinet!


dixiesamplar said...

Gorgeous Singer cabinet!! I hope mine looks s good when I am finished redoing it...your's really is lovely, Peggy. Love your other cabinet purchase...that looks perfect for stitchy organizing.

Sounds like you and MC had a wonderful trip...antique shops and needlework shops, oh my! What more could you ask for, LOL! And how cool that you met the it when those kind of things happen.

Your angels are adorable...and so lovely in their simplicity!

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Mercy Girl ~ you done gooooooood, enjoy! Back to my sewing machine, tryin to squeak in a finish or two today:)

Mindi said...

Love both the antique sewing machine (I have my eye on my Mom's!) and the old wardrobe. I've been wanting and old map case for a long time to store fabrics, nice long, wide and deep drawers, but that cabinet looks perfect.

Beautiful pictures you took on your roadtrip, and what a neat thing, to run into the sampler designer.

Berit said...

What a great post! Love your sewing machine (haven't seen one with Egypt Mania ornamentation before). Also, I love your new stash cabinet (G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S)!

Also that is a very fine sampler you and MC picked out--and quite a coincidence, too.

Suzanne said...

What great pictures! I love the sewing machine and that cabinet is prefect.