Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friends, Stash and Diamonds

Good Afternoon friends.  Thank you so much for your welcome back comments on my last post.  It's so good to be back.  I've missed you all.  

Let's start with the FRIENDS part of the post title. 

On Tuesday I had the chance to meet once again with a two of my new friends whom I have met through blogging.  It was the quick, throw-together type of meeting but I was so glad to see them again before we head back to Kentucky.  Catherine and Brett met me at the Starbucks near the Strawberry Sampler for a cup of coffee before storming the shop for more stash.  

We asked one of the girls that works there to take this pic for us.  Then we went to the shop.  

Of course I picked up a couple things while there.  I can't remember ever walking in this shop without leaving  with something to add to my stash.  

It was so good to see Catherine and Brett again before going home.  Thanks once again girls for a great time!

I guess that covered friends and stash...

Let's get to the last part of today's post title. 


This morning Masterchief took me out for breakfast at the Hollywood Diner in Delaware.  Don't ask me what town.  I couldn't tell you.  Maybe Catherine could help us by leaving it in a comment...(hint-hint)
After breakfast he took me to Kay Jewelers and told me to pick out anything in the store and it would be mine.  I already had my eye on something in there so before he could change his mind I didn't waste any time getting to this......

It's a beautiful one carat anniversary ring in white gold!  Our 6th anniversary is December 12th.  I'm so glad he's not making me wait until then to wear it!  Also Delaware has no sales tax...YAY!!  Luckily the one they had in the case was my size so I was able to walk out of the store with it on my finger.  

I ask myself every day, what on earth did I do to deserve a man like Masterchief?  He's so good to me.  He even proof reads my blog post before I publish for typos.  (I love you Honey. More than you know)

That's it for today folks.  As you can imagine I am on cloud 9.  I'm going to see my grandson on Saturday, I'm going home a couple days after that, I have more stash and I have new bling on my finger.  What more could a girl want?

I probably won't post anymore until we get home...about a week or so.  Take care of yourselves.  I am *this* close to sitting on my couch with needle and linen in hand.  (((((squeals)))))

~~Peggy Lee

Monday, November 14, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Oh gosh...I think I might forget how to do this.  It's been a while since I've posted and I feel so "out of the loop".  I haven't had any time to browse through your blogs.  I really miss that.

My last day of work was Saturday but Masterchief was asked to work till this Friday.  They kept a handful of Senior HP's to finish up.  This outage wasn't nearly as hard as past ones.  I grew very tired for sure but was able to keep the pace for the most part.  Remember my last post about how I was to move up to be a Junior HP?  Well I did all the testing...and did it well if I don't say so myself but the final signature was not to be had in the end.  The required 6 months experience is usually waived when the supervisors approve of your work but we have a new RPM (Radiation Protection Manager) now and I assume he goes by the book.  I have been doing this work since 2009 but since we only do two outages a year my accumulated time only came to 4.5 months.  With this outage under my belt I should have no problem moving up next Spring.  Since I already completed the training I should be able to move up without having to do it again.

Here are a couple of pictures taken of me while at work.  There are cameras everywhere in that place and once in a while the house tech will take some pictures and send them to us.

 The Senior HP is cutting me out of my outer protective clothing here.  It's made of a sort of plastic so I'm drenched underneath!
Off with the face shield.  So glad to have it off.  It gets steamy under there.

So....we are in New Jersey until this Saturday morning when we will then head up to PA to visit with my family for a couple days.  Then we will be homeward bound.  We miss our home so much.  We will get home in time to have Thanksgiving with some very good friends.  Can't wait!

Let's get on with the stitchy pictures....

On my last day off we ran up to Glen Mills, Pa to The Strawberry Sampler to pick up the two pieces I was having framed.  I suggested that Masterchief drop me off at the shop while he took the car for an oil change but for some reason he wouldn't agree to that. Hmmm....I don't get it.

I am forever grateful to my stitchy friends that went with me to the shop.  They helped me pick out these frames.  I love the detail in this one.  This is "I Sew'd My Heart", a freebie from Heartstring Samplery.

Next up is "My Ways" by La d Da.

Again, the detail in this frame is gorgeous.  Thanks to Nancy once again for lending me this chart!

That's about it friends.  I will spend the next few days catching up and commenting on your blogs.  Thanks for hanging in there.

~~Peggy Lee