Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meeting a Fellow Blogger.....

I have met the best people since I started this blog!  While here in Tennessee I met yet another fellow stitcher/blogger.  Please meet Carmen from Cardan Antiques and Needlework.  She loves samplers too!  It all started with an email after she read my post last week complaining of the taxes here in TN.  I think I understand it all now but I'm still glad I live in KY.  

Anyway Carmen is so very talented.  She invited me to her home and gave me a tour of all her stitched treasures.  She has drawers, walls and cabinets full of them!  You know I always have the camera in front of my face but I was so busy keeping my chin off the floor that I didn't take one picture.  Oh she does beautiful work and she designs too!  

Her husband, Danny volunteered to fix Masterchief's truck.  The starter gave out on it and by the time he would get home from work he ran out of daylight.  We were both left speechless by the kindness of strangers.  I mean really..... here he is crawling under the truck getting all nasty greasy for a complete stranger!

We are eternally grateful to Danny for taking the time to help us on his weekend.

After Carmen showed me a few antique shops in the area we all went out for dinner at Carrabba's.  Masterchief and I have never been to Carrabba's before and we really liked it.

We almost wish we would be staying in TN a little longer but we will be sure to look them up if we are in the area again.

Here is a pic of all the charts and goodies Carmen gave me.  That's right.....she just gave them to me!  I am speechless again.......

I feel like anything I put here just won't express enough how thankful we are to Carmen and Danny for helping us out with the truck and for the kindness shown to us.  They are both very down to earth kind hearted people who would do anything for you.  THANK YOU BOTH!!

Here is a pic of progress on Red Border Study II
 I took this picture this morning but have stitched two more rows at the top since then.  I really like doing this piece because each row completed results in a mini celebration.  I didn't realize how much I had accomplished until I saw the last picture I took of this.  Of course I owe it all to Masterchief's starter dying in his truck.  He had to use the car to get to work and that left me with lots of stitching time in the hotel room. 

Today it took at least 15 minutes to load each picture up so I am calling it quits for now.  Masterchief should be here any moment.  He messaged me to say he was on his way back to the hotel because they have finished the job.  We will be home in a day or two now.  We want to take a day to do the tourist thing in Nashville before heading back home. 

A big HUGE thank you again to Carmen and Danny for your kindness and new friendship.  Words will never express our gratitude.  I am also so very inspired from looking at all the samplers on your walls.  I can't wait to get home to my stash!

Next time I blog it will be from my old Kentucky home!

~~Peggy Lee

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Finish, a Start and a Crafty Idea!

I've had plenty of stitching time while here in Tennessee.  Yesterday it seemed that my head was...well, somewhere else.  I couldn't concentrate on anything.  Neither one of us has been able to sleep well here.  We adjust the air to where we think we will be comfortable and then we wake up through the night, sometimes hot and other times cold.  The refrigerator runs loudly and it will sometimes make that tapping sound like when housekeeping taps their key card on your door to announce themselves.  It took us a night or two to figure out no one was actually at the door at 2 in the morning! SHEESH!!

Ok so lets get on with the meaning of this posts title.........

Here's the finish......

I'm sure Catherine will be glad to have her LHN Singing The Blues chart back.  She's been so patient with my keeping it as long as I have. THANK YOU CATHERINE!!
Never you mind that the bird looks like a stripey toe sock.  I probably should have planned my variegation in the thread a bit better but oh well.  He's a happy little guy.  I chose to substitute the swirly thing for music notes like others I've seen.  Just in case you haven't seen or don't remember my first attempt at this chart...CLICK HERE to see it.  I had chosen a pretty blue linen and switched up the threads for a more colorful spin.  Well that's all history now and I really like this finished version.  I'm not sure how I'll finish it yet but I'm just glad to have it done.

Now for the start............

This is Heron House Designs Red Border Study II.  I'm not sure what year it was when I stitched the Border Study I.  I think it was 2004.  I know we still lived in Pennsylvania when I stitched it.  It's not framed at the moment so when I get this second one done I will have them both framed at the same time.  That will be pricey, won't it?  Let's just not think about that right now.  I'm using WDW Brick on this.  I really like the different stitches in a few of the rows.........

I love me some Algerian Eyes!!

The hint to the crafty idea is at the top of my blog page on the side bar.  I was browsing through blogs the other day and found this awesome idea to use old embroidery hoops.  I don't use hoops anymore so  I'm sure I have several stuck in the back of a closet somewhere.  I see them all the time at thrift stores and don't pick them up but now you can bet I'm gonna grab 'em!  Just click on the picture to check out Jane's blog.

I just spent the last hour or so on the phone with Carmen.  See her blog HERE.  She is a local here in TN and has offered to stop by my hotel and guide me in the direction of a few places to shop.  I love to meet my fellow bloggy friends and am thrilled to get to meet Carmen this afternoon!

Well I must give my laptop a rest.  It's darn near smoking now it's so warm.  Time to get stitching.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I have SO enjoyed browsing through your blogs and leaving a comment here and there.  You all are so talented!

~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to Tennessee!

It's a beautiful state (what I've seen of it so far) but holy cow!  When I got back from the grocery store I noticed two different taxes on my receipt.  One for 7.75% and the other for 9.25%.  I don't know what all that is for but it just seems like that's alot.  I'm sure I'm missing something there but so far I've only had my receipts to look at.

So far this week I have stitched a little and explored a lot.  I found a place to get my hair cut close to the hotel. It was VERY expensive.  At home I pay $12 (plus a tip) for a cut and here I paid $45 (plus a tip).  I had to fix my bangs when I got home too!

I slept so good the first night here but since then I haven't slept well at all.  For some reason I brought my OTC sleeping aid with me and I think tonight I will be taking it.

My laptop has finally given it up for the hotel internet and finished uploading all the updates so I can finally blog from it instead of using Masterchief's laptop.  Here is the pic I wanted to include with the last post.....

I found the plate at Pier One and had to have a wine glass while here at the hotel.  As for the M&M's, well that's just one of life's little necessities.

I have managed to fit in a few stitches during the day while Masterchief is at work.

It takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to load a picture up here at the hotel so that's it for now.  I think I need to take a nap.  I have been up since 3am.

I have so enjoyed reading your blogs and leaving comments.  I think I have left more comments in the last few days than I have in a long time.  It feels good!  A few of you have even gone so far as to reply to them.  I thank you so much for that.

I'm so glad you stopped by today.  Check back for continued progress on my stitching.  I think I'll be here for another week.

~~Peggy Lee

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


......I did the laundry (washers and dryers are free here at the Candlewood).  YAY!   While the clothes were in the dryer I ran down the road to pick up a bottle of my favorite wine, Beringer's White Merlot only to get back to the hotel and remember that I don't have a corkscrew here OR      *gasp*      a pretty wine glass!!  

So.....after folding the last of the three loads I ran down to the car and poked "all shopping" in to the handy dandy navigation thingy the car came with and lo and behold there were several places to spend money within a 5 mile radius!  Now you must understand here that if I should do that very same thing from my driveway at home it would have to reach out about 20 miles to get to the nearest drug store/Walmart...not counting gas stations and dollar stores of course.  I haven't been in a Pier One since I worked at one in PA about 6 years ago.  They still smell the same in case you're wondering.  I bought a stemless wine glass and a pretty white plate that looks like lace along the edge.

I have spent the last 30 minutes taking a picture and trying to load it on to Masterchief's laptop but for some reason it won't recognize the camera card and my laptop is refusing to connect up here at the hotel for the moment so maybe I can get a picture to you later.  Sorry.

Anyway....I have already broken in the wine glass and I am happy to report that it works just fine.  I think I'll keep it.

I have not started any stitching yet though.  I have been spending the last day or two extending my feelers into the area here.  Brentwood is beautiful but I have found that the women here dress up in their (almost) very best just to go grocery shopping.  I'm not used to that where I live in KY so needless to say I have felt like a bit of a slob in my capri's, Kentucky Cats T-shirt and sandals.  At least I remembered to use my tweezers, slap on some deodorant and brush on some mascara before I left the hotel today.  Those girls just don't know how lucky they are!

I need to turn the AC back on now.  Poor Masterchief has been a bit warm since I arrived here.  He likes it cooler than I do but he doesn't complain much.  He's more than I deserve!

Hopefully I will have some stitchy news in my next post.

Until then....
~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, August 13, 2011

NO...Don't Go!!

Well here it is the end of the week already.  Time has a nasty way of buzzing by when you don't want it to.

I just wanted to pop in very quickly to touch base.  As you can imagine it's been a busy week here.

I haven't had a moment to stitch or browse through your blogs but I'm sure you understand!

Masterchief had to leave for Nashville the day Josh, Laymie and Liam arrived here.  I will be taking them back to the airport today and then I'm off to Nashville to join him.  This job should only last another couple of weeks so I will most likely stay with Masterchief until he's finished there.  I plan to stay in the hotel room and get as much stitching done as I can.  I've already packed a few things to stitch.  Of course I will be stitching on Singing The Blues by LHN.  Hopefully I will get that finished so I can send the chart back to Catherine.  I have also tucked Something Wicked This Way Comes by La D Da in my bag.  I think I've had that one all kitted up for some time now and just never started it.  I'm also bringing a sampler I've been working on for who knows how long.  Do you have any of those WIP's that last for years and every once in a great while you pick it up to put a few stitches in only to put it down and start something else?  Well that's what this one is!  Maybe some day I'll devote more time to it and get it done.  It's that darn border that always gets me!

I'm taking my little laptop with me as well.....to catch up on all your blogs.

The kids are back to school here already!  Have any of yours started back yet?  That just seems crazy.  I was shocked to see a school bus zoom past me out here in the country while I was taking my morning walk the other day.  Where did the summer go?  I would imagine it's hard for the kids to start back when it's still so hot out, although I have to say we here in southern Kentucky have had a little bit of a break from the high humidity.  It sure has been a scorcher this year!

Well I need to get packing and get squeezing my little Liam as much as I can before I have to send him back home with his parents.  I wonder if they would notice if I tucked him in with my things and took him to Nashville with me?

Until next post....do take care!
~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anticipation...it's makin' me WAIT!!

Today was supposed to be the BIG day.  Josh, Laymie and Liam should be here right NOW but their flight was cancelled due to "no available pilot".  Now what is that?  That cut our time with each other short by one day.  The flight was automatically rescheduled for the following day.  Grandpa Masterchief will now only see them for a few hours and then he's off to Nashville for a job.  It was an unexpected call but when someone waves a dollar at us we can't pass it up, especially in times like these!

So....tomorrow I will be squeezing my little Liam!

He doesn't quite fit in to Daddy's boots yet but they better watch out....he will be singing bass before they know it.

Tomorrow is also my birthday and what more of a present could a grandma ask for?  I am so excited!

On another note........

I have a hard time keeping all of you straight.  Oh please don't take offense.  I read SO MANY blogs it is hard for me to remember who said what and who stitched which design.  I hope I am not the only one who suffers from this disease.  I say this in hopes to find a dear, sweet follower (or reader) who has sent me a couple emails telling me that I inspired her to stitch the LHN Bluebird piece in a colorful way.  A weekend or so ago she sent me an email with a picture attached to show me exactly what she was stitching since she doesn't yet have a blog.  I received the email while on the road with my phone and couldn't see the picture.  I figured when I got home I would look at it on the big computer and then reply.  Well wouldn't you know it, when I checked my gmail at home, IT WASN'T THERE!   I had somehow deleted it with my phone and now it's forever LOST!  So please....dear friend....if it was YOU who emailed me that picture of your stitching, I so badly want to see it.  Please, please send it to me again.  I've been just sick about losing it.

I haven't stitched anything in the past few days because I've been "Spring" cleaning.  I haven't even baked anything.  That's just not normal around here.

Until I blog again............

~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grandbaby...Stitching Progress and Chocolate Pie!

Sure has been a while since I've posted, I know.  I think about doing it every day and then time just gets away from me.  I really haven't been doing much stitching.  We had our nephew here for a two week visit recently.  Josh, Laymie and Liam are coming to stay with us for a week.  We pick them up at the airport this Saturday!  I am so excited.  This will be the first trip to Kentucky for my son.  Laymie and Liam were with us for a couple nights last Fall while Josh went to a fitness expo in Ohio.  Liam has grown like you wouldn't believe.  Be prepared for a post with lots of pictures after their visit!  Here is one Laymie sent me recently....

Aww heck....I can't just give you one.....

Laymie says he's cruisin' for chicks here.  Can you believe he is walking already?  Saturday can't come soon enough!

I think when I left you last I had finished the G block on ABC Tapestry.  Sometimes it's hard to judge the size of a piece so here I have put my big 'ol paw in the pic....

Now here is a picture of what it looks like today.  Remember that the corner block and the A, B and C blocks are now rolled onto the scroll so you can't see them here.....

Every time I thought about blogging my progress on this piece I put it off thinking...I just want to wait until I get all four blocks outlined, THEN I'll blog about it.  Well I would have had it finished last night but I counted wrong on the stitches along the bottom and had a little frogging session.  After that I stuck my needle in the fabric, pushed my quilting rack away and promptly stomped in to the kitchen to prepare myself some pasta!

Pasta is a healer.  Amen!

I managed a new beginning on the Bluebird piece (Singing The Blues) by LHN.  Catherine was so kind to lend me the chart and now I feel bad about having it so long.  Remember the very colorful rendition of this earlier?  I still don't feel bad about putting it through the shredder.  I thought maybe I would experience some post-mortem blues but NOPE!  I still form a sneaky grin at the corners of my mouth when I think of it.  *evil laugh here*

I used WDW Whitewash for the border and I chose Belle Soie Blue Lagoon for the main color of blue.  It's the same blue I used for Liam's Sampler.  LOVE it!!

I made a Chocolate Dream Pie for Masterchief a couple of weeks ago.  The recipe is on the back of the Dream Whip box and it's been a favorite to make for years.  No baking required and OH so delicious!  Look what I turned the corner into the kitchen to find one evening....

That's a good third of the pie, wouldn't you say?  I managed to steal a couple bites but it was gone in a flash!

I'm just guessing here but I think that recipe is a keeper.

I want to thank all of you who have left me very supportive and encouraging comments this summer.  I just haven't felt the blogging mojo like I used to.  I browse through your blogs faithfully but when it comes to posting on my own blog my get-up-&-go can be found taking a nap.

Take care of yourselves and try to stay cool.  Before you know it we will be freezing in the middle of Winter trying to remember what it feels like to break a sweat!

Until next time, cross a few X's for me!

~~Peggy Lee