Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogger Lag.....

As I sit here in my stitchy chair browsing through the blogs of my faithful stitchy friends, I am feeling...well...not so stitchy.

Yes my friends I am afraid it's happened.  I have turned in to one of those bloggers who reads your posts almost faithfully but rarely leaves a comment.  Now how awful is that?

I never wanted this blog to reflect any boo-hooism's on my part.  I just don't want to bother you with any of that.   It's not my bloggy-style.  I can't seem to get past the part where I click on "New Post".  And yes, I've done that.  I sit and stare at the screen and can't think of a single thing to tell you.

Here's a couple pics of my ABC Tapestry.

I wish I would have taken a picture before I sat here to let you see what it looks like now.  I have just about outlined the four blocks that go under D E F and G.  Then all I will have to do is do the "guts" of each block.

My 13 year old nephew is visiting with us for two weeks.  If there isn't a 3-ring circus marching through the house every second he is bored to death!  We went out on the lake today and he spent darn near the whole time in the water.  I got a terrible sunburn.  You'd think I would know better at my age, right?  I'm gonna really be hurting in the morning.

Well it's bed time for me.  The bed is going to feel really good tonight.

Oh...I'm gonna give that little bluebird chart another whirl.  I'm going to stay away from the paper shredder this time though.  :o)

Tomorrow I rest.  Then it's on to a full day of showing my nephew the sites of Kentucky.

Goodnight friends.....
~~Peggy Lee


Myra said...

It happens to all of us at one time or another Peggy Lee. Your blogging and stitching mojo will return soon. Have fun with your nephew!

CalamityJr said...

Hope you're feeling better today (and please stay out of the sun and heat). Feel free to say whatever you need to; we're all friends here! I look forward to seeing your new start on Singing the Blues. After all, you were part of my inspiration for the way I'm stitching that very piece!

Deborah said...

Don't worry, this too will pass. We are just glad that you are stitching and havimg a good summer.

Gabi said...

Been there not long ago as well Peggy Lee. Stitching didn't flow of my hand as it normally does. Too many blog posts to answer, and somehow it seemed it all grew above my head. I took a pause from blogging then until all returned. Blogging should be fun and not an obligation after all. :)
But now to the real important stuff...your stitching is gorgeous. LOVE your ABC Tapestry.
Hope your sunburn won't feel too bad in the morning :)

MoonBeam said...

Your alphabet is absolutely beautiful.

natalyK said...

Love the progress on tapestry. We have missed your blogging but I can relate to not knowing what to say and skipping a post. Do what you want when you want to. There aren't any rules as far as I know.

Happy Stitching!

xeyedmary said...

I LOVE your ABC Tapestry! It will be stunning when finished!
As for the loss of your blogging mojo, I think we've all hit that wall at least once (me- 3 or 6 times!)
Enjoy your nephew's visit!

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Oh Peggy, I am right there with you...I faithfully read everyone's posts, but I just cannot bring myself to comment lately...what is wrong with us?? It can't be the "M" because I had that surgically removed, LOL!!! Like you, I just can't find anything to say...I am such a comment slug!

Sorry to hear about your "issues" and I hope things improve soon...I dodged that bullet a few years back. My thoughts and prayers are with you though...and Masterchief, God Bless'im!

And how the dickens did I miss your blogaversay...I mean really?? What kinda blogging friend misses such an important event?? So sorry...and I am happy to see that so many others were on hand to help you celebrate...Congrats to Mouse, and Congrats to you on a wonderful year of blogging!!

Love the Tapestry progress; it is coming along beautifully...sorry to hear about the demise of bluebird...better luck this go around, eh'!!

Enjoy the nephew...
Happy Stitchin'

Catherine said...

Tapestry looks great! As for your other issue - yes, we've all been there at one time or another. Just have another umbrella drink or two!! ;). Have fun touring around with your nephew!

Jenny said...

Oh wow, your tapestry is gorgeous! I have this pattern too, but already as I bought it, I suspected that I would not "have what it takes" to ever stitch it! LOL
I totally understand what you are going through. I am sure that most of us have been there one time or another. Just relax, take time to enjoy yourself and things will change when you are ready.
I have found it to be much harder to keep up with the blogging & stitching in the summers - there is gardening to attend to, walks that need taken and so many other fun things to do outdoors.
Take care and hope that you have a great summer!

PS Hope that the sunburn is not too bad!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I totally understand stitchy slumps. It happens to us all. Just take the time you need and things will work themselves out. They usually do.

Your progress looks great! {{Hugs}}

Deb said...

You are not the only one that's been reading blogs and then slinking away without making a comment. I think we all have times of doing that. And stitching slumps happen all the time too.

Love your progress on the Alphabets. It's really stunning.

wendy111 said...

I love seeing your alphabet grow! Never feel guilty if you don't feel like doing something - blogging should be fun and not a chore.

Laymie said...

Where are all the pics of Liam =( haha.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your alphabet looks fantastic you know you don't have to say much just show us the wonderful things you have been upto!