Monday, March 21, 2011

My Week In Pictures

Masterchief's first day of work was today so we left a week early to spend time with family (especially my most adorable, precious grandson).  We stayed with Josh and Laymie last week then we were off to New Jersey yesterday (Sunday).  We stay at the same hotel every time.  It was with mixed emotions that I seemed to know just where to put things in our hotel room.  We know this is what we must do to put beans on the table but we both miss home the minute we have to leave it to come here.

So let's begin the picture show.....
Liam's expressions are so cute. I think it was the flash that brought on this one

We went to see Mrs. Dixon, a dear woman who isn't feeling well lately. She is 97 years old and hasn't seen Josh since he was a young boy. 
Liam slept in her arms the entire time we visited

Grandma got to change a few diapers. It's funny how that's something you never forget how to do!

Grandpa gets in some squeezes

E-Trade baby in training

Proud Daddy

My favorite picture

Such a happy boy

Waking up from a nap...yes, he naps ON his Momma. He isn't spoiled...not one bit!!

Grandma introduced him to Barney, much to his daddy's dismay

I just LOVE his little giggle

On Saturday we went to my brother's to help celebrate his birthday. I could have sworn he was turning 47 this year. OOPS!

Ready to blow out the big 4 6

Wish I could share some stitchy news with you.  After all....this IS a stitching blog, isn't it?  I didn't put needle to fabric once during the week.  I was so busy visiting friends and family that I really didn't have time and when I did find myself with nothing to do I quickly scooped up my little chubby love (Liam that is...not talking about Masterchief here) and gave him lots of kisses and squeezes.

We arrived here at the hotel yesterday and I did my usual disinfecting of the room before putting anything away.

Notice the glass of wine nearby.  It was a necessity!

I hope to get Liam's full name and date of birth stitched across the bottom of the finished blocks so I can take it to be framed this Thursday.  Masterchief brought a huge stack of stuff for me to study back with him today. I'm hoping I won't have too many tests to take this time.

I won't be able to browse/comment/post much while I'm here working. I'm not exactly sure when this job will be over but they usually last 5 or 6 weeks.  After we are done working here we are heading up to Maine to visit with Masterchief's mother then back to PA for a day or so to visit with family again before going home to KY.  I will be so glad to finally get back home.  After staying in a hotel for as long as we have to our home feels like a mansion!

Thanks for your visits and comments.  I appreciate each one.
Thanks also for understanding about my upcoming temporary absence.  It's every Spring and Fall!

Take care of yourselves....
~~Peggy Lee


Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Beautiful pics, tfs! Plz don't work your stitchy fingers to the bone, safe travels to you and MC, maybe find a couple nice blue jars on your trip up north...

jennifer said...

Sweet pictures, sweet baby. Tell your brother Happy Birthday from another 65 model. lol

Catherine said...

What wonderful pictures! I am sure it wasn't easy to leave all that lovin' and go to your temporary digs! I hope we are still on for Thursday!

Beth said...

He certainly knows how to take a picture! What a cute little smile. You all take care of yourselves up there in NJ and git back here to Kaintuck as soon as you can!

Deborah said...

liam is just so cute and smiley! Don't work to hard.

Cath said...

Gorgeous pics of your family . Hope you get some stitching time soon .X

Mary said...

Sweet baby pics! Hope the time away from home will fly by for you.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the E-trade baby...what a cute little happy kid he is..

Bekca said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures, Liam looks like such a happy baby :) Hope work isn't too bad this time around, and I hope you get a bit of free time to do some stitching! Best wishes.

Suzanne said...

What precious time you were able to spend with your grandson. Sorry that you have to travel so much for your work. Take care and I am sure you will be back to stitching as soon as you get back.