Friday, March 25, 2011

Stash pics and more....

First I want to start off by clearing something up.  It seems I have been posting more often since I have been "away from home working" after telling you all that I would be absent from the blogging world for a while.  I have been away from home for two weeks now but I don't start work until this Monday.  Meanwhile I've been a little bored sitting here in the hotel room while Masterchief started work this past Monday.  He usually goes in a week or so before me because he's been doing this for years and he is in more demand (and is so much smarter than me).  He reminds me of this every chance he gets but I remain silent when he can't find his glasses or he forgets which foot to put what sock on.  Oh I'm just kidding of course....he really is alot smarter than I am.  After all he's been doing this for a long time and the man has 20 years on me!!  Anyway I'm saying all this to let you know that my blog-world silence or slacking will begin on Monday so until then I'm livin' it up baby!!

I took a few pictures of what I bought at TSS yesterday.  Deborah commented that she couldn't believe I only bought a pair of scissors while there.  I bought a couple other things but you must remember I just paid somewhere in the vicinity of $150 to have Liam's sampler framed so I couldn't really get much more.  My bag was small on the way out the door but I can't wait for the day when I can go back in there and pick up the sampler in it's framed beauty!

The above picture is everything (minus the framing) I got at The Strawberry Sampler yesterday.  I broke a needle while finishing up the name and date on the bottom of the sampler so I bought another pack of John James size 26 gold plated petites.  I like the shorter needle and after using them I find it awkward to use a longer one and I spoil myself just a bit by paying the extra dollar or so for the gold plated ones.  The shop was having a sale on their threads too.  As of April first they are going up a dime each (no joke).  I bought 10 for $2 each and got 2 free.  It was funny to see the different tastes of the three of us (Catherine, Brett and me) when picking out our threads.  Brett liked the bright Springy colors while I chose more of the muted "old sampler" colors.  Catherine and Brett both like purple and I really don't.  I don't know why but I really just don't like the, it has nothing to do with Barney.  I kinda like the big lug.
You can see I also picked up four of the little thread rings.  They were $1 each.  I think I might pick up a couple more of them later.  The scissors I just had to have!  They are Sullivan's Heirloom Embroidery Scissors...4", stainless steel.  They are so pretty, don't you think?
All of these things are atop a piece of 35 ct. WDW Onyx fabric.  I have never worked on black linen before but I've been seeing a few pieces in your blogs that are absolutely gorgeous so I think I might give it a whirl.  I'll need to break out of my shell and get a few bright colors to use with it though.  I'm sure Brett will appreciate that!
Here is a closer picture of the beautiful scissors and the threads.  I can't wait to get home and put these beauties in one of my scissor frogs.  I can never have too many scissors!

Sweet Sue commented about the ABCD by La D Da looming over my head in the picture on yesterday's post.  She remembers that I had a very hard time with this piece when I started it a while back.  Seems it was cursed from the get-go and I couldn't make one correct stitch!  I would not be defeated though so I put that piece aside and broke out a brand new piece of linen to restart it on.  I brought it with me and I almost have it finished.....
I better get crackin' though because there will be NO stitching going on once I start work.

I don't knit or crochet.  My only "talent" is cross stitching so when I wanted more of those hand knitted dishcloths but was too cheap to pay for them I decided I was going to learn how to knit them myself.  So.....dishcloths are the ONLY thing I know how to knit and I have no desire to learn to knit anything else.  Thanks to my sister in law I can knit a dishcloth when I need one.  She taught me a few years ago.  While visiting with Laymie last week I had her pick out a color of yarn she liked so I could knit one for her.  Because I don't knit these very often I need to refresh myself using Youtube as to how to cast on and such.  I am down to the last four stitches on the needle and I know I need to do something different here so this is where I stand until I look up how to finish it.

Lastly...I want to thank Catherine once again for a great day yesterday and for bringing her friend Brett along. Brett is new to the stitchy world and Catherine is the perfect teacher to help her along.  Before we parted ways Catherine gifted me this adorable little votive holder with a few tea lites to get me started.  She thought maybe my hotel room needed some refreshing and she was right!
Thank you Catherine....I LOVE IT!!

Have a great weekend everyone.  I'm so glad you visited with me today.  It's cold here in New Jersey but at least the sun is shining!

~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Day With Stitchy Friends...

I had a great day today even though it was way too short.  I met Catherine (Bramblewood Stitches) and her friend Brett at The Strawberry Sampler. Afterward we went to Trader Joe's and the Christmas Tree Shop.   Here's a few pictures I took today...

I'm so glad Catherine was there to help me decide on what frame to get.  I think this one will match best with the woodwork in Josh and Laymie's house.  I'm so indecisive when it comes to these things and she really helped me alot.  Thanks Catherine!!

I wish I would have asked this very helpful lady's name.I've never seen her before in the shop but she was GREAT.   Thanks lady!

Here's me, Catherine and Brett at the shop....
Oh I cringe when I look at this one.  I really should have worn something other than my most favorite sweatshirt in the whole world today.  Comfy clothes should be left at home.  Lesson learned.
Oh by the way.....Kentucky plays tomorrow!  Woo-hoo!!!

Catherine and Brett at the shop

You'll have to check out Catherine's blog soon.  I'm not sure when she will post next but I DO know she has a few other pictures on her camera that will amuse you.

That's all I'm sayin'.

I had to leave the girls at the Christmas Tree Shop at 1:30 so I could go pick Masterchief up at work.  I wish I could have stayed longer but hopefully we can squeeze another meeting in before I have to go home to Kentucky.  I had a blast today.

Thank you...thank you....THANK YOU  Catherine and Brett for a memorable day (bunny hats and all).

Must go finish Masterchief's dinner.  He's a hungry boy today.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to go check out Catherine's blog!

Oh I almost forgot....
I have an addiction to those bags they sell at grocery stores.  You know the ones.  The bags to get you to not use the plastic ones.  The reusable ones.  I like to get bags from all over so for instance when I shop in Kentucky I can use a bag that only comes from a store found in the northeast...or vice versa, got it?  It's just a thing I like to do.  Anyway...I found this really cool looking bag at Trader Joe's today and it just so happened to be the last one.  Now if I was a true friend I would have let Catherine have it, right?  But lets face it friends, I only just "met" the girl and well, ya snooze ya lose, right?  Sorry Catherine but the bag is mine, ALL MINE.  To rub salt in the wound the very nice fella (good lookin' too) let me have this very fine $1.99 reusable bag for NO CHARGE I tell ya!!  Maybe we could turn this bag in to the sisterhood of the traveling bag or sumthin' or other.  What do you think Catherine?
I picked up the shaker at the Christmas Tree Shop.  It will come in handy when we return home.

After Masterchief got done eating dinner tonight (because I've been working on this post for over an hour now) we played a game of cribbage.  He beat me tonight but tomorrow night I will have my revenge!

So after he won I insisted he refill my wine glass.  It's the least he could do.

OK I'm really going now.  I've got to steam my veggies for my dinner tonight.
Tomorrow I will post a picture of the scissors I picked up at the shop today!  I just LOVE them!!!

Until then...
~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I finished Liam's sampler today.  I put his name and date of birth along the bottom of the letter blocks.  It's a good thing too because tomorrow is the day I'm going to The Strawberry Sampler.  I will turn it over to the girls for framing.

I used the chart for ABC Tapestry by Rosewood Manor.  I am also using this chart to stitch the entire alphabet.  I have some of it done but it will take me a very LONG time to finish that one!  I got the pattern for the letters from a book I had.  I can't remember if I got it from a yard sale or E-Bay.
This book really has alot of nice things in it including an alphabet made of carrot letters!  It's so cute.

Well anyway this is a short post today.  I'm headed off to the stitchy shop tomorrow where I will meet with Catherine from Bramblewood Stitches.  I am very excited about it....we both will have our cameras!

I can tell you I am NOT cut out for hotel living!  Housekeeping leaves so much to be desired here.  I went down to the front desk to tell the manager we can only turn off the heat by unplugging it, and that's not an easy task.  He responded by telling me "I know, this has been a problem".  Not...."Oh I'm sorry for your inconvenience I'll see if I can get someone up there right away to fix the problem"...or..."I'm sorry, may I offer you another room"?  We did manage to get a replacement for the refrigerator in our room though.  I got up in the middle of the night to give the old one a kick.  It sounded like a mad hornets nest was in there when it ran. Funny thing is when I kicked it, it quit!  For a while anyway.

Masterchief is "home" from work. His training is complete (almost).  He only has to sit through an all day class on Friday with a test following.

Thanks for stopping by.....
~~Peggy Lee

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Week In Pictures

Masterchief's first day of work was today so we left a week early to spend time with family (especially my most adorable, precious grandson).  We stayed with Josh and Laymie last week then we were off to New Jersey yesterday (Sunday).  We stay at the same hotel every time.  It was with mixed emotions that I seemed to know just where to put things in our hotel room.  We know this is what we must do to put beans on the table but we both miss home the minute we have to leave it to come here.

So let's begin the picture show.....
Liam's expressions are so cute. I think it was the flash that brought on this one

We went to see Mrs. Dixon, a dear woman who isn't feeling well lately. She is 97 years old and hasn't seen Josh since he was a young boy. 
Liam slept in her arms the entire time we visited

Grandma got to change a few diapers. It's funny how that's something you never forget how to do!

Grandpa gets in some squeezes

E-Trade baby in training

Proud Daddy

My favorite picture

Such a happy boy

Waking up from a nap...yes, he naps ON his Momma. He isn't spoiled...not one bit!!

Grandma introduced him to Barney, much to his daddy's dismay

I just LOVE his little giggle

On Saturday we went to my brother's to help celebrate his birthday. I could have sworn he was turning 47 this year. OOPS!

Ready to blow out the big 4 6

Wish I could share some stitchy news with you.  After all....this IS a stitching blog, isn't it?  I didn't put needle to fabric once during the week.  I was so busy visiting friends and family that I really didn't have time and when I did find myself with nothing to do I quickly scooped up my little chubby love (Liam that is...not talking about Masterchief here) and gave him lots of kisses and squeezes.

We arrived here at the hotel yesterday and I did my usual disinfecting of the room before putting anything away.

Notice the glass of wine nearby.  It was a necessity!

I hope to get Liam's full name and date of birth stitched across the bottom of the finished blocks so I can take it to be framed this Thursday.  Masterchief brought a huge stack of stuff for me to study back with him today. I'm hoping I won't have too many tests to take this time.

I won't be able to browse/comment/post much while I'm here working. I'm not exactly sure when this job will be over but they usually last 5 or 6 weeks.  After we are done working here we are heading up to Maine to visit with Masterchief's mother then back to PA for a day or so to visit with family again before going home to KY.  I will be so glad to finally get back home.  After staying in a hotel for as long as we have to our home feels like a mansion!

Thanks for your visits and comments.  I appreciate each one.
Thanks also for understanding about my upcoming temporary absence.  It's every Spring and Fall!

Take care of yourselves....
~~Peggy Lee

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey...It's COLD Here!

Howdy friends!  Sorry I haven't been too good about posting or commenting lately.  I've been a little busy.

Since Laymie and Liam left last weekend I've been packing, cleaning and making umteen lists of what NOT to forget.  Then I lost my list!  Oh well, I think I remembered what I'll need to survive.  

Soooo.....guess where I am?
watching TV with Grandpa
We (and by "we" I mean Masterchief) drove around 11 hours to Pennsylvania yesterday.  I slept most of the way.  We can't even make it too far out of the driveway without my falling to sleep!  

Knowing that I would be sleeping most of the way I stayed up to finish Liam's Sampler.  I finished the M block and now I need to put his full name and date of birth along the bottom, just underneath the blocks.  

I need to rush off now.  I need to hurry and make breakfast for Laymie, she's eating chocolate chips cookies and soda for breakfast!  

Thanks for your visit.  I appreciate each comment!

~~Peggy Lee

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


See these?

I am addicted!  I can eat an entire box in one sitting...not that I have.  Well I wouldn't admit to it anyway.

Now see this?

I'm gonna get more!

Go get yourself something crispy and salty.  You know you want to!

~~Peggy Lee

Sunday, March 6, 2011

No Stitchin',Lots of Spoilin'

I haven't been very good about following my blogs for the past few days.  My daughter-in-law and grandson were here and I was in HEAVEN!!

We left for Columbus Ohio on Thursday morning to pick them up.  My son was attending some sort of annual fitness expo thing.  I don't know much about it....lots of muscles being flexed.  We went to get Laymie and Liam to stay with us while Josh collected free protein bars and got lots of autographs from muscle-covered beings.  Let me just say here that women shouldn't do it.  That's all!

Columbus is a hair over five hours from where we are here in Kentucky.  It's about six hours from where Josh and Laymie live in Pennsylvania.  We met at his hotel and did the big switcheroo......and back to KY we drove with new cargo in tow.....

I wanted to get a picture with Liam and his sampler while he was here.  I was thinking maybe I could have it framed in the back of the finished piece so years and YEARS from now it could be found.  I haven't decided anything about that yet.  Does anyone have any ideas about that type of thing?  I want this sampler to be treasured for generations.

Liam checks the chart to see if I missed a stitch

Liam grants his approval to my progress on his sampler so far

Liam gets some advice from Grandpa
Liam needs to learn how to keep a secret...don't tell Grandpa all the things Grandma promises to buy him!

Grandma wishes she had one of these!  It would keep her busy for hours.

Sweet-tatie face!

These early morning visitors were glad I served ham and sweet taties for  dinner

Spring has sprung!  Our October Glory Maples are budding!!!

Well my weekend was busy but VERY happily so!  We arrived home at 4:30pm from taking Laymie and Liam back to Columbus to meet Josh/Daddy and I'm already in a big boo-hoo funk!!  I miss them already.  I really like living in Kentucky so much but this is the only reason why I miss PA.  I wish I lived closer to my Josh and his family.  Hey...maybe I can convince them to move to KY!

I will be spending this week packing and getting the house in order before we leave for work on Saturday morning.  We will be spending a week in PA visiting with family.

I just got a text from Laymie that they are at a stand still on Interstate 80 and still far from home.  The weather is terrible.  I'll be near my phone for a while!

Be warm...
~~Peggy Lee