Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where did my Wednesday go?

Wow this Wednesday seemed to fly by.  What did I do?  I did one load of laundry.  I ran to Danville (one hour away) for a little shopping, came home and made my Masterchief dinner.  He's in bed already.  We NEVER go to bed separately but he was really beat from helping a friend all day.  I will be ready for bed as soon as I'm done here.  I don't have too many brain cells left at this hour so read this blog entry with some understanding, won't you?

I printed out a few tags that Sweet Sue clued me in on.  I printed them on manilla folders that I cut to size for the printer.  I punched the little hole at the top with a heart-shaped hole punch and used my scalloped edge scissors for the bottom of each tag.  Aren't they cute?

Thanks Sweet Sue!

All of the pictures in tonights post were taken just moments ago so that explains the poor lighting.  

This is my "spot".  It's where I am most comfortable to do my stitching.  I panic if we should ever get unexpected company because the couch is full of my stitchy stuff.  
If you look close you can see how much I've done on Ah Tis Spring....

When I get tired of stitching so much of the blue dress on this bunny babe, I work on something else in the design.  I picked it up tonight but made myself put it right back down because I HAVE TO work on Liam's Sampler!  

While I Danville I walked through the Peddler's Mall there and found this cute little frame for only two dollars!

I don't know what this is in it but I only bought it for the frame.  I'm sure something I will stitch in the future will fit in it!

I actually had the windows open for a bit this afternoon.  It was so nice to air out the house.  

I am fading fast here.  I don't know how you guys do alot of stitching at night.  I am without a doubt a daytime stitcher at heart. 

Thanks for poppin' in!


~~Peggy Lee


Siobhan said...

Your grandson is adorable!!

Nice progress on your WIP! Great score on the frame. I like your stitching area, too. I'm the same--a quick scramble to remove all my stitching debris from my area if unexpected guests arrive. Thank goodness for deep baskets!

Sue said...

Liam looks so peaceful:) Great frame at super price, might fit ABCD? Like your tag bottoms, great idea!

Ellen S said...

Hello!! From Ashland, KY!!! And I also am stitching Ah Tis Spring!! It's a small world!! I am visiting your blog for the first daughter lives in Paris, Ky
Would love to hear from you!!
Ellen S

Carol said...

Your "Ah, Tis Spring" is so darling, but not as darling as that sleeping babe... What a sweetie :)

Bekca said...

Great progress on Spring already, it's looking so good. I love picking up old frames whenever I find them, knowing I'll use them for stitching eventually :) That little guy looks so sweet :)
Happy stitching!

Natalia said...

Oh that sweet face on your grandson !! I love your progress on Ah Tis Spring. Such a great design..
Your stitching corner is nice. My favorite one is on my couch too and surrounded by stitching stuff as well. LOL!!

Natalia said...

Hi Peggy Lee. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice compliment about my stitch wallets. It's been fun to play with fabric and make those wallets... glad you like them !! I enjoy reading your blog and I am happy that you follow mine now too !!! Have a great day !!

Suzanne said...

Love the tags, thanks for the link! Liam is such a cutie.

My Life In Stitches said...

It's nice to hear about another daytime stitcher. I get up at 5:00 am so I can stitch before work, the best part of the day. Happy stitching!