Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This isn't funny anymore!

I'm starting to think there is some sort of supernatural phenomena going on here.  You all know I have been having a real hard time with this latest "simple" chart (ABCD by LA D Da). I've stitched and ripped on this piece more than any other.  I just don't know what to blame it on!  Last night I was relieved to have finally finished the alphabet and started the simple border.  I started the border at the left side....the "A" side.  When I got to the letter S realized that from S on to Z the letters were one stitch lower.  Now remember I had just ripped out the first half of the alphabet and re-stitched it.  I am very frustrated at this point and just shaking my head in disbelief.  I ripped out S through Z with the partial border, stabbing the point of my VERY sharp scissors in to my finger (drawing blood).  So I guess you can say I have put blood, sweat (do you count hot flashes?) and tears in to this piece, literally!  Well OK the tears were suppressed but they were there!  As of this moment I have the letter Z to stitch and then I can work on the border or the flowers at the bottom.  What I really want to work on is Liam's Sampler but I am so bullheaded about this piece that I can't put it down until it is conquered.  I am sending this chart on to Jennifer at Serial Starter and I hope the attached curse doesn't effect her!

Went to do a bit of grocery shopping today.  Didn't really need much but the first Wednesday of the month at Kroger is senior discount day.  I get to take advantage of that because my Masterchief is considered a "senior" according to their rules.  I always joke about him being an old fart but in this case it saves me 10% off my entire order!  

Will keep you posted about my ABCD progress.  Sorry no pictures but at this point I am just tired of talking about it and I'm worried that whatever curse is placed upon this thing will hurt my camera!  

I received that issue of JCS that I whined about not being able to find from Jan (Belfonte Notes) today.  Thank you so much Jan!  Jan was just one of the very kind friends who offered to send me a copy and I'm so grateful to be blessed with each of you!  

Until next time......I hope to show you a picture of a completed ABCD!  

Thank you for your encouraging comments.  They really help me persevere!  

~~Peggy Lee


Sharlotte said...

Oh geez... don't go cutting your finger off!! It does seem that this piece is cursed doesn't it? Hope you get the problem solved soon!

That was so very sweet of Jan to send you that JCS issue!

Faye said...

Good grief!! I'm feelin ya~~ I'm about to go out and buy this dang chart and figure it out!!! I KNOW its not all "operator error"...~ Now, I love me a La-D-Da chart so hang in there and I am sure it will all work out.... A gifted and expert stitcher, as yourself, WILL overcome!! rah-rah!!! Have a good one...Thanks for making me laugh at your recent posts!! Faye

Jules said...

I hate when that happens! Hopefully you will be able to complete that piece with little or no more problems.

Sylvia said...

My goodness, you probably could have finished this piece twice over now. Sorry about the stab in the finger. Hope you get this piece put to bed soon.

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Well Hun, pretty sure you're in good company, cause I think many of us have experienced this funky chart karma at least once, but I sure do feel for you. Mine was last summer, was a nightmare, finally got through it, but only cause chart was OOP and borrowed. If it had been my chart, I'd have sent that WIP to The Basket of No Return! Hated every stitch, every time I look at it all beautifully framed... all I can picture is that it's stickin its' tongue out at me ~ LOL! Have a wonderful day, send us some HEAT plz!

Catherine said...

Wow! Is this the monkey on your back piece or what!?!? I do hope your finger is feeling better - those types of injuries can be so sore!

I think we'll all be doing a happy dance with you when you tackle this!

Siobhan said...

Augh!! I hate it when that happens! Hang in there... you can win in the battle with the chart! ;)