Friday, February 25, 2011

Just when we were wondering if the darn thing worked at all.........

It worked...and worked....and WORKED............ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!

If it wasn't blaring because of a tornado warning it was screaming because of a strong thunderstorm watch.  I suppose I should say here that I really am thankful to have it.  It has alerted us in the past to let us know when we should be in our "safe spot".  It's just hard to be so thankful when it's going off every few minutes in the middle of a deep sleep!  Masterchief was up though.  If there's weather happening he has to be out in it.  Doesn't matter what time of the day or night...he loves the stuff!  You will find me in the bathtub wearing my antique colander on my head, hip boots on, clutching every bed pillow in the house singing "the old gray mare just aint' what she used to be".

Thank you CATHERINE for emailing me to ask if I was alright through the storms.  You are a so sweet to be concerned and think of me!  Sorry I haven't responded yet.  We drove in to town today for a few groceries...that's an all day affair.  We only got very high winds and lots of rain.  No tornadoes or lightening strikes.  You may have heard about the Amish family who lost four of their children crossing a creek in their buggy here in KY.  That was in the far western part of the state.  Such a sad story.  The youngest was only 5 or 6 months old!  So very sad.  Let's keep that family in our prayers!

On the stitchy side of things I finished the A block in Liam's Sampler....

I think I need to mention here for people who might not know that I have affectionately named this current creation of mine "Liam's Sampler" for my grandson who was born November 1st.  This pattern of lettered blocks is taken from a chart made by Rosewood Manor called "ABC Tapestry".  I am also working on completing the entire alphabet using this chart.  I have it on a quilters rack because it's gonna be a BIG ONE BABY!!!!  I haven't worked on it in the past few months though because I want to finish Liam's Sampler before we go to New Jersey for work.  I will be taking it to The Strawberry Sampler to have the girls there frame it.  They do wonderful work!!

Here is the whole piece so far....

I started the border on the M block and had to rip almost all of it out yesterday!  It was a rainy day so the frogs must have come up for air.  I hadn't counted over far enough between the two blocks and didn't realize it until I had all of the single line border done and half of the Algerian eyes around the edge.  I was so TICKED!!  All is well now.  I frogged it all out and then walked away for a while.  That always helps.

Well that's about it for now.  Thank you so much for your visit with me today.

Parsley....I wish we lived closer so I could share that head-sized chocolate bar with you!   I hope you and your hubby feel better soon.
Sharlotte.....I'd REALLY like to give you those 14 pounds you misplaced back to you.  I think I found 10 of them.  Just sayin'.

Catherine.....again you are a sweetheart for being concerned about us here.  I definitely want to meet with you at the shop when I roll in to town during the week of March 21st.  Can we arrange that?

Thank you ALL for leaving comments here.  I love it when I hear that little B~L~I~N~G on my laptop!!

~~Peggy Lee

I just received lots of pictures of my little sweetie and since I only posted this blog a bit ago I thought I'd add it as an edit......
There were many to choose from but this one was my favorite because it shows his chubby little profile.  Thanks for humoring me.  Only  six days till I see him!!  **squeals** 


Jules said...

Glad you have come through the storms ok! I don't know about your M.C. though. I think that's still the Navy coursing through his veins that makes him wanna go out into the storm. Brave soul!

Your sampler is incredible!

Parsley said...

Me too. We'd craft a BIG head I get one side and you the other.

Our weather radio is great but I too wish I could program it to not tell me about thunderstorm watches. The rest I want to know about. ugh

Get some rest so you don't get a flu bug.

Catherine said...

So glad to hear you are okay! Growing up I always had a fear of tornadoes - thank you very much Wizard of Oz! And after our years spent living in TN, I find myself pacing and being very watchful during storms. My boys know that if I tell them to go to the basement - they go, no questions asked!

Liam's sampler looks great! I bet you can hardly wait until he arrives!

And yes, let's try and get together that week - let me know what days work for you!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Your sampler for Liam is coming along wonderfully, even if the frog's hopped on in. It will defiantly be a life long heirloom. Glad you are ok with all of the weather down there and well MC must be a Saint to love it as he does.
Have a great safe weekend,
As always

Bekca said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been having bad weather, but I'm glad you've stayed safe. Liam's Sampler is looking so good, I can't wait to see it all finished and framed! The little man himself is looking adorable as ever, what a cute photo :)
Happy stitching!

jennifer said...

Hello Peggy,
I just found your blog and I'm already a follower. I hope you visit me too. Crazy storms we had I have pictures on my blog. Got to go read some more :)

Suzanne said...

Glad that you are OK! Nice work on Liam's sampler.