Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here's MY Sign....

This one was made with me in mind.  Actually mine would probably say something like..."Step away from the cupboard where the crackers and other hip-enlarging goodies are kept" but that would be an awfully big sign!
We went to a Peddler's Mall with friends yesterday morning.  They had LOTS of Ball fruit jars but now that Masterchief has a little book on what they are worth he is more selective on what he buys.  We did get out of there with a few.  I think we need a cupboard to keep all of them now...I'm running out of room!

I saw this cute bowl for $2.....
I have a couple other pieces that are of this pattern.  Next to Blue Willow I really like this.

When we got home from the Peddler's Mall I found a package in my mailbox.  Don't you just love it when that happens?  SANDRA sent me a bundle of linens!  I was so thrilled with the sampling she first sent to me so I hurried a check off to her to send me more...MORE!!!!

 Please go visit her blog if you can.  I count her among my dearest of stitchy-bloggy friends.  She isn't "comment enabled" so if you'd like to send a comment to her email address that's fine.  While you're there, wish Papaw a happy birthday!  :o)

Went to a charity dinner last night for a women's shelter.  We went last year and had a nice time so we decided to do it again this year.  They have a nice catered meal and then draw names for different prizes.  We didn't win anything but that's really not the reason why we go.  As of last night they had a FULL HOUSE at the shelter.  Sad, isn't it?

Wish I could post these pictures side by side but oh well.  We took these with our phones soon after we arrived.

Parsley's crazy sock party was fun!  After we got home I looked at most of your crazy sock contributions and there are alot them out there! As you probably noticed I can "wave" with my toes.  Or point...or whatever.  I love me my toe-socks!

Well it's time to make Masterchief's breakfast before he wastes away on me.

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT weekend!  The sun is shining here and I'm SO THANKFUL for it!

~~Peggy Lee


Bekca said...

I love that sign, mine would be "stay away from the chocolate!" What a great parcel to arrive home to, the linens all look lovely. Glad you had a good time at the charity dinner, and if you've got time, pop over to my blog. My latest post might interest you :D Enjoy the sunshine!

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hey Girl! L o v e your linens, so... now I'll go stand by my mail box... you have my address, I think ~ LOL! Oh, and I need crazy socks too! Seriously, have a great weekend xoxo

Jennifer said...

Sounds like lots of fun and adventure. Love your bowl. So pretty!

Yes, it is sad that Domestic Violence effects 1 out of 4 women (I know there's men too but this is stats for women).
Our county doesn't even have a shelter. They have to send to neighboring counties and I've visited one, it's poorly equipped.

Just this year, BG and I decided to leave our house as the county shelter in our will. This place where it's located is perfect, it's big but not too big and is just set up for that. That's another reason I love filling my house with samplers and home stitched goodies because they will all be here when DV victims need a place to stay. I have peace in my heart knowing our home will be home away from home. thanks for supporting this cause. It's so needed!


StitchinByTheLake said...

I need that sign! I wonder if I couldn't just embroider it? :) blessings, marlene

The Primrose Lane said...

"papaw" said thank you for the kind remembrance - he says he does not feel any older and he does not look it!
I hope I preserve well!
Enjoy the linens - any thoughts on projects yet?
Happy weekend!! Sandra

Suzanne said...

That's a great sign, but mine needs to say "step away from the pantry". Lovely linens you picked up.