Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Masterchief!

Today is the day!  Sixty-two years ago today my Masterchief was born in to this world and really....what would I do without him?

See those little wrinkles around his eyes?  Oh I just melt when I see them....every time!

He's the most hadsomest big hunk of man-galute that I know and I'm so very proud of his service to our country.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!  I hope you had a wonderful day....and your hiner isn't still sore from getting your well deserved 62 spankin's this morning!  :o)

~~Peggy Lee


Vonna said...

Oh Yowzer Peggy Lee 62 spankins' first thing in the morning :)

Happy Birthday Master Chef!!! May you have many, many more!
My Mama is turning 62 on Feb. 25....she has 5 days left to work and then she'll be done, needless to say she's looking forward to her birthday!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Masterchief!!!!!

Thank you so much for your time in the service. I have a son who is serving now and it's hard on mama's that's for sure!

Here's sending you 62 smiles today!!!!

North GA

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to Masterchief!! Hope you had a wonderful day - after you recouped from your morning spankin'!

Barb said...

Another Happy Birthday to the Masterchief! Give him my thanks for his service to our country!!

Natalia said...

Happy B-Day to your special Masterchief, Peggy Lee !!! I hope you guys celebrated together and did something fun.

Teri said...

Happy Birthday, Masterchief!!
And many, many more! Hope you both enjoyed his day!

Bekca said...

Happy Birthday Masterchief! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating :)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Well Happy Birthday Masterchief and Many Happy Returns.
spankings in the morning????? it that what you call it down there? lol Cheers and have a wonderful day.
As always

Littlebit said...

Aww..Happy Birthday from a long-time Air Force brat and now just a brat. I hope you have a most wonderful day.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Masterchief! And thank you for your service! I hope you had a great day!