Friday, January 7, 2011

What to do....what to do....??

If I spent half the time stitching as I do blog reading I'd have every inch of my walls filled and my basket over flowing with stitchy goodness!  Where do you draw the line?  When do you finally say...."OK I've blog-shopped enough and it's time to push my OWN needle."?    I have my grandson's sampler here beside me and I haven't picked it up yet today.  I really need to set a few priorities.....maybe.....

I'm sick of it already!  This is just ONE of the reasons why I moved from north-central PA to KY!
Lake Cumberland is just on the other side of that tree line.  As you might also see, our garbage can is STILL at the end of our driveway which means Mr. Waste Management wasn't brave enough to drive his truck this far out into the country to collect the trash.  Oh I can't blame him really.  Maybe he'll be here tomorrow.  Poor guy.

My little birdies are FROZEN!
It started snowing around 6am and it HASN'T STOPPED SINCE!!!  We have lived in Kentucky since December of 2005 and never needed a snow shovel until this year.  TWICE!  Both times in the last couple weeks.  I suppose I should count myself fortunate then you say?  Masterchief looked out the window this morning commenting about how beautiful it was.  God bless him for always looking at the bright side of life!  I told him the only time snow was beautiful was on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Bah...humbug!!

Well enough of that rant.  Look what that sweet, positive-thinking man bought for me today......
I found a new antique/prim store the other day and saw these little Ball jar lamps.  Considering his new obsession with antique Ball jars I thought he'd like this sweet little lamp for the kitchen.
There's a receptacle in the cupboard above the stove that fit this need perfectly.  He had only to drill a hole through the top of the cupboard to let the cord down through.  I would make such a mess without my handyman around!  The jar is not an old canning jar but it fits the style of the kitchen perfectly, don't you think?  I put beans in the jar around the base of the candle light.

I braved the weather (well actually Masterchief did the driving) to go to town to find a Kentucky Wildcats suit for Polly...but NO LUCK!  Just a couple short miles from the house there was a pick-up truck upside down in the ditch.  Sometimes we Kentucky folk don't realize just how dangerous those snow covered roads can be.  We don't see them much, ya know!  I don't think anyone was injured though.  Anyway....I settled temporarily on a pretty hooded sweater for my sweet girl.  It's a little large for her petite frame but she appreciates being snug as a bug during these cold days.....
This sweater even has a little pocket for her tiny friend...Red Bear.  It's hard to see him against the sweater but he's tucked in there on the left...(her right).

I can hardly pick on Masterchief's new fixation on Ball Mason jars because I have lash-batted him in to bidding on a couple listings for vintage Scrabble tiles.  Now I fully intend on displaying them in a Ball Mason jar so that makes it all I right?
I had no idea these things were in such demand!  They are all over E-bay right now...
I only wanted some to put in a jar.  I saw alot of people wanting them to make scrap book pages.  Thank Goodness I'm not in to that! I have enough stitching to keep me busy.

Now on to a couple comments.....
Oh poor thing....I had NO IDEA that kit I sent you was over one. I may have noticed it being 40 count but OVER ONE????    YIKES!!!! I could lend you my cheaters if you'd like!   I would love to see a picture of it finished some day.  While out and about today I looked for new stronger cheaters but it seems that 1.75 is a popular strength.  I couldn't find any that suited me.

Jayne...Honey....if you need 3.25 cheaters then I think it's time for a trip to the optometrist.  If I make it to 2.00 I'm running to the nearest eye doctor PRONTO!!  Or I could always dig in to Masterchief's old stash of cheaters before he finally caved.

Masterchief found me sitting at the kitchen table using my little pink floss-winder to put my threads on to those little white cards and then I put them in to one of those organizers made just for them.  He said he thought that was so "COOL" that I had my own "tackelbox"  for my threads.  Isn't that cute?


Oh for Pete's sake!

How can I help but love him?

I need to go now before I burn up this thing with posting twice in one day. is still snowing out.  CRAZY!!!

Have a great (and warm) weekend!

~~Peggy Lee


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

well you see Peggy, if he touches your thread box, you simply tackle him. I actually do have bifocals but the cheaters work better and if'in I lose 'em or scratch 'em I don't get to uptight. Funny how so many are interested in the old scrabble letters. I have a friend who has several sets and she made coasters and trivets with them.
Be always in stitches.
ps, I really don't sit on blogs all day, I do make time for stitching also. lol have a great weekend

Cath said...

LOL , I have set times when I blog hop , then other times to sttch , though they do sometimes overlap. My DH used to use thread boxes for his game pieces , so I guess we all have our own kind of "Tackle boxes" .

Deborah said...

I loved this post Peggy Lee! I laughed through the whole post.

Myra said...

We are expecting snow here tonight and again on Monday. Love the lamp and Polly's new outfit and and all of it. Hey, Vera is heading my way in a couple of weeks and I am planning to meet up with her. Thanks for introducing us. :o)

Lee said...

I completely understand about the blog hopping! Really...I should be downstairs stitching RIGHT NOW.

Oh, and I love the Charles Chips can in your photo! I grew up in the Philadelphia area and we loved it when the chip man came with his delivery. There were chips...and those big crunchy pretzels, and sometimes caramel corn. We also had a bread man and a milk man. Jeez, if I had a bread man and chip man and a milk man now, that would eliminate at least half of my trips to the grocery store.

Sharlotte said...

Oh Peggy for Pete's sake! I didn't mean to say over one, it was using one PLY! I don't hate you if that's what you were wondering! LOL! I did post a pic of the finished pocket and couple or so posts back . You might want to go take a peek!

I love Ball masons too! I have one that my dad found for me somewhere and it is blue. I just love it! I just about squealed when I seen that Charles Chips can on the top of the cabinet. I ocassionally still see one of their delivery trucks around here. I bet I haven't had their chips in 20+ years!

I just love love Polly's new outfit! She is so cute! If one knew her size, one could knit her a winter sweater! ;)

Jennifer said...

Hey, girl, when ya hit 40, I would so recommend seeing an optometrist then even when cheaters work. Me and my hubbie accumulated lots of them but unfortunately, by the time I went to have an exam at age 47 this past November, routine, found out I have glaucoma that already is irreversible. Through the past month, I have been through alot with the medications and acceptance of it and just hope everyone at least over 40 gets a good eye exam. I never would have thought myself that was the root of the problem.
I have bunches of 1.50's I could give you if they find you just need readers but I only used a couple of 1.75, if I could find them, I would certainly send them your way!!! :)


Siobhan said...

Awww, Charles Chips! That makes me want to cry. I remember answering the phone many times & saying to my parents, "It's the Charles Chips guy! What do we want this week?"--and the sound of the can as my dad opened it. Ah, memories.

I am trying to limit my computer time. It's killing me--but I have a lot of stitching that I want to do. Ack!

Teri said...

Hi Peg,
Forcast from down the road a piece ... SNOW!
And we have been here since 2004, and you're right this is the most it has snowed in 6 years!
However, I do refuse to get a shovel tho... that would be to much like MA. and the big reason to leave there ... SNOW! Pretty tho ... but, getting very tired of dashing through it.
Stay warm ... gonna get cold.