Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look What I Made!

I wanted the house to smell good.  So I made this........
English Muffin Toasting Bread

As soon as I took the loaves out of the oven I went outside and made this...
Cleaning off the driveway Rolling the head

Wishing I had better bladder control
Lifting the head

He almost looks like something out of a horror movie with his radish eyes!  This was the first snow that was wet enough to play with.  Last time I made a snowman in Kentucky he fell over by early afternoon.  I think this one will stick around for a few days though.  They say we are to continue with cold temps.  

My daughter-in-law has told me that she and my son (and my darling little cutie pie grandson) will be traveling to Ohio for a lift meet.  He will be there for the first weekend in March and Laymie won't have much to do so we will go there to pick her and the baby up and bring them here while he..."lifts".  I don't begin to understand what a lift meet is.  The sad part about it is Josh won't be able to come to our house but we are so glad Laymie and Liam can at least be with us.  You can be sure I will be taking SO MANY pictures!!  I absolutely LOVE this picture of them....
He looks like she has just told him a big secret!

 I bought a couple things for Liam.  They will probably be too big for him...

I have to show you what Sandra from A Lovely Pink Life  mailed to me.  I hope I got the name of her blog right.  I have met several of the most kind-hearted lovely people since I started this blog.  Sandra is one of them.  She mailed me three generous pieces of the most yummy linens!  Thank you SO MUCH Sandra...
with flash

without flash

I've been working on ABCD for the last few days.  Here are pics of my progress...

My progress as of last night
ABCD by La D Da
I haven't worked on Liam's Sampler since I finished the I block.  I'm taking a little break from it but need to get back to it.  I want to have it finished and ready to frame before we leave for work mid March.  

I am a bit bummed.  Just a bit.  I saw the latest issue of JCS on Edgar's blog HERE and knew I had to have it.  From what I've seen online it has a couple beautiful samplers in it and I'd love to have it.  I went to my local Wal-Mart and also Walgreens and neither one of them have it!  It's the Jan/Feb issue so I thought I'd be able to find it.  I guess Wal-Mart doesn't carry it anymore.  I had a subscription at one time but I let it run out when I decided to subscribe to Sampler & Antique Quarterly.  Does anyone know where I can get it?

It's official...I am now OLD!  Wahhh--haaaa   *sniff*
I picked up my glasses on Monday. They are no-line bifocals.  I am having a very hard time adjusting to them.  I can't seem to see a thing!  I need to train my brain to look out of the right spot to see.  I am giving them a couple weeks and if I still can't focus I'm giving up.  Masterchief assures me it won't take that long.  We shall see.  

Thanks for your visit today friends!  I love reading your comments.  Myra: I know you will enjoy your visit with Vera.  I am so glad you two are meeting!  I want to hear all about it.
Laymie:  I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MARCH EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must go now to search for another pair of warm fuzzy socks.

~~Peggy Lee



dixiesamplardesigns said...

Peggy Lee,

My B&N had a few copies the other is the one with Paulette of PSS, isn't it? I will stop by and grab one on my way home this afternoon, if they are still there.

Happy Stitchin'

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

So, that's quite a snowman for your area! Give yourself time to adjust to your specs, if they're not right after a few days, go back, again and again til they get it right. You may require multiple re-visits, many people do, I know I did. Glad to hear you gonna have March visitors, happy for you:)


Joy said...

I can find a copy at Kroger's sometimes

Laymie said...

Its not a lift meet. Its "The Arnold." Its a HUGE weightlifting expo (they do have liftinng competitions during the expo but josh is just going to get a bunch of free samples, haha). Who is that ugly chick in the picture with the cute baby??? Man she is fugly. haha. Kidding. I cant wait till March!

Jan said...

Peggy, I have emailed you concerning the JCS issue!:)

I love the pics of you building 'radish eyes'...he looks mighty clever, if you ask me. Love the pic of Liam too, what a handsome fella he is and I know how much you look forward to having him there with you!

Awesome progress on ABC's I love that one!

Have a super week!

Lee said...

Oh Peggy, I was JUST looking through that issue at a Books A Million last night! I didn't buy it, but if only I had known you wanted this 24 hours ago...I would have picked it up for you. I think you'll have good luck at either BAM or B&N, because I think B&N owns BAM.

Lucky you for receiving such a nice package of fabric!

Parsley said...

You are NOT old! Your eyes are just 'well used'. lol

What count is that fabric? I myself would need glasses for that.

Carol said...

So glad you found the JCS issue, Peggy. I also want to suggest that you try your local library if you ever need help again...even if they don't subscribe to it, they may be able to do an inter-library loan and get you a copy to borrow! Just a thought :)

Your bread looks amazing--would you mind sharing your recipe? And I never tire of seeing your little Liam photos!

Littlebit said...

Oh my..I was going to trade you MY magazine for a loaf of that wonderful looking bread! LOL! I'm sure you will enjoy your visit with that precious little youngling..they grow up way too fast. Good luck with your bifocals..I'm too stubborn, instead complaining because I am having to keep putting on and taking off my glasses. :)

Sharlotte said...

What a super great post!!

Love those clothes for little Liam! He is just a doll and I love the picture of him and Laymie too! Just precious!

Love that linen!!!

So glad that you were able to get a copy of JCS. It's very seldom that we get that here.

Catherine said...

I can smell the bread through my screen!! YUM! Cute snowman - we are getting hammered with snow right now! Bring on Spring - I am more than ready!

What an adorable pic of Liam and him mommy! Love his expression! Cute outfits too - better big than small - at least he can grow into them. I am sure you can't wait until March!

Great stitchy things - so glad you were able to get the JCS issue!

Hope your eyes adjust quickly!

Natasha said...

I can smell the bread all the way here in California. Those loaves look tasty.

I love your progress on your La-D-Da piece. Beautiful, but more so is little Liam what a cutie :) Take care and saty warm

Faye said...

Ding dong..........ding dong!!! Hurry up, answer that door!! brrrr, its cold outside!! Yeah, hey, its Faye....I smelled that wonderful bread all the way to NC and decided I just HAD to drive up and get a couple slices...! What?, you ate it all???? Pooie!! Oh well, maybe next time....Bye!! Have fun playing with Liam!!!

ps: SCORE on that fabric package...omg!!


Beth said...

It is hard to believe that this is KY with all the snow and cold we have been having. Your bread looks like the perfect thing for a cold day especially after being outside playing in the snow.

You got a lot done on your ABC's. Enjoy your visit with that cutie and his darling Mom.

Deborah said...

That bread looks yummy! Liam is getting cuter and cuter. Your ABC sampler is gorgeous. Glad that you are getting a copy of the JCS issue. You will love it.

Berit said...

Your LDD is great! :D I've also been looking for that JCS; neither my LNS or ONS have it. :/

Suzanne said...

What great looking bread, I'm coming to your house for afternoon tea!

Lovely linen you received and nice work on your stitching.

I love the photo of Liam.

Natalia said...

Oh that bread looks so delicious !!! I can almost smell it...
You are too funny with the snowman. LOL !!!
Liam is adorable and I like the cute little outfits !!
Good progress on ABCD and if it makes you feel better, my eyes are going down fast too !!!