Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Garbage Day!!

Well that's how we mark our Friday's around here.  It's the day we gather up the trash and take it out to the end of the driveway.  Woo-Hoo!  We really know how to whoop it up around here!

I've been out of the blog-posting mood lately.  Oh I've been reading all of your blogs and I'm trying to comment more faithfully too.  I know how it makes me feel to know that you have taken a moment to leave a comment on my blog and I appreciate it more than you know.

I have put ABC Tapestry in the back room for now so that I can work on using the same pattern for my grandson's sampler.....
I am stitching this on 40 count fabric and may I just say right now...Ohhhhhhhh my...what have I done?  I am stitching ABC on 32 count, I think.  I remember when I once stitched on 40 count linen and NO glasses were needed.  That was only a couple years ago!  WHAT happened?  I am using 1.50 strength cheaters for now but when I go in to town today I will be shopping for ones that are the next step up.  UGH.....getting old is a pain in the bee-hind!

I figured out how to save those adorable grandbaby pictures my daughter-in-law sends me on my phone.  Here's a couple she's sent recently....
Can you say PRECIOUS?  He's growing so fast I wish I could go see him right now.  Ok, I know I might be pressing this a bit but just one more........
That's my son holding Liam who is wearing a onesie I bought for him before he was born.  It's a bit hard to see here.  It has a picture of a little stroller on it and it says, "This is how I roll."   So cute...BOTH of them!

That's enough gushing for one post.  Thanks for humoring me.   ;o)

Yesterday I worked on BBD's Rose Garden for a bit...
This over-one stitching is killing me and I can't wait until it's finished.  I suppose a positive way to look at it is that it makes stitching over-two on Liam's sampler seem twice as big.

Masterchief and I went to the Antique mall one day last week where he found a few more of the Ball Mason jars he is collecting and I found a couple cute little things for myself....
The little glass on the left is just like the ones my grandmother had when I was a little girl.  Her side yard was full of violets and I would pick her a big handful when I went over to visit her.  She would put them in one of these little glasses and set it on the windowsill above the kitchen sink.  It may not be the exact glass from her cupboard but it still brings great memories.

Well I didn't get alot of Christmas decorations out this year but what I managed to put out is all put away now.  It's nice to have the house somewhat back to "normal".  The only sign of Christmas that remains is Polly.  She still has her Santa suit on.  I want to shop for something new for her to wear.  I'd like to get a  Kentucky Wildcats sweat suit or something similar.  She's a Kentucky girl now and wants to look the part!

I just looked out the window and's really snowing out there!  It would be a great day to stay in and stitch but I really want to go in to town today.  I know Masterchief will be my chauffeur so I won't need to worry.

The picture thingy on here is giving me fits but I want to share one last picture with you.  It's of a coaster that my brother and his wife gave me a while back.  So it might be a bit crude but they know me so well.....

That's about it for me today. I have really enjoyed reading about all of you who are so brave to join these challenges that have surfaced since the turning of the new year!  I would like to, but I know better than to make a commitment like that or to set a stitchy schedule for myself.  I don't think I could stick with it.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you have a warm weekend...wherever you are.

~~Peggy Lee


Cath said...

We've had a bit of snow this morning . Yucky stuff , but I went and did the shopping anyway .
Love your stitching , and the coaster is great , lol.

Parsley said...

I've heard the 40 count is a BEAR! I'm sticking to the easier stuff thank you very much!! ;0)

Have a good stitchy weekend. The sampler for gson will be lovely!

Robin said...

Lovely stitching projects! Terrific pictures of your grandbaby! I love the expression in the photo with the brown towel!

Have a great weekend!

Catherine said...

Liam is such a cutie!! Makes me miss when my boys were that little!!

Love all your stitches! Over one can be tedious, but oh so pretty!

Love your husbands jar collection and your goodies! My oldest recently broke one of my jars - even though it was a complete accident, he felt really bad as he knew it was one of my favorites.

Oh my goodness!! I need to find one of those coasters to give to my mom from the boys!! She (and they) would love it!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Oh what a cutie and I love that Tshirt,,,this is how I roll.... so cute. I too have a collection of Ball Jars which I use as my Canisters for baking goods and such. I just love the blue tint to them... As far as working over one, I tend to be partaking in that quite a bit lately and the only difference is 3,25's work better for Have fun in town.
Have a great week Peggy
Be always in stitches.

Beth said...

It is so good "seeing" you back here in Kentucky! Definitely get a Wildcats outfit for Polly! You are so brave to stitch on the high count fabric - no can do!!

Sharlotte said...

Glad to see you "out and about"! :) That little Liam is the cutest, and we won't be calling him little for long if someone don't put a brick on his head! I swear they grow when we're not looking don't they?

You may have realized that the count for the fabric in the kit you sent me was 40 count and stitched over one. It was a challenge, but I pushed on through.

The coaster is funny. One of my mom's friends goes to flea markets and the like a lot. She picked up a mug that said "Don't tell my mom a conduct a symphony, she's thinks I'm a dancer in a nightclub".

Suzanne said...

Nice stitching! I love your jar collections.

Your grandson is so gorgeous.

Bekca said...

I've never attempted 40 count myself but your stitching really does look lovely on it. Rose Garden looks so good and I love all the pictures of Liam.
Happy stitching!

PS Nice coaster lol!