Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's ANOTHER Peggy!!

Hey look who I found!  It's Peggy H. and she is having a giveaway.  Seems she has an "excess of GAST and CC threads" she would like to share with three of her followers.  I know what you're thinking.  EXCESS???  How can anyone possibly have an excess of floss?  I could hardly believe my eyes too but who am I to talk some sense into the girl when she's offering to give some away!  Go HERE to enter her giveaway and check out the pics of her mother's beautiful stitching too while you're there.  Two talented ladies!

I guess Masterchief could tell I was feeling a little mopey on Sunday morning because he told me to get my rear-end on that elliptical and "work it girl 'cause I'm taking you to Jungle Jim's today".  Woooo-hooo.  He sure knows the way to my heart.  They have all kinds of food there.  I especially like to browse through the international section where the food from India is.  I love me some curry...oh yes I do!
I might even have a little bit of it around here somewhere.....

Picked up a few kitchen goodies while there.  I needed a meat tenderizer and didn't want a metal one (they hurt more when you accidently hit your finger).  I also wanted a whisk I could use in my non-stick pans that was molded into the handle.  I had a cheap one but I had to be so careful when I washed it because the handle would fill up with dishwater...yuck!

The weather man says we might get more snow as we get closer to the weekend so I thought I'd go out today to browse through the antique store and thrift stores.  Some of you brought up my Charles Chips tin that is up above my kitchen cupboards when I posted about the light we put up there.  Well today I found a another tin that I had never seen before.  I didn't know "Charles" also made cookies!

It's half the size of the chip can.  I have it sitting on an overturned pie tin so we can see it nicely.  It was only $4.  I found this cute little purse at the thrift store for $3....
It's made of wicker...or whatever you call it that stuff they make purses out of.  I think it's a very pretty blue.

I received a very nice surprise on Monday.  I knew the post offices were closed on Monday but I was pleasantly reminded that the men in brown (UPS) still deliver.
My dear friend from Pennsylvania send me these with the promise that she would visit me here in Kentucky one day and we will have tea or coffee using these adorable cups!  I have known Judy since 6th grade.  We lost contact here and there through the years but still remained dear friends.  Here I am a grandma and her three children are growing up so fast.  Judy has one of the most giving and tender hearts I know!  I just love her to pieces and I hope she comes to see me VERY SOON!   My picture might not be very clear but I wanted to point out the saying on the cups...."It takes a long time to grow an old friend."  **sigh**

I am making slow but sure progress on Liam's sampler.....

I'm having problems with my left wrist lately and that's the one I hold my work with.  I have to take frequent breaks to allow it to rest.

Another joy of being past 40 is when your eyes begin to fail you, right?  I picked out my frames on Monday and should have my new glasses in about a week.  Gee I hope they don't slide down my nose during a hot flash...  *rolls eyes in disgust*

Masterchief is pacing the floor and I can hear his belly growling so I better go feed him.  He has requested a corned beef panini tonight.

--->  Comments:
Beth - The dough for those soft sugar cookies is almost like thick cake batter so there is NO way I could roll them out.  I have to refrigerate the dough overnight and then carefully pat the dough out to cut it.  They are one of my favorite cookies because I remember my grandmother making them when I was little but they are also the most difficult to make.

Bekca - Your comment almost made me cry!  The words "I have never had a home made cookie" should never be uttered by anyone.  If you didn't live so very far away I would make you any kind you would want.  I even thought of sending some to you but I'm not sure what shape they would be in by the time they reached you.

Well that's it for today friends.  Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.  Each one offers more encouragement than you know!
  I need to go get busy on that panini.  I'll be choking down enjoying a Lean Cuisine for dinner tonight.  Apparently I was a bad girl over the holidays.

~~Peggy Lee


Catherine said...

Great goodies all the way around! I think I was bad over the holidays too, even my comfy clothes feel a little tight!

Faye said...

I need an eliptical to crawl my backside onto!!! YGG.... And, Liam's sampler is coming right along..I love it~~

Take care and hopefully very little more of that s-n-o-w!! Take care, Faye

PS Thanks always for your kind words you pass on to me on my blog~~~

Myra said...

Those Charles tins bring back memories. My mother worked as a secretary at the Fli-Back company (they make the paddles with the rubber ball attached to elastic that bounces back) and the Charles Chip man visited there every week. I always looked forward to that day as mom always brought home a big tin of chips and a smaller one of cookies. :o)

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Sorry bout your wrist, plz do rest it you wild stitcher!

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Love all your goodies...Charles Chips, ohhh, the memories!

Love your "Liam" is going to be beautiful, and I am sure it will be treasured by his parents!

Thanks for the heads-up on the new blog and giveaway...going to check it out now!

Happy Stitchin'

Beth said...

I am going to have to find a whisk like that! I love my metal ones, but they can't be used in many things. Liam is coming along great! Here in E'town we already have about two inches of snow, and it is coming down fast!

Jeanne said...

Your sampler is looking great. I just love the saying on those beautiful mugs - and it's so true!

Bekca said...

Oh Peggy, you're so thoughtful. If I wasn't so far away, I'd gladly take you up on the offer of cookies :) but you're right, they'll be cookie mush by the time they get to me LOL. Maybe you could send me a recipe and I can see if I can attempt to make my own? If it's not too much trouble, my email is on my profile :)
What great finds from the thrift shops, that purse is so cute. Liam's sampler is coming on a treat, I'm sure it won't be long now till it's done. That's a very thoughtful gift your friend sent you and I hope your wrist gets much better soon my friend.
Happy stitching!

Suzanne said...

Nice items you picked up. I must say that I love a good curry, but I seem to miss out these days because the girls don't like any hot food.