Monday, January 31, 2011

I GIVE UP!! I'm hitting the bottle.....

A bottle of wine, that is.  I can't seem to win with this pattern by La D Da.

I had all of the alphabet stitched and started on the border when all of the sudden......the border met the letters where there is supposed to be a gap of two spaces!!  I wanted to scream.  So.....I ripped some of the letters and the border out and I'm putting it away until tomorrow, maybe.

Hope your evening is going better than mine.  I'm off to enjoy a nice glass of strawberry rhubarb wine now.

~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, January 29, 2011

R.I.P. Chilly

Sing it with me....."You'll be back again some day".
Poor Chilly didn't last long.  I made him on Wednesday and by Friday morning he was lying in a heap.  It's hard to believe we had so much snow and it's all gone already.  That's what I like about living in KY.  We still get snow but it doesn't usually hang around.

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday....
I collect wooden nickels so when we saw these on e-bay I just had to have them!  They must have come from someone who was also a collector because they come from several different states.

My ABCD by La D Da has been put on the back burner for now.  I messed it up!  I was stitching right along and when I got to Z it didn't quite fit like the chart said it should.  I knew I was off a little bit but I thought I could make it work.  I will still finish it but for now it's going in my basket.  As soon as I realized it might be beyond fixing (for now) I got the other half of the fabric I had used for it and started another one.  This time I didn't stain the fabric and I'm using Splendor black silk.  At first I wasn't impressed by the silk at all.  I've never used this brand of silk before.  It pulled apart like bad taffy but then I remembered some stuff I picked up called Thread Heaven, thread conditioner and protectant.  I'll admit I have always been against running my thread through or over anything because I thought it would effect the piece through the years but I was desperate to give this a try...and I AM SO GLAD I DID!!  It made all the difference....
See how my Z's look different?  The one on the bottom is correct.  Sorry for the bad picture though.  I couldn't seem to escape my own shadow this morning.
This time around I instead of stitching the entire border first I started in the center at the letter O.

Laymie sent me a picture of little Liam yesterday morning.  I can't wait to squeeze him!
I just love that look on his face.  I want to kiss his little cheeks like a grandma should!

As I was blog stalking the other day I ran across a blog that posted a recipe for sourdough starter.  My mother called it "Herman" when I was a kid.  I've been wanting to try it but I need to be sure I understand how to do it before I dive right in.  I've looked at a few different recipes for it and now I'm all confused.  Do I leave it out on the counter for 3 days or 5?  When I take the cup of starter out do I need to use it right away or can I refrigerate it and use it the next day?  So many questions about it still.  Does anybody have a recipe for "Sourdough Starter For Dummies"?

That's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.  I love to read them all!

~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look What I Made!

I wanted the house to smell good.  So I made this........
English Muffin Toasting Bread

As soon as I took the loaves out of the oven I went outside and made this...
Cleaning off the driveway Rolling the head

Wishing I had better bladder control
Lifting the head

He almost looks like something out of a horror movie with his radish eyes!  This was the first snow that was wet enough to play with.  Last time I made a snowman in Kentucky he fell over by early afternoon.  I think this one will stick around for a few days though.  They say we are to continue with cold temps.  

My daughter-in-law has told me that she and my son (and my darling little cutie pie grandson) will be traveling to Ohio for a lift meet.  He will be there for the first weekend in March and Laymie won't have much to do so we will go there to pick her and the baby up and bring them here while he..."lifts".  I don't begin to understand what a lift meet is.  The sad part about it is Josh won't be able to come to our house but we are so glad Laymie and Liam can at least be with us.  You can be sure I will be taking SO MANY pictures!!  I absolutely LOVE this picture of them....
He looks like she has just told him a big secret!

 I bought a couple things for Liam.  They will probably be too big for him...

I have to show you what Sandra from A Lovely Pink Life  mailed to me.  I hope I got the name of her blog right.  I have met several of the most kind-hearted lovely people since I started this blog.  Sandra is one of them.  She mailed me three generous pieces of the most yummy linens!  Thank you SO MUCH Sandra...
with flash

without flash

I've been working on ABCD for the last few days.  Here are pics of my progress...

My progress as of last night
ABCD by La D Da
I haven't worked on Liam's Sampler since I finished the I block.  I'm taking a little break from it but need to get back to it.  I want to have it finished and ready to frame before we leave for work mid March.  

I am a bit bummed.  Just a bit.  I saw the latest issue of JCS on Edgar's blog HERE and knew I had to have it.  From what I've seen online it has a couple beautiful samplers in it and I'd love to have it.  I went to my local Wal-Mart and also Walgreens and neither one of them have it!  It's the Jan/Feb issue so I thought I'd be able to find it.  I guess Wal-Mart doesn't carry it anymore.  I had a subscription at one time but I let it run out when I decided to subscribe to Sampler & Antique Quarterly.  Does anyone know where I can get it?

It's official...I am now OLD!  Wahhh--haaaa   *sniff*
I picked up my glasses on Monday. They are no-line bifocals.  I am having a very hard time adjusting to them.  I can't seem to see a thing!  I need to train my brain to look out of the right spot to see.  I am giving them a couple weeks and if I still can't focus I'm giving up.  Masterchief assures me it won't take that long.  We shall see.  

Thanks for your visit today friends!  I love reading your comments.  Myra: I know you will enjoy your visit with Vera.  I am so glad you two are meeting!  I want to hear all about it.
Laymie:  I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MARCH EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must go now to search for another pair of warm fuzzy socks.

~~Peggy Lee


Saturday, January 22, 2011

I is for Inkwell, Iris, Inches, get the idea.....

I is also for I FINISHED THE I BLOCK!!!

Here are two pictures Masterchief took yesterday of me working on it....

And here is the finished block.....
I started the I block exactly one week ago and I've been really pushing myself to get it done in one week.  I don't think I will do that again...took a little bit of the enjoyment out of it.

Since I finished Rose Garden last week I haven't had a second piece to go to when I'm feeling a bit tired of just working on one thing.  Liam's Sampler is my main project right now but I like to have a smaller piece to pick up when I need a break.


I'm a sucker for anything by La~D~Da and also for any design with letters in it.  This should be a quick stitch. I had a piece of 35 count linen here that I cut a piece out of for this.  I picture my finished ABCD to be very distressed.  Here's what I did..........
Grrrrrr.....I don't know why this picture is posted this way.  I have it horizontally in my folder.  Oh well, you get the idea.  The piece on the bottom right is the way the linen looked before I distressed it.  I used this spray and I also sprayed it a bit with plain water and hit it with the iron immediately.  I did this several times until I got this result.    I was torn between two threads but I think I've decided to use WDW molasses.  It's almost the same as the Espresso Bean but just a tad lighter.

I might start on this tomorrow.

Oh I almost forgot.......I joined a Color of The Month program with a little nudge from Ma Teakettle on THIS POST.  You can go there and click on the link Ma provided for Sassy's Fabby's.  Lauren has the most beautiful colors that she dyes herself.  She was so patient with me and my silly questions and after several emails back and forth I decided on 20 colors of which she will pick out 12 to send me a monthly FQ of linen! You can set how much you'd like to spend each month.  This program can fit in to anyone's budget and Lauren is an absolute doll.  She carries all kinds of stitchy goodies so go right over to her site and browse a bit, won't you?

That's all for today friends.  I will soon be headed to bed.  I don't stay up much past 9 these days.
Thank you so much for your sweet comments.  I read EVERY one!!

Keep warm....
~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's ANOTHER Peggy!!

Hey look who I found!  It's Peggy H. and she is having a giveaway.  Seems she has an "excess of GAST and CC threads" she would like to share with three of her followers.  I know what you're thinking.  EXCESS???  How can anyone possibly have an excess of floss?  I could hardly believe my eyes too but who am I to talk some sense into the girl when she's offering to give some away!  Go HERE to enter her giveaway and check out the pics of her mother's beautiful stitching too while you're there.  Two talented ladies!

I guess Masterchief could tell I was feeling a little mopey on Sunday morning because he told me to get my rear-end on that elliptical and "work it girl 'cause I'm taking you to Jungle Jim's today".  Woooo-hooo.  He sure knows the way to my heart.  They have all kinds of food there.  I especially like to browse through the international section where the food from India is.  I love me some curry...oh yes I do!
I might even have a little bit of it around here somewhere.....

Picked up a few kitchen goodies while there.  I needed a meat tenderizer and didn't want a metal one (they hurt more when you accidently hit your finger).  I also wanted a whisk I could use in my non-stick pans that was molded into the handle.  I had a cheap one but I had to be so careful when I washed it because the handle would fill up with dishwater...yuck!

The weather man says we might get more snow as we get closer to the weekend so I thought I'd go out today to browse through the antique store and thrift stores.  Some of you brought up my Charles Chips tin that is up above my kitchen cupboards when I posted about the light we put up there.  Well today I found a another tin that I had never seen before.  I didn't know "Charles" also made cookies!

It's half the size of the chip can.  I have it sitting on an overturned pie tin so we can see it nicely.  It was only $4.  I found this cute little purse at the thrift store for $3....
It's made of wicker...or whatever you call it that stuff they make purses out of.  I think it's a very pretty blue.

I received a very nice surprise on Monday.  I knew the post offices were closed on Monday but I was pleasantly reminded that the men in brown (UPS) still deliver.
My dear friend from Pennsylvania send me these with the promise that she would visit me here in Kentucky one day and we will have tea or coffee using these adorable cups!  I have known Judy since 6th grade.  We lost contact here and there through the years but still remained dear friends.  Here I am a grandma and her three children are growing up so fast.  Judy has one of the most giving and tender hearts I know!  I just love her to pieces and I hope she comes to see me VERY SOON!   My picture might not be very clear but I wanted to point out the saying on the cups...."It takes a long time to grow an old friend."  **sigh**

I am making slow but sure progress on Liam's sampler.....

I'm having problems with my left wrist lately and that's the one I hold my work with.  I have to take frequent breaks to allow it to rest.

Another joy of being past 40 is when your eyes begin to fail you, right?  I picked out my frames on Monday and should have my new glasses in about a week.  Gee I hope they don't slide down my nose during a hot flash...  *rolls eyes in disgust*

Masterchief is pacing the floor and I can hear his belly growling so I better go feed him.  He has requested a corned beef panini tonight.

--->  Comments:
Beth - The dough for those soft sugar cookies is almost like thick cake batter so there is NO way I could roll them out.  I have to refrigerate the dough overnight and then carefully pat the dough out to cut it.  They are one of my favorite cookies because I remember my grandmother making them when I was little but they are also the most difficult to make.

Bekca - Your comment almost made me cry!  The words "I have never had a home made cookie" should never be uttered by anyone.  If you didn't live so very far away I would make you any kind you would want.  I even thought of sending some to you but I'm not sure what shape they would be in by the time they reached you.

Well that's it for today friends.  Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.  Each one offers more encouragement than you know!
  I need to go get busy on that panini.  I'll be choking down enjoying a Lean Cuisine for dinner tonight.  Apparently I was a bad girl over the holidays.

~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Progress Pics As Promised....

Good Saturday afternoon to you friend.

Here's a couple pictures of the progress I have made recently:

I finished Rose Garden by BBD.  It was difficult at times because I stitched this over one but I'm glad I did it that way.  It's so cute.  I had thought about making a little pin pillow out of it but I have a few of those already so maybe I'll hang it from a ribbon somewhere.  Does anyone else have any finishing suggestions for this?  I am really not that creative when it comes to this step of the process.

I finished "L" block in Liam's Sampler and have already started the "I" block.  I think it is taking longer to do these on 40 count.  I have been trying to devote more time to my stitching lately.  My house keeping might be suffering a bit but there certainly isn't any reason for me to go outside in this cold weather so I'm perfectly happy to park my backside on the end of the couch and stitch, stitch...STITCH!!

I did manage to get up off the couch long enough to make some of Gram's recipe sugar cookies the other day... I patted the dough out......
Cut the cookies out with a glass........
Scooped 'em up to put on the cookie sheet........
Sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon or nutmeg......

Oh they are so good!

Thanks for stopping by for stitching and cookies today.  I'm so glad you could make it!
Take care and have a great week....

~~Peggy Lee

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sorry Folks.....

Remember the pictures I promised you of my recent progress on BBD's Rose Garden and Liam's Sampler?  Well......I am a miserable blogging failure.  Here I sit at the kitchen table choking down oh so thoroughly enjoying every bite of a Lean Cuisine instead of getting that stupid little card out of the camera to get said pictures to you.  I am truly sorry.

I went to the eye doctor today and was literally blinded by his pain in the pahtutie necessary eye-dialating test.  I think I can see somewhat normally now but Masterchief still says I look like a drug induced FREAK!!

I have instructed Masterchief to duct tape me to a chair tomorrow until I have loaded progress pictures to this bloggy thingy of mine.

Cross your fingers for me..................
Until tomorrow......

~~Peggy Lee

Good News

Thank you to everyone who sent hugs and prayers my way this week.  I've found some dear friends through this blog and your concern warms my heart.

Aunt Peg came through her surgery well and is recovering nicely in ICU.  Mom is on her way to be with her today as the weather was too awful to make the trip on Wednesday.

Seems Gram has pneumonia but she's on meds and back in the nursing home now.  That was a little scary.  

I will try to post a little later today of stitchy news.  I finished Rose Garden by BBD and have made good progress on Liam's sampler.  

The sun is shining.
That's good news too.

~~Peggy Lee

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When It Rains, it pours.....

I've had this funny feeling during this past week that I REALLY want to go to PA to visit with my son, his wife, and my new grandson.  Well of course, you say.  Those babies change so much from day to day I feel like I'm missing so much.  Pictures just don't seem to work for me right now.  I am so grateful that my daughter-in-law takes the time to send them to me's just not the same.

I have since found out that my Aunt Peg in New York State will be having brain surgery tomorrow. GREAT Aunt Joyce has died a few nights ago from a brain aneurysm.  Her funeral is tomorrow, in New York State.

I just got a call from my brother that my grandmother has been transferred from the nursing home to a nearby hospital because she is having trouble breathing.

My mother has her hands full right now.  Well....what am I saying....she ALWAYS has her hands full!!!  She is the primary care-taker (besides the nursing home) of my grandmother.  Her husband relies on her heavily because he is severely diabetic.  She desperately WANTS to be there for her sister during this time.

But here I am in Kentucky wanting to be contacted IMMEDIATELY if something should happen to my grandmother!

Oh boy....I quit smoking about 1 1/2 years ago.  I sure could use one now!!

Please pray...............

~~Peggy Lee

Friday, January 7, 2011

What to do....what to do....??

If I spent half the time stitching as I do blog reading I'd have every inch of my walls filled and my basket over flowing with stitchy goodness!  Where do you draw the line?  When do you finally say...."OK I've blog-shopped enough and it's time to push my OWN needle."?    I have my grandson's sampler here beside me and I haven't picked it up yet today.  I really need to set a few priorities.....maybe.....

I'm sick of it already!  This is just ONE of the reasons why I moved from north-central PA to KY!
Lake Cumberland is just on the other side of that tree line.  As you might also see, our garbage can is STILL at the end of our driveway which means Mr. Waste Management wasn't brave enough to drive his truck this far out into the country to collect the trash.  Oh I can't blame him really.  Maybe he'll be here tomorrow.  Poor guy.

My little birdies are FROZEN!
It started snowing around 6am and it HASN'T STOPPED SINCE!!!  We have lived in Kentucky since December of 2005 and never needed a snow shovel until this year.  TWICE!  Both times in the last couple weeks.  I suppose I should count myself fortunate then you say?  Masterchief looked out the window this morning commenting about how beautiful it was.  God bless him for always looking at the bright side of life!  I told him the only time snow was beautiful was on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Bah...humbug!!

Well enough of that rant.  Look what that sweet, positive-thinking man bought for me today......
I found a new antique/prim store the other day and saw these little Ball jar lamps.  Considering his new obsession with antique Ball jars I thought he'd like this sweet little lamp for the kitchen.
There's a receptacle in the cupboard above the stove that fit this need perfectly.  He had only to drill a hole through the top of the cupboard to let the cord down through.  I would make such a mess without my handyman around!  The jar is not an old canning jar but it fits the style of the kitchen perfectly, don't you think?  I put beans in the jar around the base of the candle light.

I braved the weather (well actually Masterchief did the driving) to go to town to find a Kentucky Wildcats suit for Polly...but NO LUCK!  Just a couple short miles from the house there was a pick-up truck upside down in the ditch.  Sometimes we Kentucky folk don't realize just how dangerous those snow covered roads can be.  We don't see them much, ya know!  I don't think anyone was injured though.  Anyway....I settled temporarily on a pretty hooded sweater for my sweet girl.  It's a little large for her petite frame but she appreciates being snug as a bug during these cold days.....
This sweater even has a little pocket for her tiny friend...Red Bear.  It's hard to see him against the sweater but he's tucked in there on the left...(her right).

I can hardly pick on Masterchief's new fixation on Ball Mason jars because I have lash-batted him in to bidding on a couple listings for vintage Scrabble tiles.  Now I fully intend on displaying them in a Ball Mason jar so that makes it all I right?
I had no idea these things were in such demand!  They are all over E-bay right now...
I only wanted some to put in a jar.  I saw alot of people wanting them to make scrap book pages.  Thank Goodness I'm not in to that! I have enough stitching to keep me busy.

Now on to a couple comments.....
Oh poor thing....I had NO IDEA that kit I sent you was over one. I may have noticed it being 40 count but OVER ONE????    YIKES!!!! I could lend you my cheaters if you'd like!   I would love to see a picture of it finished some day.  While out and about today I looked for new stronger cheaters but it seems that 1.75 is a popular strength.  I couldn't find any that suited me.

Jayne...Honey....if you need 3.25 cheaters then I think it's time for a trip to the optometrist.  If I make it to 2.00 I'm running to the nearest eye doctor PRONTO!!  Or I could always dig in to Masterchief's old stash of cheaters before he finally caved.

Masterchief found me sitting at the kitchen table using my little pink floss-winder to put my threads on to those little white cards and then I put them in to one of those organizers made just for them.  He said he thought that was so "COOL" that I had my own "tackelbox"  for my threads.  Isn't that cute?


Oh for Pete's sake!

How can I help but love him?

I need to go now before I burn up this thing with posting twice in one day. is still snowing out.  CRAZY!!!

Have a great (and warm) weekend!

~~Peggy Lee

It's Garbage Day!!

Well that's how we mark our Friday's around here.  It's the day we gather up the trash and take it out to the end of the driveway.  Woo-Hoo!  We really know how to whoop it up around here!

I've been out of the blog-posting mood lately.  Oh I've been reading all of your blogs and I'm trying to comment more faithfully too.  I know how it makes me feel to know that you have taken a moment to leave a comment on my blog and I appreciate it more than you know.

I have put ABC Tapestry in the back room for now so that I can work on using the same pattern for my grandson's sampler.....
I am stitching this on 40 count fabric and may I just say right now...Ohhhhhhhh my...what have I done?  I am stitching ABC on 32 count, I think.  I remember when I once stitched on 40 count linen and NO glasses were needed.  That was only a couple years ago!  WHAT happened?  I am using 1.50 strength cheaters for now but when I go in to town today I will be shopping for ones that are the next step up.  UGH.....getting old is a pain in the bee-hind!

I figured out how to save those adorable grandbaby pictures my daughter-in-law sends me on my phone.  Here's a couple she's sent recently....
Can you say PRECIOUS?  He's growing so fast I wish I could go see him right now.  Ok, I know I might be pressing this a bit but just one more........
That's my son holding Liam who is wearing a onesie I bought for him before he was born.  It's a bit hard to see here.  It has a picture of a little stroller on it and it says, "This is how I roll."   So cute...BOTH of them!

That's enough gushing for one post.  Thanks for humoring me.   ;o)

Yesterday I worked on BBD's Rose Garden for a bit...
This over-one stitching is killing me and I can't wait until it's finished.  I suppose a positive way to look at it is that it makes stitching over-two on Liam's sampler seem twice as big.

Masterchief and I went to the Antique mall one day last week where he found a few more of the Ball Mason jars he is collecting and I found a couple cute little things for myself....
The little glass on the left is just like the ones my grandmother had when I was a little girl.  Her side yard was full of violets and I would pick her a big handful when I went over to visit her.  She would put them in one of these little glasses and set it on the windowsill above the kitchen sink.  It may not be the exact glass from her cupboard but it still brings great memories.

Well I didn't get alot of Christmas decorations out this year but what I managed to put out is all put away now.  It's nice to have the house somewhat back to "normal".  The only sign of Christmas that remains is Polly.  She still has her Santa suit on.  I want to shop for something new for her to wear.  I'd like to get a  Kentucky Wildcats sweat suit or something similar.  She's a Kentucky girl now and wants to look the part!

I just looked out the window and's really snowing out there!  It would be a great day to stay in and stitch but I really want to go in to town today.  I know Masterchief will be my chauffeur so I won't need to worry.

The picture thingy on here is giving me fits but I want to share one last picture with you.  It's of a coaster that my brother and his wife gave me a while back.  So it might be a bit crude but they know me so well.....

That's about it for me today. I have really enjoyed reading about all of you who are so brave to join these challenges that have surfaced since the turning of the new year!  I would like to, but I know better than to make a commitment like that or to set a stitchy schedule for myself.  I don't think I could stick with it.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you have a warm weekend...wherever you are.

~~Peggy Lee