Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Drunk Rooster Is A Barrel Of Fun!

I never will furgit hit, friends.  Cammelsville, the county seat 'uv Taylor County whur I grow'd up, shore was a fun place to go back when I wuz a young'un.

Me an' PA wud go up to the poultry house an' cream stashion 'bout ever time we went to town.   The town drunk wud ketch a rooster an' pore sume moonshine down hits beak.

You talk 'bout a show, friends.  If'n you ain't never seed a drunk rooster, you've done missed hit all.  After a drank 'er two, that rooster wud stand on one lag an' crow.   Then he'd stand on the other lag an' crow.  Then he'd fall down an' flop a'round lack his haid had been cut off.

We'd laff till we nearly cried.  Folks jest don't know how to have a good time no more.  Thar ain't nothin' more fun than a drunk rooster.  I never did play none 'uv them 'lectronic games lack kids do this day an' time, but fur jest plain fun I'll put a drunk rooster up a'ginst them any time.

Friends, I reckon we'ins has got so sofisticated in Kentucky that we don't have no town drunks, an' hit's a shame.  A town drunk is a harmless kinda feller.  He don't harm nobody, but he's a barrel 'uv fun to be a'round.

We don't have no poultry houses an' cream stashions no more neither.  In this day and time they cuts the chikens up an' sends them to the grocery stores in them little cellyphane packages.  I betcha thar ain't a woman out c'here in the county that knows how to wrang a chikens haid off, skald hit, pick the feathers off an' cut hit up.  You'ins kan't make chiken an' dumplin's in a mikkerwave.

The biggest waste I knows is the fack that most wimminfolks don't cook the chiken's haid an' feet no more.  That's the best part 'uv the chiken.  That's whut us kids got when the preacher cume fur dinner.

Thar ain't a lot 'uv meat on a chicken's foot, but you'ins kin suck the toes.  Me an' Brother always lack to brake open the chiken's haid an' et the brains.  They why we'uns wuz so smart.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! (long post)

Most of you are probably enjoying a turkey dinner with all of the trimmings right about now.  Masterchief and I are thankful for finally being in our home after all these past weeks of living in a tiny hotel room, working six 12-hour days.  I have so much unpacking to do.  I'm doing just a little bit at a time.  Unfortunately I have the personality of one who wants everything in order......NOW!!!  I can't stand that I still have tote bags with things to be unpacked.  I need to put everything that we only use while traveling/working in one place.  Doing what we do is quite different than a 40 hour a week type of job.  I am so very thankful that we are able to enjoy our Summers and Winters at home like a typical retired couple but all that relaxation only makes the Springs and Autumn's feel so much harder when we have to go to work.  All that said.....this being the day of counting our blessings....I am thankful that we have a job at all.  I know there are those who wonder how they will put beans on the table from day to day.  I know they are probably spending today thanking God for the little blessings in life...as we all should.

Masterchief's Thanksgiving meal consists of a can of clam chowder with home made rolls.  We will have a big meal maybe one day next week.  We are both too tired to even think of all the preparation a big meal requires.  We slept ten hours last night.  It will be a while before we are all caught up and "back to normal".

We traveled a different route on our way home this time from PA.  We had to stop in Columbus Indiana to look at a four wheeler Masterchief saw in E-bay.  It was one of those deals too good to pass on.

Here's Masterchief writing the check.  I was sitting in the car doing my breathing exercises I learned years ago.  Oh...really it was one of those deals you just can't pass up.  I'm kidding about the breathing thing.



For real.

OK that last one was a personal joke between the Masterchief and I.  *wink*

We traveled a bit farther west than we usually do on I-80 because of the four-wheeler detour.  This brought back some memories from a few years ago.  Before moving to Kentucky after we were married, we were thinking about where in the world we would call home as the new Mr. and Mrs. Masterchief.  We saw "Reynoldsville" on the map of PA and thought....where else would we live????  You can guess why!!  We took a day trip to visit this little place and decided this wasn't where we wanted to sink a root and call home.  It was still worth nagging Masterchief to pull off the side of the road so I could take quick picture of this sign...
There's just a certain ring to this town's name.  Hmmmm.....wonder why?  : )

We came home to this.........

The fella that sold us our house bought this big hunk of farm land and has made a sort of "sub division" of it.  He has started four houses since we've been gone!  Now folks....we are talking about a 71 year old man here!  He has more energy than two four year olds combined!!  He just can't sit still.  This has given us one more reason to be thankful.......we bought the lot next to us, and the two lots in back of us.  At least we won't have neighbors directly behind us.

My daughter-in-law texted me this morning saying it was snowing in north-central PA!  I had to take a picture of our thermometer where it reads a comfortable 71.8 degrees outside.  It was higher a little earlier but didn't think to take a pic.  It is very windy though, but a warm wind.

I have put a few stitches in my ABC Tapestry today.  I am once again working on the D block.  I really need to get moving on this considering I started this project last January!  I have stitched and finished quite few things since starting this one.

  I want to use this pattern to spell out "LIAM" as a sort of birth announcement for my new grandson.  I wanted to start it today but can't seem to locate the floss I bought for it!  I am steaming mad that I can't find it but maybe this is a sign that the color I chose just isn't the right one!

Can anyone help me here?  Does anyone know of a LNS that is located between me here in Nancy Kentucky and Columbus Indiana?  I need to find a floss that strikes just right for this very special sampler for my first grandson.  I don't know about you but I can't shop for silk floss online.  I need to see it up close and personal.  Your suggestions will so very much appreciated and the sooner the better.  I think Masterchief wants to hit the road early Saturday to get his new toy.

We both were so tired last night that we went to bed at 7pm.  We slept 10 hours!  It will be a while before we are back to the old schedule.  I've found that my cheaters don't work as good as they did before.  I see a trip to the eye doctor in my future.

This post has been long enough.  I hope each and every one of you have had a blessed Thanksgiving day!  I am already hearing jingle bells.

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to visit and comment here.  I get a special thrill when I see that I have a new follower and a comment.  I see that I have reached 107 followers!  I am still putting together my idea for a giveaway.  I need to receive a few things I have ordered online yet to make it official.
I especially want to thank commenter #6 of my last post.  This is the first time my son has commented on my blog!  I didn't even know he looked at my blog!!!

Hey Josh....of course he's the most handsome little fella you've ever seen!  He's my grandson...silly!!!
I love you Josh!  You and Laymie have made me a very proud grandma.

Until next time.....slipping in a stitch when I can,
~~Peggy Lee

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finally Home.....

......and missing this little guy already...

His momma and I went to the mall where I picked up this cute little hat for him.  Isn't it sweet?

Sorry, but this is a lighting fast post today.  I am sitting here with wet hair...just back from the hairdressers.  She cuts hair just great but not many can style it the way I like it.  I need to go get groceries because Mother Hubbard's cupboards are BARE!!!!

We arrived home late last night.

Details to come! Can't wait to gather my giveaway-goodies together.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I don't think we are doing the traditional turkey dinner this year.  We are so thankful to just BE HOME!

Thank you all so much for your well wishes of a safe trip home and also for the warm fuzzies about my new grandson!  I wish I didn't live so far away.

Bye for now......
~~Peggy Lee

Friday, November 19, 2010

Goodbye New Jersey!

I spent this last week making contaminated areas clean enough to walk in without wearing all this stuff.  I was doing just fine until I was deconning an area that was also a high radiation area.  I leaned over a "hot" pipe and it made my electronic dosimeter (that little thing you see in my pocket) scream and flash.  No worries.  Lesson learned: wipe components off with a l-o-n-g arm.

Today was our last day and I was never so glad to be laid-off from a job in all my life!  Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station shuts down for a refueling outage every 18 months....I'll be there.

I have most of the things here in the hotel room packed up and Masterchief has put quite a few things in the car.  Tomorrow morning we head up to PA for a few days to visit our new grand baby and then we are homeward bound.  I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to being home.  We both have found a new appreciation for the little things, like.......

  • appliances that don't require quarters to operate
  • more than just ONE ROOM to live in
  • no alarm clock screaming at us in the morning
  • my own personal toilet seat
  • a bathtub that I feel comfortable lowering myself in to
and most of all......

  • having all my stitchy stash surrounding me

I have occasionally browsed through a couple blogs here and there over these past two months but haven't really had a chance to comment.  When I get home I will be able to read all of our blogs and even have time to comment!

Here's another one of me at work.  I don't think we are really allowed to take our cell phones/cameras in to the RCA (Radioactive Controlled Area) and it really is a dumb idea in the first place because it could become contaminated and I could lose it.  Luckily I still have it.

We will be home just in time for Thanksgiving next week.  I probably won't be blogging again before then so I want to wish you an early joyous and yummy Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for....especially the little things that we can so easily take for granted.

OH....I wanted to ask....
how many of you go shopping on black Friday?  If you don't shop, what do you do?
Personally I make a special effort NOT to go out on that day.  It's crazy out there!!
Take care of yourselves and until I am able once again.......cross an X for me.
~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well I just don't know how to act!  Two days off in a row!  I woke up at 2:30am anyway...UGHHH
That might have had something to do with the fact that we went to bed at 7:15 last night.  Yesterday was our first eight hour day and boy did it seem short.  By 7pm we were both too tired to stand straight so we went to bed.  We were only up for a few hours before we went back to bed for a couple more.  It will take quite a while after getting back home to adjust to the old schedule.  And when I say "schedule" I mean...NOT HAVING ONE!!

We went to the Strawberry Sampler this morning to pick up the two pieces I left there for framing and WOW...they did such a great job.  I have full confidence in their framer and have always been so VERY PLEASED with her work.  Masterchief took a few pictures while we were in there......

We were choosing a frame for my latest finish (stitched BEFORE the outage of course).

I can't remember if we chose this particular frame but if it isn't this one it was one very close to it.  This is "Flower Urn" from Homespun Elegance.  It was a quick stitch, something I don't do much of anymore.  For some reason I am always drawn to the rather large pieces that take a long time to finish.  I miss stitching so much and can't wait to get back at it when I return home.  I have a very good reason to begin in new project....L-I-A-M will be spelled out on at least one piece of linen very soon!!

Yes...that is my shnoz in the picture on the left.  It gets in the way sometimes. Sheesh..........
Remember when I was working on these two pieces over the summer?  Here they are...all framed up.  I just had to choose a gold frame for them.  Such honor demanded it!  I am so proud of my Navy Masterchief and only wish I could have met his Senior Chief father before he passed away.  It would have been an honor just to meet him once.

I did a little giveaway-shopping while there.....

Hmmmm.....let's just say there MIGHT be a pair of scissors in the giveaway I will be offering as soon as I get settled in at home in a couple weeks  *winky-winky*.  Be looking for your chance to enter!

We are meeting a co-worker for dinner at Chili's in an hour so should make sure I'm presentable.
Thanks for taking a minute to visit with me today.  I wish I had more time to read your blogs....I feel like I've missed something....out of the loop, you know what I mean.  Can't wait to catch up.

Cross an X for me.....
~~Peggy Lee

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Post.....

A VERY quick post!  I should be in bed but have waited long enough to let you know about my visit with my first grandchild.  He was precious, of course!  I couldn't get enough of him.  We only stayed for a couple hours because we both had to get back to New Jersey to prepare get plenty of sleep for the new work week.

Today was our LAST 12-hour day!  I could almost cry!!  We will work 8 hours tomorrow (Friday) and then have the weekend off, then next week will all be 8-hour days.  Friday the 19th will be our last.  We will then go back to PA to visit with our little sweetie pie again for a couple days, then it's back to Kentucky.

Here's a couple pictures of our visit on Sunday......

This was the first time I held him, taken just as soon as I got in the door and washed my hands!  I was a bit teary eyed because it took me by surprise when I looked at him and saw how much he looks like my son when he was newborn.  So many memories came flooding back.  I was such a young mother but fell head over heels in love with my little guy when I first saw him.
I thought he was going to cry while I held him but he ended up just making this funny face then going back to sleep.

I like this one.  He had just finished peeing up over his shoulder while they were changing him here.  They say he does this a lot.  They will learn to keep that extra diaper handy while doing the quick-change!

Josh was always such a natural when it came to holding and caring for babies.  I was a foster parent for years while he was growing up and he was a big help to me with the little ones.  He could feed and burp a newborn like nobody's business at 14 years old!  I always knew he would make a wonderful father some day.  I am so proud of him and my daughter-in-law.  They both will be such great parents!

He sure does love his Momma!

Must get to bed.  I am so glad tomorrow is only eight hours.  We are both so very tired and miss our home in Kentucky so much.

Thanks for sticking with me through this.  I can't wait to get home and start stitching again.  Don't forget I will be offering a giveaway once I get settled in at home.  Did you see I have 106 followers now??  YIPPEEEE!!

~~Peggy Lee

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'll See Him Tomorrow!

I can't wait!!  We have Sunday's off so we are headed to Pennsylvania first thing in the morning to see our new grandson.  Here are a couple pictures my son has sent to me.....

That one was taken soon after he was born on Monday.  

I can't wait to hold him.  I will be taking lots of pictures of course so be on the lookout for them here. 

We both have been asked to work two more weeks.  They are laying a lot of people off tomorrow night.  The outage is basically over but there is quite a bit of clean up to do now.  We are both so very tired but it's hard to turn down such good money and besides....we are already HERE.  Might as well stay and take their money!

Must do a quick load of laundry here at the hotel before hitting the sack.  Good news is we gain an extra hour of sleep tonight before we make the trip to PA and back tomorrow.  It only takes about 3 hours to get there.  

I miss reading your blogs.  Wish I had the time to stitch too!  I will be playing catch-up when I finally get home.  

Oh before I go.....I won, I won!!!!!  Patricia at Tapestry of Dreams held a giveaway for a gift certificate to an online stitchy store of my choice and I WON!!  I can't wait to spend it.  Thank you Patricia for offering such a  generous giveaway on your blog!

Must go check on that laundry.
Take care of yourselves and please cross and X for me!

~~Peggy Lee

Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Liam is Born.......

Good evening everyone.
Just a quick post here to let you all know that I am officially a grandma!
Little Liam was born today around 2pm weighing in at 7lbs. 13oz. and 21 inches long.
I only have one picture right now and it was sent to my cell phone.  I'm sorry I don't know how to get it from there to here yet.  We just purchased new cell phones yesterday and it's very frustrating trying to figure them out when I don't have time for anything but work and sleep.  I will go up to PA to see the baby on Sunday.  Rumor has it that our last day could be this Friday....or maybe they will ask us to stay on another week.  No one really knows at this point.

I have to throw tomorrow's lunches together and get to bed.
I can't wait to see my first grand baby!!

Sweet dreams....

~~Grandma Peggy Lee