Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where Is It???

I can't seem to find it.

I'm sure it's here somewhere.

I had it last year at this time.


I don't seem to be able to locate the energy or gumption to haul out the Christmas decorations.  I will admit I felt a spark of inspiration while browsing through your blogs this morning.  Maybe I'll just get some things out to set around and not go all out with the tree.  I'll keep you posted on that....but don't hold your breath!

I covered my chair seat yesterday.  I had some help from my Masterchief.  He scared me half to death with his staple gun thingy.  We put the fabric on the floor...laid the foam and wooden seat base on that...then I stood on it while he folded the edges up around it and smacked the tar out of it with his handy tool.  I thought for sure I would have staples in my toes before he was done.  Considering the unprofessionalism that went in to this project I think it turned out rather well, don't you?
I know things look a little bare here but Masterchief has commandeered my lamp for the time being........
He is putting a new light over his sink.  I'm sure by the day's end I will once again be reunited with my lamp....after a proper debriefing and all.

We have been up since 3am.  I've gone 45 minutes on my elliptical and I'm brewing our second pot of coffee right's 6:15am.  Somebody slap me!!!
Here I am just two minutes ago.......
Now remember I just got off the elliptical and I have yesterday's mascara on!  Be kind!

You'll see I did put my red table cloth on and the huge poinsettia is from Lowe's.  It was on a rack for half price.  I don't know why it was marked down so much.....I haven't seen anything crawl out of it yet.

Not too much progress on BBD Rose Garden but here it is....
I stitched the year on there and did just a little bit more of the border.  It's growing more difficult to see now.  I hope I have what it takes to finish it.

Last week we went from this.........
To this.......................
We both really liked our Nissan Rogue but it was just a smidge too small for our all "stuff" when we travel for work.  The Murano is a little bit bigger and will be just right for all those necessary things I insist on taking with us when we go to work.  I pack it and Masterchief loads it in to the car.

That's how we roll.

Before I go I wanted to tell you about a blog I found.  Her name is Sandra at Mimi's Primrose Lane.  She is delightful and so very talented...a sampler lover too!  She is a doting grandma with spunk!  Go check her blog'll be glad you did.

Terri from Dixie Samplar Designs asked about the stand I'm using for ABC.  It's actually a quilt stand we bought online from a Ben Franklin's in PA.  I needed something that was big enough for this and it works quite well.  My only complaint is that it's a pain to look at the back when I need to.  I can't just flip it over so I have to lean it forward, resting the bottom of it on my knees while I tilt the enter stand toward me to look at the back.  I try to get a good "feel" on the back while I stitch to catch any knots before I've stitched them in permanently.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!  Comment on yesterday's post for a chance to win.


Faye said...

Woman!!! You better get to bed!!! What kind of adreline are you running off of????hahahaha...

Love the red toile!!! AND, the new wheels are awesome too!!!!

Now, either put on ANOTHER pot of coffee or hit the hay!!hahaha...Take care, Faye

Jennifer said...

Oh Peggy, you get up about the same time I go to bed! LOL ROFLOL
Honestly, I've got to get my nightowl tendencies under control. Your new auto is very nice!!

Here's sending you some Christmas spirit, blowing acrosee with the wind here in Georgia!

I know you are tired right now but you deserve a good break. Take care today.

Feathers in the Nest

Catherine said...

So nice to see some stithcy stuff from you again! Your chair looks fab - you'll have to show a pic of the new light as well. It must feel great to be in your own surroundings again.

Love the new car! I have to say with something bigger just to haul around the three boys and all their baseball stuff - yes, even in cold weather, there is baseball stuff!

Here's wishing you catch the Christmas mojo!! I'm sure you'll have some fun shopping for your new grandson!

Carol R said...

Great job on the chair. My dining chairs could do with sprucing up and I'm sure I have one of those staple guns somewhere.

Love the colours your chose for your Rose Garden.

That's a gorgeous header picture - tell me more about the sampler!

Deb said...

You sound like me with that sleeping. You can get a lot accomplished though, can't you. Love the chair cover and the new set of wheels!

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Love the chair finish..glad to hear no stapling of digits to the floor occurred in the making of this item! LOL! Those staplers do make a terrible racket though, don't they??!!

Thanks for the info on the stand...I have had my eye on the large floor stand that American Dreamworks (aka Tomorrows Treasures)'s gorgeous, but VERY expensive right here at Christmas time!

Nice trade up...that's a gorgeous ride!

And, thank you so much for posting my is greatly appreciated.


The Primrose Lane said...

You are still in need of rest!! I absolutely love the chair fabric - great job.
Relax, take care and every thing else will come 'round.

PS: I found the chart for your header sampler = gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Your chair looks lovely! And you've got a great set up for working on your big sampler too!!

Suzanne said...

Nice job on the chair. Nice new car, we got ours this week as well. They are a lot of fun!

Bekca said...

My Christmas spirit starts waking up from its slumber near the end of November, I love this time of year! Also loving your new car and great work on your BBD piece. The chair looks fantastic, you would never know it wasn't a professional job. I don't think I could cope with that little sleep, I need my eight hours, but then again, I am a teenager and could sleep for days :) Happy stitching to you.