Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sharlotte's Giveaway Winnings......

Masterchief reminded me today that I hadn't posted even ONE picture of what was in my giveaway!   How silly of me!
Here's a couple pics ...
The whole bit of it spread out on the butler table

A bunch of my favorite DMC threads

Kit to make Shakespeare's Peddler's "Abbey Rhodes" scissor keep...
including the scissors!

BBD's Threads of Time 2011 engagement calendar.
I  L-O-V-E the pictures in this!

Strawberry pin keep found at an antique store in Fraser, PA
and a few pins I made

Willow Tree - Angel of the Garden ornament

Rustic FRIENDS ornament with one of my favorite birds on it

You can also see a few things in the background of these pictures that I haven't mentioned.  The scissor frog and base I picked up at the antique mall in Somerset, KY.  I love to walk through there once a month or so.  I bought that the same day I found the blue willow thimble...remember that?

Masterchief and I had a wonderful time at the B&B in Louisville.  I will post a few pictures in a day or so.  He bought me these roses after we returned home.  I truly am SPOILED...and LOVED!!

I haven't had any gumption to do much today.  I woke up at 3:30am due to a cover-stealing, rip-snortin' snorer.  I laid there for 30 minutes and wouldn't you know it he stopped snoring then....but I was already awake.  SHEESH!!!

That reminds me.....I was blog browsing last night and came across a blog who had a picture posted of the most beautiful mother of pearl scissors I've ever seen!  I knew I wanted them right away.  I showed the picture to Masterchief and then went googling to see if I could snag a pair at a good price.  Well I found them alright....for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!  Masterchief looked over my shoulder and suggested I google "Scissors R Us" and see if I can find them for 99 cents.  He's so clever!  What would I do without him?

I'll get right on that......

Until next time,
~~Peggy Lee


Catherine said...

Scissors R Us - too funny!! Peggy, you sure do know how to put together a give away!! I love the Abbey Rhodes keep and scissors and those pins you made with the strawberry!! I know Sharlotte will be over the moon with all of this!! Inquiring minds want to know if a bottle of sauce made its way into the box?

Hope your slumber is uninterrupted tonite!

Jacqui said...

WOW What a great giveaway. Wish I'd been entered in it. I love almost everything you have in there.
I'm new to your blog, but I've been reading through it and I love it. Your alphabet sampler looks great, and I'm sure no one will notice the D block. Anyway, you've made it original so if they do notice, tell them it's supposed to be like that. LOL.

Sherry said...

what a great giveaway. The roses are lovely. Have a Merry Christmas.

Carol said...

Wow! That Sharlotte is one lucky stitcher!

So glad you had a wonderful anniversary celebration at the B&B--beautiful flowers and who knows, maybe some day you'll be lucky enough to find those $100 scissors in your stocking :)

Sharlotte said...

This all looks absolutely wonderful Peggy! And that rustic FRIENDS ornament.... I have one just like it that says FAMILY! It will go just perfect with my tree! I have the perfect place too for the Willow Tree figure. I have always wanted one and haven't seen that one before. Can you tell I'm excited?!!!

Parsley said...

I fogged up my computer monitor breathing heavily over the goodies ;-)