Thursday, December 9, 2010


Good Evening stitchy friends!

As most of you probably know by now, I am not a very fast stitcher so when I  title a post "Progress" it is to be taken lightly.  
I finally got the D block done and even started a little bit on the border for the E block.  The D block looks NOTHING like it should but hopefully to the untrained eye it will pass inspection.  I just keep telling myself that this thing, when finished, is going to be HUGE.  If someone should focus in on the D block when looking at the finished project well then .... shame on them!!  I promise to try to do better with forthcoming blocks.  

I also stitched on the BBD piece some.

This over-one stuff is really working on my eyes!  I can't do too much at a time.  I really like using the variegated thread on the roses.  

Some time ago I was the lucky recipient of one of these adorable little pin keeps from Faye at Carolina Stitcher.  She also sent along a few pins that she had made.  Ever since then I've been thinking that I would really like to make a few of them myself.  So....I did!

Of course these don't look near as nice as Faye's.  I needed to get longer straight pins and different beads....which I did....TODAY!  I will mess around with what I bought today and see if I can make some good lookin' ones.  It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to the nearest Hobby Lobby so I need to start making a list WAY in advance.  The best thing then would be for me to actually REMEMBER to take the list with me, wouldn't you agree?

While Masterchief and I were in New Jersey I found a little shop that has Christmas items in it year 'round.  The name of the shop had something to do with Christmas too but for the life of me I can't remember it now.  It's not "The Christmas Tree Shop" that is so popular up north.  This is a little family owned thing.  Well anyway.........I went to it before I started my training week (Masterchief's report date was two weeks before mine).  We were broke at the time so I didn't buy anything but I saw something that I just couldn't get out of my mind.  Have you ever done that?  Well you know I had to go back once our pockets were lined a bit to get this gem......
This picture probably doesn't do it justice, or maybe I have a weak spot for angelic things.  These little angels are looking into the mirror and you can only see their faces if you look at the reflection!  Now is that not CUTE!?!  I love their little wings, don't you?  

Masterchief has something very special planned for this weekend!  I'm not sure I am supposed to know about it.  I think it has something to do with a B&B in Louisville.  It is our anniversary.  Shhhhh......I'll keep you posted if I find anything else out.


Well I guess we aren't putting up a tree this year.  The first thing that comes to mind when I consider hauling the darn thing out is the time it will take to tear it all down in January.  Now how pathetic is that?  Now honestly, if it were really tearing me up I'd get it out and do the whole nine yards but both of us are completely satisfied with putting a few little things out here and there and calling the halls officially decked.

It's 8:30pm and I'm absolutely exhausted.  I'm almost back to my regular sleeping schedule but not quite.  Hopefully I will be sleeping 10pm till 6am once again but for now I'm at about 8pm till 3am hit or miss a night or two. That's nuclear life for ya!

Peg C from Little Bird Designs is my latest follower (thanks Peg) and left a funny little comment I wanted to mention before I succumb to the sandman.  .....  Yes, as I grew older I felt the need to change from "Peggy" to "Peg", and I did it quite successfully except for a couple stubborn family members.  I am known to most people today as Peg (minus a couple stubborn family members).  I can be quoted as saying, "I want to be called Peg...but if I am to be called Peggy I want 'Lee' to follow".  Since moving to Kentucky, when someone asks me my name and I say "Peg", they always look at me funny.  I know what they are thinking...."what cruel joke is that to name your daughter such a thang?"   I don't have the southern twang that most people here are born with so when I say Peg, they think I am saying "PIG".  Now stay with me here......say it out loud....say "PEG" with a southern doesn't it sound like "Pig?"   Well there you go.  I usually end up spelling P-E-G out for them.  SHEEESH!!!    Long story, huh?

I'm headed for the bed warmer.  When one of us says "bedtime" we usually race for the bed to see who will be first to hit the warm sheets.  The winner usually sighs and moans loudly just to tease the other about how good it feels to be the first to hit the warm bed.  I think I will be the winner tonight!!

I'll let you know if I find out anything more about my "surprise" anniversary getaway.  You won't tell on me, will you?

~~Peggy Lee


PegC said...

Peggy Lee---my point EXACTLY but for me as a child it was Piggy--that's why I though Peg would get around that---is there no justice!
I think you're doing marvelous work on the big huge sampler---ok so I'm rambling--also here's another one---I also got hooked on making my own decorative pins. In fact I spend a weekend at the beach this year (when not ON the beach) in my room overlooking said beach creating my creations--how fun is that! Good luck on the sleep thing--I'm sure the new angels will help.

Faye said...

ok Piggy....I mean Peggy,... well, you know, I'm southern too!! Love those pins in that pinpillow sista!! You are goood!

Have fun whatever you are doing for your anniversary... and have more fun warming up those sheets!!!


~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Too funny girl! Your pins, pens, pig, peg, ~ lol ~ oh whatever they are ~ very nice, good for you on your new project. Happy Anni, have a great weekend Grandma and Grandpa Lovebirds. Ummm, 15 degrees here tonight, I think we need that bed warmer more than you do:) xoxo

Deborah said...

That D block is wonderful just the way it is. Your BBD is coming along beautifully. I get the name thing. I was called Debbie my whole life but as you age it just sounds stupid so I slowly changed it back to Deborah. My family calls me DJ which is okay.

Diane said...

Hey, progress is progress, even if it's only a stitch! The stitches all add up and the result is a beautiful finish at some point in time, near or distant! Both of your stitchy projects look great to me, and I love the pins you made.

My great aunt went by Peg. Her given name was Priscilla, which she absolutely hated. She lived her whole life in Pennsylvania, so never had the southern dialect to contend with. :)

Carol said...

Now that is one huge project! And I guarantee you no one will ever notice any mistakes in the "D" block! How big is this going to be when it's finished? I do love those little cherubs looking in the mirror--so sweet.

Not much you can do to my name! My family all calls me "Care," but to the rest of the world I'm just one of those many, many Carols born in the 1950s. (Oh and my middle name is "Lee," too!)

Wishing you and your husband a wonderful anniversary :)

Bekca said...

Any progress is good progress! :) And who's going to notice one block in an entire project, I couldn't spot any blatent mistakes. Not one :)
I hope you and your husband have a lovely anniversary and enjoy those warm sheets!