Sunday, December 5, 2010

Giveaway Basket & That Darn D Block!!!

Good Sunday morning everyone!

Well this seems to be my routine lately.  Have my morning coffee while posting here and reading your blogs.  I love the quiet mornings here.  I've already done 45 minutes on the elliptical and need to hit the shower VERY soon!!

My giveaway basket is overflowing!  I found a little something at the antique store to add to it the other day.  Don't forget the drawing will be December 15th.  You must leave a comment, (GO HERE) to let me know you are a follower to be entered.  If you want to mention it on your blog that would be sweet but I'm not doing the "second, third or fourth way to enter" thing.  I can't keep up with all that.  Let's keep it simple 'mkay?

While at the antique shop I found something for my little shelf.  Can you see it?
No?  Look closer.....
You found it!  I love the blue willow pattern.  All my dishes are blue willow.  I found this little thimble for eight dollars which is more than I really wanted to spend on it but I've never seen one like it before.  This shelf holds alot of special memories.  There are things here that my grandmother gave me as well as little stones Masterchief and I picked up while walking across the creek out back of where we first lived after we were married and moved to Kentucky.

Now on to that dreaded D block.  I sat in that newly covered chair for longer than I wanted to yesterday trying to get that thing done...stitch by uncharted stitch!  It's so messed up I have had to make up my own "d's" now.
See how the duck's bill is touching the d in front of him?  It's not supposed to touch!  I'm going to fill in the rest of the block with d's and the "deer" that is supposed to be in the upper right corner and I'm calling it DONE!  There are 23 more blocks left for me to learn how to do this right.  Let's hope block E goes smoothly.

Thank you all for your comments......
A little more about the big stand I am using for ABC Tapestry for Terri  ...     I looked at the box to get more information about it.  It's an EZ3 No-Baste Frame by The Grace Company.  It's quite versatile in that it can accommodate a project from 32 inches to 96 inches!  People buy them for cross stitching AND quilting.   I know frames and stands can be expensive.  I don't remember exactly how much we paid for this particular one but I do remember knowing we really got a good deal on it!  Hope that helps you.

Beth...they are brownies!  Come on over, there are still a couple left.  I always used a recipe that I found in a Taste of Home magazine years ago that was very good but when I copied down the recipe I never wrote the oven temperature o baking time so it was hit or miss every time I made them.  Last summer I found an EXCELLENT recipe on the side of a five pound flour bag that is WONDERFUL!!!  It's most definitely a keeper.  They are a big hit with my Masterchief and the neighbors too.

Don't forget Jennifer's giveaway at Feathers In The Nest!  Drawing closes at midnight December 7th.  Fly on over there to ENTER.  She's left the light on for you.

Have a pleasant Sunday afternoon.
~~Peggy Lee


Daffycat said...

Lovely block, even though it's giving you fits! I like how you can "let go and live with the mistakes" like this. I could learn something from you!

Deb said...

A girl after my own heart leaving to live with the mistakes. I do that all the time. I figure that the piece is all mine and chances are that no one is going to ever know that you made a mistake. It does look great though and fingers crossed that "E" will go smoothly.

Catherine said...

Love the little shelf that holds on your goodies!

Well, the D block looks good to me and it will definitely be your own!! Hope the next one goes smoothly for you!

Jennifer said...

I love thimbles too. The blue willow pattern is very pretty!

Your D block is looking great. I wouldn't have noticed what you were talking about until you pointed it out. Honestly, it's awesome!

Thanks for mentioning my give away. I extended the time for it as the order is going to be delayed, per ABC company online just yesterday. So dissapointed but hopefully by Christmas XXX


Justflo said...

Your D block looks lovely. It's not a mustake's called personalizing it.

Lana said...

What a talent you have!!! I wish I could do that...I have tried, and it's just too daunting for me and my every changing eyesight these days!!!
You do really beautiful work!