Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! (long post)

Most of you are probably enjoying a turkey dinner with all of the trimmings right about now.  Masterchief and I are thankful for finally being in our home after all these past weeks of living in a tiny hotel room, working six 12-hour days.  I have so much unpacking to do.  I'm doing just a little bit at a time.  Unfortunately I have the personality of one who wants everything in order......NOW!!!  I can't stand that I still have tote bags with things to be unpacked.  I need to put everything that we only use while traveling/working in one place.  Doing what we do is quite different than a 40 hour a week type of job.  I am so very thankful that we are able to enjoy our Summers and Winters at home like a typical retired couple but all that relaxation only makes the Springs and Autumn's feel so much harder when we have to go to work.  All that said.....this being the day of counting our blessings....I am thankful that we have a job at all.  I know there are those who wonder how they will put beans on the table from day to day.  I know they are probably spending today thanking God for the little blessings in we all should.

Masterchief's Thanksgiving meal consists of a can of clam chowder with home made rolls.  We will have a big meal maybe one day next week.  We are both too tired to even think of all the preparation a big meal requires.  We slept ten hours last night.  It will be a while before we are all caught up and "back to normal".

We traveled a different route on our way home this time from PA.  We had to stop in Columbus Indiana to look at a four wheeler Masterchief saw in E-bay.  It was one of those deals too good to pass on.

Here's Masterchief writing the check.  I was sitting in the car doing my breathing exercises I learned years ago.  Oh...really it was one of those deals you just can't pass up.  I'm kidding about the breathing thing.



For real.

OK that last one was a personal joke between the Masterchief and I.  *wink*

We traveled a bit farther west than we usually do on I-80 because of the four-wheeler detour.  This brought back some memories from a few years ago.  Before moving to Kentucky after we were married, we were thinking about where in the world we would call home as the new Mr. and Mrs. Masterchief.  We saw "Reynoldsville" on the map of PA and thought....where else would we live????  You can guess why!!  We took a day trip to visit this little place and decided this wasn't where we wanted to sink a root and call home.  It was still worth nagging Masterchief to pull off the side of the road so I could take quick picture of this sign...
There's just a certain ring to this town's name.  Hmmmm.....wonder why?  : )

We came home to this.........

The fella that sold us our house bought this big hunk of farm land and has made a sort of "sub division" of it.  He has started four houses since we've been gone!  Now folks....we are talking about a 71 year old man here!  He has more energy than two four year olds combined!!  He just can't sit still.  This has given us one more reason to be thankful.......we bought the lot next to us, and the two lots in back of us.  At least we won't have neighbors directly behind us.

My daughter-in-law texted me this morning saying it was snowing in north-central PA!  I had to take a picture of our thermometer where it reads a comfortable 71.8 degrees outside.  It was higher a little earlier but didn't think to take a pic.  It is very windy though, but a warm wind.

I have put a few stitches in my ABC Tapestry today.  I am once again working on the D block.  I really need to get moving on this considering I started this project last January!  I have stitched and finished quite few things since starting this one.

  I want to use this pattern to spell out "LIAM" as a sort of birth announcement for my new grandson.  I wanted to start it today but can't seem to locate the floss I bought for it!  I am steaming mad that I can't find it but maybe this is a sign that the color I chose just isn't the right one!

Can anyone help me here?  Does anyone know of a LNS that is located between me here in Nancy Kentucky and Columbus Indiana?  I need to find a floss that strikes just right for this very special sampler for my first grandson.  I don't know about you but I can't shop for silk floss online.  I need to see it up close and personal.  Your suggestions will so very much appreciated and the sooner the better.  I think Masterchief wants to hit the road early Saturday to get his new toy.

We both were so tired last night that we went to bed at 7pm.  We slept 10 hours!  It will be a while before we are back to the old schedule.  I've found that my cheaters don't work as good as they did before.  I see a trip to the eye doctor in my future.

This post has been long enough.  I hope each and every one of you have had a blessed Thanksgiving day!  I am already hearing jingle bells.

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to visit and comment here.  I get a special thrill when I see that I have a new follower and a comment.  I see that I have reached 107 followers!  I am still putting together my idea for a giveaway.  I need to receive a few things I have ordered online yet to make it official.
I especially want to thank commenter #6 of my last post.  This is the first time my son has commented on my blog!  I didn't even know he looked at my blog!!!

Hey Josh....of course he's the most handsome little fella you've ever seen!  He's my grandson...silly!!!
I love you Josh!  You and Laymie have made me a very proud grandma.

Until next time.....slipping in a stitch when I can,
~~Peggy Lee


Missy said...

happy Turkey day!! I love reading your blog. It's so descriptive that I can actually see what your talking about not only in your great pics but also in your wording.


April Mechelle said...

I know you are glad to be home !! Happy Thanksgiving !

Catherine said...

Welcome home!! I am sure it feels so great to be in your home with all of your own things!!

Lisa said...

I know there is a cross stitch store in Lexington called Stitch Niche. We stopped there earlier this year on our way to Lake Cumberland. I don't remember if they had silks but you could always give them a call before making the trip.

There is also one in Shelbyville, KY (just south and a bit east of Louisville) called The Needlenest. It's a smallish place but quite nice.

I've got no affiliation with either place. They've just been in my path in the past while on my way to somewhere else!

Hope this helps.

Lisa P in SW Ohio

Sherry said...

Glad you are back home. I know those outages can be a real pain!

Jennifer said...

so glad you made it safely home. Great post!

I bet that was a shock seeing 4 houses go up since you were there :)

your stitching looks great and I wish I could help you out on a shop but I'm down in Georgia....LOL Good luck!
I'm sure you will find a good match.

Take care,
Feathers in the Nest

Tammy said...

HI Peggy the sampler is called Wedding Sampler by Lisa Cowell. when and if you do the it though some advice the border is a real pain. I redid it I think 4 times. I would suggest doing the words first just so you can make sure the border line up properly and continuous checking. It was so much of a pain but it came out awesome!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I know you have to be so thrilled to be home. My husband and I did a four month mission trip last summer and when I got home I just wanted to hibernate! And, like you, I wanted everything put away immediately. I'm just so..."orderly." :) blessings, marlene

Sharon said...

Welcome home!!! I'm glad you and your sweetie were able to work together and now you get to be in your nest together. I'm sure you'll find just the perfect thing to celebrate your new lil cutie. I'm like you - I can't order floss on-line either...I need to be hands-on and touchy-feely to pick just what I want.
Enjoy being home and all your blessings! :)

Ma Teakettle said...

Wow! I got tired just reading about your adventures :) I am with you and Sharon on the floss....I am such a flossaholic that I have to be able to touch it too.
You had me spewing my coffee over the drunk rooster!
Enjoy the peace of being back home and far away from the PA cold...of course today in CT it's rain, rain, rain and 60 degrees!