Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Post Without Pictures??? WHAT???

I know.....this is weird for me too.  I am tired and I only have a minute to check in with you.  I am only half way in to my first week of work and already I am stressing because I don't have time to sit down and properly read and comment on the blogs I so love to follow!  I have looked at a few tonight and left a few short comments.  I want you ALL to know that I try to quickly read through your blogs when I can but can't always comment.  This is really gonna hurt!!  I suppose if I think it's bad now I should think about what it will be like starting next week! The outage officially starts this Friday night.  When that happens, everyone goes on six 12-hour days.  AND....when that happens....I will have NO TIME to look at ANY blogs except for maybe a little bit on my one day off.  We don't get back to the hotel until around 8pm.  By the time I get us something quick to eat and pack our lunches for the next day, it's bed time.

I will try to check in on here when I can.
Thank you for sticking with me through this.  When this job is over and we get back home in November I will have a nice giveaway for reaching 100 followers.  I have 94 right now and hope to reach 100 soon.  Oh what the heck....I'll have a giveaway when I get back home no matter HOW MANY followers I have!!  I'll be so happy to be back in Kentucky it should be a great giveaway.

Until next time.......thank you for hanging in there!

~~Peggy Lee


Parsley said... know we are staying with ya! And you are entered!!! I always appreciate you whether you have time to comment or not. ;-)

BeckySC said...

Sending hugs sweet lady :)

Beth said...

Take care, and don't worry - we will be here when you get back to KY!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

We are all sending our best to you and your DH and hope that you manage to get the needed rest between shifts, so you can do what you have to do. I am sure when you get back to Kentucky life will settle down and you can get back into the blog grove and we will all be checking in to see how you are doing, and what you are working on. Stay healthy, it's only a couple more weeks.
Be always in stitches.

Catherine said...

You'll make it and we'll still be here!!!

Diane said...

Take care of yourself! We'll still be here and no one is going to be upset with you for choosing rest over blogs!

Jules said...

Don't fret not being able to keep up with your favorite blogs like you used to. I don't think your readers will be discouraged or leave you over that at all, LOL. I know I won't.


Sherry said...

Outages are rough on the whole family, I know. I totally understand about blogging during this time. Everyone will be around for you.

Bekca said...

Best wishes Peggy-Lee, just keep thinking of Kentucky and that should keep you going! I look forward to your giveaway :) Take care.

Mary said...

Since I work 12hr shifts too, I know how exhausting they can be. But the absolute most I can do is four in a row, don't know how you would do six! And like the others, I will be here forever as I so enjoy reading your blog.

See ya when you get back - grin!

Jeanne said...

Hope your time away passes quickly and before you know it you are back home. I can barely make it through 8.5 hour days let alone 12! I love your Flower Urn finish - it really has an autumn feel about it and I haven't ever seen that one before. Congrats!

Valerie said...

I am so glad that you found my blog and left a I have found your wonderful blog! You have beautiful stitching and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I am proud to say that I was follower number 100!

Good luck with your busy work schedule. I know how hard those 12+ hour days can be and six in a row leaves you completely drained. I hope that you are able to find some moments of calm and relaxation throughout the day. Best wishes over the next few will be over before you know it!

Jennifer said...

I truly understand where you are coming from and will still be here when you get through so no worries by me. Hope you and hubbie the best through this stressful time. I used to date a man years ago that had these outages at a nuclear plant and he literally just slept or worked.
God bless you Peggy.